Hong Kong: Contextual Changes and Guerrilla Tactics

Protesters stand on a bridge over the Tolo Highway at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), in Hong Kong early on November 13, 2019. - Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters fought intense battles with riot police on a university campus and paralysed the city's upmarket business district Tuesday, extending one of the most violent stretches of unrest seen in more than five months of political chaos. (Photo by Anthony WALLACE / AFP) (Photo by ANTHONY WALLACE/AFP via Getty Images)

Within the past 20 hours, the context for Hong Kong has undergone fundamental changes. Such changes exemplify in the following three aspects:

1. China’s top leader Xi Jinping addressed Hong Kong issue in tough tone at BRICS summit in Brazil. It signifies that the CCP officially load weapons to wage war against the Hong Kong people, in the name of cracking down on independence advocates. Aiming to arrest 30,000 citizens, Beijing is deploying additional technical, informational and detective squads as well as spies and assassins to Hong Kong. High-grade, precision and advanced weapons are also transferred from the mainland. In the streets of HK, undercover and doped PAP, PLA and thugs will arson buildings, cars and humans; cause explosions; and self slaughter, in order to smear protestors.

Meanwhile the CCP is preparing warfare against Taiwan, also in the name of crushing independence advocates. It will be a blitz and on a much larger scale, aiming to smash the island in a short time.

2. The US and the EU have shifted their tones about Hong Kong. The statements made by the U.S., Canada, Australia and Europe are clear about officially supporting the protestors. Behind the scenes, in Washington, the fierceness of political struggles was beyond imagination. Fortunately and unprecedentedly, after certain trade-offs, the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act was put into an expedited path at the Senate and is likely to be passed imminently. In South Carolina, Los Angeles and San Francisco, pro- and anti-CCP think tanks and politicians have been wrestling via forums, finance and media. In the U.K., visiting justice secretary Teresa Cheng fell from grace for her arrogance and contempt of the protestors.

3. In Hong Kong, people are turning into fighters. Tycoons, professionals, financiers and the entertainment circle are shifting stances. They donate money and lend support to protestors, though some stay unopened. Lee Ka-shing’s PARKnSHOP has delivered at least ten lorries of free provisions to the students of the Chinese University.

With such contextual changes, Mr. Guo begs that in Hong Kong:

1. All youngsters, after their heroic activities, should pause, retreat swiftly and, most importantly, hide safely. Avoid confronting armed mad PLA, PAP and thugs. Campus and home are not safe, given the youngsters’ identities are well known by the CCP.

2. Professionals, financiers, tycoons and entertainment circle must help to hide youngsters safely from being arrested and killed. Lantau Island, remote countries and villages are desirable options.

3. To leave Hong Kong is also a desirable option for youngsters. In case of needing any help, please contact Rule of Law Foundation, Mr. Guo himself or his fellow warriors.

To hide and retreat is a tactic for fighting back, guerrilla style, drag it out and thus let the CCP lose politically, economically, financially and diplomatically.

China will witness a big incident. Taiwan will face a big conflict. Hong Kong will have humanitarian catastrophe. The US and the EU will take big actions. The CCP is rushing to its death.

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