Hong Kong tragedy: Sonia, the world stand with you!


A victim (Ms. Sonia Ng) released from Kwai Chung Police Station speaks up for her & other arrestees’ terrible experiences. She studies in CUHK & asks for the Uni Vice-Chancellor to condemn the Police’s Crimes.

Sonia: I am sorry that my speech cannot be brief, because there are at least 6 arrested students who would like me to ask questions on behalf of all of them.

MC: Not a problem.

Sonia: Hello Professor Tuan, my name is Sonia Ng, and I am a student at Shaw College and the Faculty of Education, Chinese University of Hong Kong. I major in Early Childhood Education.

I was the “Miss Lung” in the press conference held earlier by Legislative Councillor Claudia Mo. I was also the casualty name “S” in the Citizens’ Press Conference, and the student named “S” in the rally for San Uk Ling arrested protesters on 27 of September.

I was heavily injured and arrested on the night of 31 August at Prince Edward Station. I was sent to Princess Margaret Hospital, Kwai Chung Police Station and San Uk Ling Detention Center.

If I ask all my questions, I trust the members of the press…I sincerely hope that the members of the press can trim my speech out, because I will present new information proving that the Hong Kong Police Force has indeed sexually assaulted some arrestees.

If you have any questions afterwards, please get in touch with me. You can find me by search for “Sonia Ng” (Ng in capitals), my Facebook profile is the LIHKG pig.

Before I pose questions to you, Professor, I would like to express some opinions, in response to your earlier statements and legal assistance on arrested students.

Professor, you previously mentioned that you would build something like a database or a record. This is very cold-blooded.

Let me randomly mention some dates. I don’t know do you know what happened on these days: 12 June, 21 July, 11 August, 31 August, 1 October. In these few months, when we close our eyes, everyone is just heartbroken. We all know what is happening in Hong Kong right now. Yet, this University is going to create a database and this University is trying to record the incidents as a detached bystander.

I don’t want to mention it again, but I feel that Professor…I mean, the arrestees, feel that Professor or the University values inanimate objects, say whether the glass is shattered, more than the thoughts and feelings of we the arrestees.

Whether on the count of Carrie Lam’s “you have a mother in me” talk, or your own statements earlier Vice-Chancellor, all students of the Chinese University of Hong Kong are your sons and daughters.

Although I am extremely opposed to politicians governing as if they were parents disciplining their children, I would also like to say that your attempt to control your children in draconian and forceful ways is meaningless.

Our politicians have never sat down to properly listen to our voices; the point is to actually do something, rather than just saying: “OK, thank you for your opinion, but I refuse to change my attitude.”

Within the field of Early Childhood Education there is a theory called the “child-centered approach”. The theory posits that the curriculum should be planned around the interests, abilities and needs of the children.

Vice-Chancellor, are you aware of the interests, abilities and needs of you children, the students of the Chinese University of Hong Kong? Do you know that, from the moment we were arrested, the police would confiscate our phones, and turn them off? Did you know that they would yell at us with abusive and derogatory words?

Do you know that we are forced to go wherever the police wants us to go? If they want us to go into a dark room, we have to go; if they want us to take of our clothes, we are forced to do so.

Do you know that there are still people who have been bludgeoned so hard by the police, that they still have to seek medical attention to this day?

Do you know that the room in San Uk Ling Detention Center where they did body searches on us was pitch black? Do you know that I am far from the only victim of sexual violence committed by the police?

Do you know that other arrestees were sexually assaulted and tortured by multiple police officers, regardless of the arrestees’ gender?

Do you know that, when we were bludgeoned, the MTR staff turned a blind eye to us?

Did you know that, during the process of arrest and detention, we were treated like nothing more than pieces of meat on the chopping board?

You might not understand why I have stood up and voiced out again and again; my motivation is etched clearly on my clothes. I was born and raised in a family full of domestic violence; I have no family. I have only one home: the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

I love this University because of its beautiful surroundings and scholarly atmosphere; also the fact that this University often makes an impact in civil movements. I hope this time home can be more attentive to us students who were arrested, to be more genuinely concerned about our safety.

I hope that, when we are being bludgeoned or sexually assaulted, your first response would be to ensure we are alright – not to condemn us for breaking some glass panes.

Vice-Chancellor, strictly speaking, my next words are not a question but a request: I understand that you have the duty to balance the interests of different stakeholders in the University. Vice-Chancellor, I am willing to take off my mask and face the consequences. I am willing to stand with the students. I ask you this: are you willing to join me in condemning the exercise of violence by the police on arrestees, who include students of this University?

The Vice-Chancellor: I have already said earlier that violence is wrong. This includes police violence. I have been very clear in my words. If the police have really committed unreasonable acts, that signifies violence. Where there is violence, I will condemn.

Sonia: So will you agree to issue a statement to condemn the police violence?

The Vice-Chancellor: I already told you.

(Students in the conference hall start heckling.)

The Vice-Chancellor: I condemn all kinds of violence.

(Students continue their heckling and some denounce the Vice-Chancellor: Do you have the conscience as human? You have made her cry! ) (Heckling continue for a minute more or so.)

MC: Hey, fellow students…I think the Vice-Chancellor has made his reply, please calm down. (students continue with fury.)

Sonia: Vice-Chancellor, my plea is very simple, or more accurately, the plea from us arrestees is very simple: I ask you, as Vice-Chancellor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, to publish a statement condemning the police for exercising violence against your children, the students of this University.

The last thing I want to say is that I am actually really, really scared (words with bitterness). Every night, whenever I think back on those scenes, I get very, very scared. (Vice-Chancellor: I know, I know.) .At 2am the police would yell at me, and tie my hands up, and send me into the dark room and search my body. I was really terrifying! I have no idea what will go on and what would happen on us.

Inside there, we are no better than a piece meat. They will yell at us, abuse us whenever they like, or beat us, sexually attack us, while we are nowhere to resist! Don’t you understand!?

Source: HKGETV

Note: After this video was released to the public, Sonia Ng received more threatening phone-calls from mainland China. And Hong Kong police went further to accuse her of fabrication while also threatening her with criminal offenses.

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