Hong Kong 6.16 protests in pictures

More people are out on protests on 6.16.

Hundreds of thousands took to the streets in Hong Kong on Sunday after the chief executive, Carrie Lam, announced she had indefinitely halted efforts to pass a proposed extradition law.

Protesters are gathering at Victoria Park about 2:30 pm Sunday afternoon ready for the march.

Before joining the procession, people pay respect to a 35-year-old Mr. Liang who died on Saturday dropping off a building in protest of the extradition bill.

More people are going out of the subway to join the demonstration as a popular host is live broadcasting the developments on Sunday afternoon.

A truck with loud speakers is leading the procession organized by the Pro-democratic Front.

Some protesters in wheel chairs are among the first to take part in the march on Sunday afternoon.

Local residents are joining the march from all directions on Sunday afternoon.

More people are joining the march from all directions on Sunday afternoon.

More families with kids are out marching on Sunday afternoon 6.16.

Protesters are marching towards the Government Headquarters in Hong Kong Central.

Protesters start to block all the drive ways at about 5:30 pm as they are approaching the Government Headquarters.

Protesters move on to block two-way traffic at about 5:30 pm on Sunday afternoon.

People are flocking into the Government Headquarters from all directions at about 6:00pm.

More people arrive at the Government Headquarters at about 6:00pm.

A closer look at the pedestrian over passes near the Government Headquarters.

It is getting dark at 7:30 pm and protesters have filled the main street.

Take a closer look at the main street next to the Government Headquarters at about 7:00 pm.

Take a look at the same area from another anger at about 8:00 pm Sunday.

It is getting dark and that part of the city Hong Kong Central is brought to a total still.

It is getting dark at 8:00 pm and many people are still at the starting point.

About 10:00 pm at night, sea of protesters near the government headquarters.

The protests on Sunday 6.16 have been peaceful but once again moved the world.

Huge poster on Lion Mountain calling “Protect Hong Kong” on Sunday 6.16.

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