Hong Kong students encircle the Government headquarters in a new round of confrontation

Protesters gather at Hong Kong Police Headquarters on June 21.

As Hong Kong government has not responded by due time to the call for Carrie Lam’s resignation and complete withdraw of the extradition bill, thousands of students have began to gather for more protests at the government headquarters from 7:00 o’clock in the morning today.

At the same time, eight pro-democratic organizations and community groups have issued a joint statement for a “non-cooperation movement” to encircle the government headquarters and protest in a peaceful manner.

According to Ludepress, college students from Zhenhai University organized by the Communist government will travel to Hong Kong today for another ally in support of the extradition bill.

First groups of people arriving at the government headquarters in the morning.
Protesters walking towards the government headquarters in the morning of June 21.
More people gather outside the police headquarters.
Protesters have encircled the police headquarters by noon.
More protesters have joined in the afternoon.

Before this escalation of confrontation, the Central government in Beijing has denounced foreign interference in the territory. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned at a press conference on Wednesday, “All parties should stop taking action to stimulate escalation of the situation. Don’t open the Pandora Box. In particular, the U.S. should change its practice of imposing ultimate pressure.”

The infamous top diplomat accused the U.S. of making more problems. He claimed, “As I just said, there is no basis in international law for any unilateral acts. Unilateralism can not only solve the problems, but will create a bigger crisis.”

CCP’s attack on U.S. senator Marco Rubio was raised to a new level as the People’s Daily charged him in its latest commentary yesterday: Rubio, you’ve stooped to a new low by pushing the boundary of shameless.

The People Daily insults Rubio: “It seems that Rubio is not only good at being a political troll, but also excels in political blackmailing. Indeed, we’ve never seen anyone that can stoop so low.”

The commentary said Rubio is fearless because he knows nothing about China. “We can give him another Chinese proverb: the ignorant are fearless”, the state media concluded.

We know that there are people who not only have deep understanding of Communist China, but also kept detailed evidence of CCP’s crimes, like former Interpol President Meng Hong Wei.

Yesterday, Meng Hongwei pleaded guilty to charges of accepting bribes at Dalian Court, Chinese state media reported.

Meng reportedly admitted his guilt of taking 14.5 million yuan ($2.1m) in unlawful payments between 2005 and 2017, using his status and positions, including as vice minister of public security and Marine Police Chief.

What’s inside Wang Yi’s Pandora Box? CCP killer Guo Wengui said in his whistle blow earlier today, “Materials in my Pandora Box will surely match those in Wang Yi’s Pandora Box. They relate to the corruption, crimes and sex scandals of top CCP officials.”

One of their anti-humanity crimes is organized organ harvesting by the CCP government.

Yesterday, in an absolutely gruesome report, an independent tribunal examining claims of illicit organ harvesting in China found sufficient evidence that China’s abundance of transplantable organs were largely taken from detained Falun Gong members and possibly the persecuted majority-muslim Uigher minority, approaching the threshold to be declared a full-on genocide of these groups.

The China Tribunal, an independent committee of human rights experts, lawyers, and a transplant surgeon sitting in London, issued a horrific report that found there was overwhelming evidence of the forced harvesting of organs from detainees in China. This has made headlines these days and greatly shocked the world.

According to Guo Wengui, these human rights violations and anti-humanity crimes are only part of the CCP’s plans to colonize the globe. That’s why Hong Kong people are so sensitive and scared of the extradition bill amendment.

Guo said key plans in CCP’s Pandora Box include militarizing and even unclearizing Iran and North Korea to challenge the western world. That’s the main reason President Xi Jinping is paying a two-day visit to North Korea today.

We have seen from state-run CCTV that President Xi said yesterday meeting Kim Jong-Un, “Beijing is willing to join Pyongyang in opening up a bright future for bilateral ties, and lasting peace and common prosperity in the region”.

“The DPRK’s socialist cause will achieve an even greater accomplishment under the WPK’s leadership headed by Kim,” the Chinese president said in his speech.

The weird grand welcoming ceremony at Pyongyang yesterday was something like the crazy gatherings during the Cultural Revolution and the gatherings in Iraqi capital months before the downfall of Saddam Hussein.

Scandalous Wang Yi claimed western forces are stimulating confrontations but the world has seen the CCP regime is threatening the whole world by stirring up tensions in the Korean Peninsula and the Hormuz Strait in the Middle East.

These two days, Iran’s downing of U.S. drone has made the Strait of Hormuz in spotlight.

“CCP wants Iran to show off its nuclear weapons bought from China”, Guo said today, “CCP wants to stir up the muddy waters so that it can catch fish easily.” Guo said Hong Kong is one of the main battlegrounds in the process of these confrontations, but we must not let CCP succeed with its plans.

Everything is just beginning.

By Cloudy Seagail


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