Hong Kong is at war with CCP as the Central government weighs Carrie Lam’s resignation


Dear warrior friends!

Many things have happened in the last two days. One of the highlights is a pledge of sanctions against key Hong Kong government officials of human rights violations by U.S Senator Marco Rubio and other members of the House of Representatives.

With the U.S. reaffirming its commitment to “Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act”, the U.S. government and its western allies will act jointly to freeze the assets and properties of Chief Executive Carrie Lam and other Hong Kong officials in the U.S. and major Europe countries.

This is unprecedented in U.S. history. Even during the aftermaths of 9.11 Attacks in New York, the U.S. government had not acted as quick and widespread in its counter measures. This is what is happening in Washington D.C. every minute.

Two years ago when I started my whistle blows, I have called on the U.S. government to take these actions. After two years of continuous efforts, U.S. and Europe have finally opened their eyes to the crimes of the Chinese Communist Party and their violations in Hong Kong. Information and intelligence provided by us with translations from our warrior friends have been convincing enough to touch the hearts of many Americans. Without our expose revolution, this would never have happened.

The demonstration in Hong Kong from June 9 was an important event in the process that has pushed ahead such legal actions. They have great significance on the future of Hong Kong as they truly touch the core interests of current Hong Kong government officials who are representatives of the Communist Party regime.

These Hong Kong officials are so arrogant in dealing with the protesters as they all have assets in the U.S. , the UK, Canada, beside Beijing and Shanghai. They even take this a great opportunity for them to be upgraded to higher positions. They never take the interests of Hong Kong people in their minds.

Our friend hedge fund manager Kyle Bass is right about the economic bubble in Hong Kong, its GDP, its volume of currency, savings, reserves, and leverage. His financial information about Hong Kong has helped us better understand the situations in the territory that over the past decades, the Chinese Communist Party has not only stolen the future of Hong Kong people, but also stolen their wealth.

With the extradition bill, the Hong Kong government has gone further to shut up their mouths and threaten their lives.

If we look back a little bit, we see Carrie Lam changed the school text books prescribed under the rule of the British government and forced the students to have a CCP education; she went on to change the exit and entry law and computer system for border security; she promoted the construction of Hong Kong-Beijing High Speed Train and facilitated immigration authorities from both sides to have law enforcement at Kowlong Station. This has made it easy for suspected criminals to be extradited directly from Hong Kong to the mainland. This high speed train has become a important transportation line for transporting both military and civil materials into Hong Kong.

I was the first person to tell that the Extradition Law amendment was drafted by Carrie Lam herself. This week, Liu Xiaoming, Chinese ambassador to the UK, admitted that the Beijing regime gave no instruction to the Hong Kong government regarding the bill.

But they have tried to covered up more of the truth? Who actually authorized Carrie Lam to take those actions and make those changes? It was Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu and Sun Lijun of the CCP leadership. Besides the above changes, they have also authorized the military base in the territory to be expanded,with more military supplies for more troops and police force from the mainland. They have opened a larger base at Bao’an District of Shenzhen for military training.

With the border security upgraded and the expansion of Grand Propaganda Campaign, they have bought all the media in Hong Kong by way of BGY. They already have full control over the territory politically, financially, and culturally. This could not be the accomplishments of Carrie Lam and her government.

After over one million people turned out for demonstrations, we have seen few foreign governments stand out to see a word or few foreign media speak out to challenge the CCP government. We know that they have done a lot to influence the world communities by way of corruption and BGY.

We have seen Twitter suspended tens of thousands of accounts of our warrior friends; Facebook, Google, and others are more or less the same. Almost none of the mainstream media have reported deep into the truth. Within China, all media are shut up. More WeChat accounts were suspended.

But we are thankful to the U.S. government and I am sure many European governments will soon join the Trump administration to support us. Recently, U.S and Europe is considering sanctions against the Hong Kong government, including refusal to recognize Hong Kong as an independent international financial center or a free trade hub.

Just hours ago, my intelligence from Beijing has told me that Carrie Lam has submitted her resignation to the Central Government and request for withdrawal of the extradition bill. But no response yet was given by the CCP leadership.

Even if Carrie Lam resigns and the bill withdrawn, we still demand a general election in Hong Kong and the recognition of One Country Two System fully implemented in the territory. And we must demand security guarantee for foreign investors there. Hong Kong must be financially independent.

Still, we must be prepared for the worse.

When more protesters are out on June 16 (Sunday), CCP’s 300 thousand troops stationed along the northern border in Zhuhai and Shenzhen must be fully prepared for intrusion. Hong Kong’s underground channels are passages for PLA armoured vehicles; PLA troops hidden in many large buildings in Hong Kong are fully equipped and already ready to fight.

I urge Hong Kong people to take good care of their safety.

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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