Hong Kong bill: license for Hong Kongers to fight back with arms, says Guo Wengui


Right after the US Senate passed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, former White House Strategist Steve Bannon urgently joined CCP killer Guo Wengui for a live broadcast in celebration.

Guo Wengui told thousands of rejoicing warrior friends, “Once again, the passage of the Hong Kong Bill has demonstrated that America is the greatest country in the world as it stands for justice and righteousness. Although there were doubts in the minds of many politicians amid the political fight in Washington, I have full confidence that the bill be passed. With this, we must say Thank-you to the great United States, and to Mr. Bannon in particular who has done so much for the Chinese people, particularly Hong Kongers.”

Mr. Bannon said, “We’ve just heard from Senator Rubio that the historic vote on Hong Kong is unanimous; it’s 100 percent to nothing in the US Senate. To the people of China and Hong Kong, this is a time of lots of division in the United States. People in China and the CCP should understand 435 congressmen and 100 senators representing the American people unanimously voted for Hong Kong’s anti-CCP. This is a historic day. I don’t think it would have happened without Miles Guo’s broadcast to reveal the truth to the people of the world.”

Senator Marco Rubio said at the Senate, “Beijing is worried but Beijing will also not hesitate to use any force it deems necessary to tighten their grip on Hong Kong. Now here in the Senate we’re working on a few pieces of legislation to let the Chinese and the Hong Kong government know that the United States is watching”.

Senator Ben Cardin voiced his absolute support, “So it’s time that we backed up our words, our commitment to supporting Hong Kong’s democratization, human rights and autonomy with action. Let’s make sure the people of Hong Kong know that the United States Congress and the American people stand in solidarity with them as the Chinese authorities, as we speak, are repressing the legitimate rights of the people of Hong Kong.”

Senator Ted Cruz recalled his recent travel to Hong Kong as witness, “Last month, I traveled to Hong Kong. I met with many brave men and women who are standing up. I met with the dissidents, the pr0-democracy protesters who are speaking out for Hong Kong’s autonomy and free speech and basic human rights. Along with them, I dressed in all black to express my solidarity with the peaceful protesters who have taken to the streets. Right now, in response to that protest, tear gas, sponge grenades, rubber bullets are being fired at university campuses in Hong Kong.”

Senator Josh Hawley said, “I want to be clear that we are here today in this chamber, and what we are doing is possible tonight because of the bravery and the courage of the protests in Hong Kong. Many of them very young people who are risking their very lives, taking to the streets, standing for democracy, standing for the promises that were made to them by Beijing many years ago and fighting for them now, putting everything on the line, and I just want to say to those protesters that you are making a difference, that your lives have made a difference.”

While thanking Senator Marco Rubio in leading the bill for legislation, Guo said, “Every single word of the Senators is like a missile thrown at the CCP regime. They have made the best decision at the best time that is needed by our people.”

Both Guo and Mr. Bannon have vowed to follow up with the US government in the enforcement of the Act with the Rule of Law Fund.

Guo said that, as he is going to have a broadcast tomorrow one year after the Press Conference on the Death of Wang Jian and the Truth Behind the HNA Group, the passage of the bill today has a special significance. “It is a gift and a perfect arrangement by God. It also tells that we both have come with a mission,” he said.

“With the bill passed unanimously, economic sanctions, breaking up diplomatic relations, financial sanctions, sanctioning individuals, and confiscation of personal assets will come along. Moreover, Hong Kongers will be allowed to own their ammunition”, said Guo, “Today, the biggest supporter behind the Senate vote is the US National Rifle Association. They can sell various kinds of weapons to Hong Kong people, to Xinjiang people or anyone under CCP’s persecution.This bill has given a license to Hong Kongers to fight the CCP with arms.”

In his broadcast, Guo laid out the purposes of tomorrow’s historic broadcast in the followings areas:

“First, we are going to thank those people who have supported this Expose Revolution by promising them a future free from hunger and fear. This is one of the main goals of our Himalayas movement. We want to send a strong message to high ranking officials within the CCP system that if they choose to cooperate with us, we give them a way out for personal and financial safety, together with a life of dignity.”

“Second, we are going to tell the world that not all Chinese are selfish, that the Chinese people have the sense of justice.”

“Third, I am going to tell the world that the CCP has come to its doom. I will prove it with evidence while warning Chinese private entrepreneurs to leave the CCP regime as soon as possible.”

“Fourth, I am going to tell that the truth behind the Hong Kong’s crisis is very much related to the fight for financial interests, that the CCP is to rob the Hong Kongers of their wealth.”

“Fifth, I am going to tell our warrior friends that our Expose Revolution has entered its critical but most important stage, and that they have made history.”

“Sixth, I am going to assure you that there will no longer be the existence of the CCP by June next year. And June 4th will be the National Day of a new China.”

“Seventh, I am going to prove with more evidence about the death of Wang Jian, and how the CCP has colluded with foreign countries and its overseas forces to cover up the truth.”

Everything is just beginning.

By Cloudy Seagail


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