Hong Kong can never succeed under China’s control, says Donald Trump


US President Donald Trump said Thursday that Hong Kong’s global financial center will “go to hell” under tightened Chinese rule.

President Trump speaks exclusively to FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo in a wide-ranging interview, including how he thinks about Hong Kong, how his view of China changed after coronavirus, why he fought to ban Huawei, TikTok and WeChat and how the NBA has responded to China.

Speaking by phone to the Fox Business channel about Hong Kong, Trump said: “Once China got aggressive and took it over, I took everything back. Everything’s back now. And it will fail.”

“Hong Kong is, if you use a business term, it’s owned by China. So why should I give this to China? “Hong Kong can never succeed without those incentives. And Hong Kong can never succeed having China, as opposed to the thousands of geniuses that ran it, having China run it,” Trump continues, “The Hong Kong markets will go to hell. Nobody’s going to do business.”

“Hong Kong is a very complex problem because we’ve given tremendous amounts of money in the form of incentives to make Hong Kong free, to make Hong Kong work – and to our detriment. All of those incentives that they had for the Hong Kong market, in order to keep a certain amount of freedom over there, knowing they have China looming over the top of them – but all of those incentive, billions and billions and billions of dollars I gave, that we gave, to Hong Kong, I’ve taken back now.” Trump added.

On banning Tiktok and Huawei, Trump told Maria Bartiromo, “TikTok — I broke the deal — I said, ‘You can’t do business in the United States.’ I also said to Huawei, ‘You can’t do business in the United States.’ I also told our so-called allies … if you go with Huawei, that’s OK, but we’re not going to be communicating … because the intelligence goes right back to Beijing.”

Trump has seen his election chances seriously hurt by fallout from the pandemic and is increasingly focussing blame on China, where the virus first appeared.

“My mindset has changed on China since they allowed the plague,” he said.

“It’s before plague and after plague. Right now, I view China differently than I did before plague,” the president said.

Asked, however, if he agreed with critics that President Xi Jinping should step aside, he answered, “They’re running their country, and we’re running our country, and we have other countries that treat us very badly. … We have the new USMCA. We were in the process of straightening it out with China, but the plague came. But even before that, I had a complete deal with China, and four days before it was going to be signed, they broke it.”

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