Hong Kong is out of control, something big is going to happen in China


Guo Wengui: Thank you, Mr. Bannon. Today in a limited time, we have many important topics to talk about and we don’t want to waste half the time in interpretation. I have several important things to tell you, particularly about the heated 70 years anniversary. Yesterday the CCP issued a white paper on the 70 years rule of the CCP regime.

Last night I had very little sleep. Two of my best friends have come back from the mainland, a super billionaire from the U.S. (Bill Gates) and another important friend from Taiwan.

During their visits to China, these two friends met with think tanks and noted scholars. They also met with many CCP leaders including Wang Qishan, Wang Huning, Xi Jinping, Jiang Zemin and Zhu Rongji. They have brought back important information about these officials and one of the two reasons for today’s broadcast is to report about this.

These two friends have brought back many heavy-weight information. Because Mr. Bannon is not very clear about the detailed political backgrounds in China, I need to clarify many things, as an insider into the depth of Chinese politics, about CCP leadership’s views about Hong Kong’s chaos, how Jiang Zemin and Zhu Rongji look at the protests in Hong Kong and the 70 years anniversary celebrations, what is the future of the CCP and its demise, and the fate of the world.

I believe few Americans have an idea about related facts. I was not very sure about the details either until I got the confirmed information yesterday; and I am going to tell you about this.

According to confirmed information, the CCP government sent out invitations to all countries in the world to attend the 70 years anniversary events but by now only ten state leaders have confirmed their participation. They include the leaders of six vicious dictatorships: Kim Jong-un of North Korea, Putin of Russia, Erdo’an of Turkey, and Iran. I was shocked with this information. Once again, the CCP is going to spend lots of money for Kim Jong-un’s special train trip.

What’s even shocking is about my Taiwan friend’s visit to Jiang Zemin’s family. When he entered Jiang’s residence, Jiang was speaking English, “I need two cups of Conio!” He told my friend, “The world is going to be chaotic! Something big is going to happen in China! Please be prepared.”

This friend was astonished as Jiang with a hearing problem raised his voice and spoke loudly. His family came to comfort him and ask him to lower his voice. This friend could feel that Jiang’s family was worried about disclosure by the servants. It is important to hear these words from the mouth of Jiang Zemin: something big is going to happen in China, and in the world!

Jiang told this friend to come closer and asked him about the protests in Hong Kong and how the outside world thinks about the 70 years anniversary. After hearing his reports, Jiang Zemin said, “No! No! No! You are taking things wrong. The situation could be much worse.”

This friend asked Jiang, “What do you think then?”

Jiang said, “Hong Kong is a great trouble. They (present CCP leadership) are crazy; people have given them the worst advice. Hong Kong will have greater problem, out of control!”

This is shocking. We all know the Jiang family has been directing the drama in Hong Kong; but today, this family has been among the most panic in China.

This friend asked, “Does Han Zheng listen to you? Doesn’t he report to you?” Vice-premier Han Zheng has been a running dog of the Jiang family, now in charge of the Hong Kong and Taiwan affairs. Jiang replied, “He is one of the seven bastards at the top who will bring everything into destruction.”

This Taiwan friend said, “You still have Meng Jianzhu, Sun Lijun, and Wang Qishan, and they all are listening to you, right?”

Jiang was serious with his words, “These several people, they have caused us disasters. They are all crazy! 1.4 billion people will be buried with these several bastards. They have played a crazily big game. They are playing an evil game. They are playing a despicable game! They have become mentally ill!” Jiang was speaking so loudly that his family once again came to calm him down.

This friend from Taiwan was astonished! Jiang is regarded the Dowager Empress, right? He is the Dowager Emperor. With fears, he is now out of control too. The director of this drama has lost his mind!

This Taiwan friend asked, “Do you have any solutions to stop the bad things from happening?”

Jiang said, “I don’t have solutions. Run away if you can. Go back to Taiwan and never come back again. Go to America, and never come back, take good care of yourself.”

This friend asked, “How do you think of the trade war with the U.S.? How do you see the relationship between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping?”

Jiang once again raised his voice, “They have completely miscalculated the situations. They don’t understand Hong Kong. As to the US, they have awakened a tiger. The situation is now out of control; no one can solve the problems. Still, they are dreaming; they live in illusion with the China Dream!”

These words are surely shocking.

Before meeting Jiang Zemin, this friend raised the same questions in his meeting with Zhu Rongji, the former premier. Zhu Rongji said, “Hey! Stop! Stop! Stop! Do not raise this question to me!”

Zhu said, “Hong Kong is out of control now. Plan for yourself, but please do not raise this question to me. I don’t want to talk about this!” This friend could feel fears in his words.

About the relationship with America, Zhu Rongji said, “The achievements we have made in the past thirty years have all been destroyed!”

About the upcoming 70 years anniversary, Zhu said, “Can the anniversary solve the problems with the U.S.? Can the anniversary solve the crisis in Hong Kong? Can the anniversary give Chinese pork? Don’t talk about these topics! I don’t want to talk about them”.

This friend told me, “Wengui! The Chinese people live in fears. Jiang Zemin and Zhu Rongji also live in fears. Zhu said, they want us to attend the anniversary event, but we don’t want to go. They have asked us to go, but we truly are not willing.”

Before leaving Jiang’s residence, this friend had his last question, “President, my old friend, do you think the Chinese will eat grass?”

To his astonishment, Jiang remarked, “You are lucky if you will be able to find healthy grass. Please leave, and never come back to the mainland!”

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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