Hong Kong martial law on August 4 is confirmed, says Guo Wengui


You may have watched the developments right now in Hong Kong. On the date of August 4, about 30 thousand PLA people have entered Hong Kong. On August 5, another 30 thousand people have entered Hong Kong. On August 6, another 30 thousand.

After they have entered Hong Kong, these people will play different roles. They have been assigned to different districts, in different China-funded organizations. Some of them have come in to work in Hong Kong, some as visitors.

Each of them was given four sets of clothing ,in black, white, a Hong Kong police uniform, and a special suite in red for unified action. All their clothes are marked.

By now, no less than 70 thousand people have arrived in Hong Kong. On August 8-12 local time, a minimum of 120 thousand people will have entered Hong Kong.

Last week I said in my whistle blow that martial law would be enforced in Hong Kong on August 4-6; I was 100 percent correct with the intelligence. Nothing was wrong about that!

They changed into plain clothes and entered Hong Kong secretly without the local people knowing it. They are bandits, real bandits, but our Hong Kong people are too simply honest.

You will soon know the evidence. There will be videos released soon, and audios about their meetings.

By Guo Wengui in New York
Translation by staff


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