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Dear warrior friends! Have you done your morning exercises? Did you pour water onto your body? Did you spread the truth about Hong Kong?

Yesterday was Monday in Hong Kong and Beijing. Did you pay any attention to Hong Kong’s Stock Market? For futures market, yesterday was a turning point. The index was once again manipulated and its chief executive Charles Li Xiaojia was crazy in controlling the computers. Many people were not able to sell or buy and the final results were all fake. That is no longer a stock market; it is only a casino run by the Chinese Communist Party.

About other developments in mainland China. Yesterday, state media told the whole population that China’s foreign reserve has increased and ROI for major listed companies has also increased phenomenally. But at the same time, six emergency meetings on the work of finance were held across the country calling for maintaining financial stability. Official notices were issued to all provinces to keep an eye on risks of debts. Foreign Exchange Bureaus at all levels were warned to carry out emergency measures for stricter control to the highest level of political stability.

Yesterday all governments above the county level were requested to study Xi Jinping APP in depth, to learn how to build a socialist collective supply system and how to gather national resources for overall management by the Central Government. Chinese people are warned to prepare for a difficult time ahead.

Water Resources Management authorities were requested to prepare for more floods and possible famine, and were warned of risks of phenomenal human and natural disasters.

Official notices to governments at all levels also requested tightening control of overseas visits by government officials, limitation of expenditures, and restriction on foreign purchases.

Dear friends! Do you see the contradiction of their rhetoric here? On the one hand, they claimed to have lots of money in foreign reserve; on the other hand, they are tightening the control on expenditures. All they do are only lies.

Yesterday in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, secret meetings were held with representatives from various circles. Officials from the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs of the State Council gave further warnings and remarks of threats that the Central Government will have decisive measures to crack down the protests and end the chaos in Hong Kong. They pledged that the PLA troops must take actions in case the Hong Kong government was not able to bring the society back to order. They threatened that tanks must be sent to the streets of Hong Kong and anyone wearing masks shall be arrested.

Hong Kong financiers, especially major real estate developers, received the warning that in case an emergency act was enforced, all their assets and properties might be confiscated by the Central Government. I was told that some of the property tycoons were terrified with the threat by the officials that even their personal movement would be restricted.

The CCP officials further warned them that even the tycoons had transferred their assets to western countries, the Central Government was able to trace them and bring them back. With the enforcement of an emergency act, these officials claimed, the Central Government has the right to take all Hong Kong assets and properties into public ownership when Hong Kong has truly become part of China.

In the mainland, the CCP leadership has not only called for “robbing the rich to help the poor” but at the same time “robbing the poor to help the rich” which are the traitors like Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan. They claim that under CCP’s rule, everything in the country belongs to the party and to the government.

Dear warrior friends! I am not joking. The vile CCP leadership truly has the guts and plans to do this. They are determined to win the war against “imperial” America after taking full control of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

These are my updates on what have happened yesterday. And please focus our attention on Hong Kong.

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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