Hong Kong: protests return in shopping centres ahead of CCP national conference


Protests have sprung up across Hong Kong On Mother’s Day as dozens gathered in shopping centres to voice their anger with the government and police. Police arrested at least 11 people, according to local media.

A heavy police presence thwarted a Hong Kong Independence march called for Sunday by the online protest community.

However, dozens of people wearing masks attended what are known as “sing with you” protests in shopping centres in at least six districts.

Police warned protesters that they were breaching the social distancing order prohibiting more than eight people from gathering in a public place.

Some protesters held black banners advocating Hong Kong’s independence and groups sang the popular protest anthem Glory to Hong Kong. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) were largely condemned for the crackdowns in the past months.

Riot police stopped and searched dozens of young people near the Tsim Sha Tsui ferry and at shopping centres where protesters were assembled. Police arrested at least 11 people, including a 12-year-old girl, and issued fines to dozens more for violating a social distancing order, local media reported.

The online protest community has accused the government of keeping social distancing laws in place to prevent protests since the city has recorded no new locally transmitted cases of COVID-19 in the past three weeks.

On Wednesday, China’s Hong Kong affairs office condemned protesters as a “political virus”, warning the territory would never be calm until the demonstrators were removed.

Over 1,500 representatives launched Hong Kong Coalition to “Revive Hong Kong”, reportedly to help guide the city through its difficulties.

At its inauguration ceremony on Tuesday, the alliance promised to fully support Hong Kong’s government and help maintain the “one country, two systems” principle.

For these Coalition members from the Pro-Beijing camp, they are doomed to fail as they have failed in the past, one protester has said.

Among them are the group’s co-conveners Tung Chee-hwa and Leung Chun-ying, both former Hong Kong chief executives who are now serving as vice-chairmen of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

Other members include property magnate Li Ka-shing and Chief Executive of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Charles Li Xiaojia. Heads of universities have also joined the coalition, along with legal scholars, former SAR government officials, youth leaders and grassroots residents.

Tung, 82, said Hong Kong has come to a crossroads and is in desperate need of a new direction to get started again.

But the CCP leadership looks at their wit’s end as to how to make their hand-picked leaders of the pro-China camp perform more effectively.

Angry and frustrated over its inability to control the people of Hong Kong, the Chinese Communist Party is inadvertently exposing its weaknesses by lashing out with displays of strength.

Xi Jinping is said to have issued an order to end the Hong Kong Democratic Movement by May 10 to give way to a friendly environment for the up-coming Two Sessions in Beijing.

Beijing has plans that the Hong Kong protests could be brought to a halt by the mass arrest and intimidation of demonstrators, according to CCP killer Guo Wengui.

Last month, the authorities tried more targeted intimidation by arresting prominent leaders of the democracy movement on whatever pretext was to hand.

China’s deputy public security minister, who was placed in charge of security affairs for protest-wracked Hong Kong in 2017, was arrested last month by the country’s anti-graft body for alleged corruption.

Sent to clear up the mess in Hong Kong, Sun Lijun was being investigated for “serious violations of discipline and the law” – a euphemism for corruption – according to China’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.

The Chinese Communist Party will open its annual congress on May 22, after postponing the event for a number of weeks due to the coronavirus epidemic.

The announcement, reported by its state news agency Xinhua, indicates China’s growing confidence that it has largely overcome the pandemic that was first detected in the country’s Hubei province late last year.

“Under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China … with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, and through the hard work of the whole country and the people, the COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control situation in China is improving steadily and the normal economic and social life is gradually resuming,” Xinhua said.

Around one-third of the 3,000 delegates in attendance are provincial and municipal-level cadres, who have had important leadership roles working on the front line of the battle against the epidemic.

US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said he has delayed a report to the Congress to assess the Free Trade Zone status of Hong Kong until after the CCP’s Two Sessions. Sanctions are expected after that as both the Congress and Senate have passed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act at the end of 2019.

This will be the last Two Sessions gathering of gangsters that form the CCP leadership, many observers have said, as the CCP will be wiped out soon for all the crimes it has committed in over 70 years.

By Winnie Troppie


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