Holiday message to Chinese mothers from Guo Wengui


Dear warrior friends! Today is Mother’s Day, May 12th. Today is a very important day as it is also the birthday of the Buddha. I say, this is a lucky day, a good day. I was not prepared to make this broadcast today as it sounds sad to talk about mothers.

This year I lost my mother. This is the only Mother’s Day in 50 years without my mother. I got married in 1985. In May 1989, I assisted the students at Tiananmen Square. The police chased me from the North East to Henan province and finally got me into prison. I was jailed for two years during which my wife, son and daughter were taken from Puyang by my parents to live with them.

When I was taken away by police, I had a well-furnished office with a big boss table . That was a new office building in Puyang City. I had three motorcycles and around 3,000 RMB in my account, about 2,800 in cash. In those days, few people had a bank account. I also had several thousand yuan at home. The money and all valuable items in my office were taken away and confiscated by the police from Puyang Public Security Bureau. That was similar to the fine of 60 billion yuan levied by Dalian Public Security Bureau.

My wife brought home our 3-month-old daughter and 4-year-old son born in 1986. When they were home, they were broke and the whole family lived on the tiny amount of retirement pension for my father. At that time, my father just retired from the North East. Two years later, when I was released, my wife came to meet me in the same clothes I had bought her before I was caught. My parents looked a lot older.

After I was released from prison, I first went to the cemetery where the ashes of my younger brother was buried. It was at the south river bank of Puyang. I sat there crying for a whole day before taken home by my elders. When I saw my son, he had grown taller with a hat on. He did not recognize me. My wife was crying by the side. Then came my parents, my neighors, and other brothers.

That night, my wife told me that we had a great mother. She said lots of good words about her. I was supposed to be executed for my anti-revolutionary activities and fight against the police. Many people had told my wife to remarry, but my mother had never said one word about this. She only did her best to treat my wife and kids well. The two years were the most difficult time in their lives.

When I came home, the local police had seized every valuable things in my family. I had only one bicycle to carry my wife to and from my house and the house of her parents, a distance of several kilometers away, in a small town.

My wife talked to me a lot about my parents. My mother used to tell her that she could make her own decisions in everything. They would always support her as their own daughter. These warm words with true love had made her to wait until my release. Without my unselfish parents, I would not have my wife today.

I have a lot to share today on this Mother’s Day. Every mother was a daughter, a sister, or daughter-in-law. And she would become a grandmother too. Every mother has her many roles to play in life. Therefore, when we say “respect your mother”, we are telling our sons and daughters that a mother can also be a sister, a daughter-in-law, or a mother-in-law.

I have seven brothers and thus my mother had have seven daughters-in-law. She treated all of them well; she never argued with anyone of them, even at our most difficult times. The kindness of my mother to her daughters-in-law was out of everyone’s expectation. Because she was a good grandmother, we are sure that she must have also been a good sister, a good daughter, and a good daughter-in-law. So, I want to speak to all mothers: when you want your daughters-in-law to be good to you, are you treating them with the same kindness?

When I was a child, I thought my mother must also have a mother-in-law treating her very well. But it was not true. Once I asked my mother why? She said just because she had not been treated well by her mother-in-law, she must do good to her daughters-in-law. She said other parents had a hard time bringing up their daughters and sent them to your family. You must be thankful and more importantly, only when a harmony is maintained in a family could the family prosper.

My family was persecuted during the Cultural Revolution and assigned to the mountain valley for labor. When we came back home, we grew up to join into a big family living in harmony. The efforts of my mother were fundamental. A mother can change a family for generations. The mother is the base in all families. In any society, any nation, any country, the role of a mother directs the future that nation, that country.

I travelled to several countries in the Middle East and later had business cooperation with them. When I started to understand their culture, I started to see the importance of the status of mothers in those countries too. Today many people in Xinjiang might share the same ancestors from Iran or Turkey, many Christians became Muslims, like in Saudi Arabia, Abu dhabi, or Qatar. The fate of many of these nations is closely linked to the fates of mothers. How they have become economically, politically, or militarily, are closely linked to one particular woman. But I am not going into detail today.

On this Mother’s Day, I think we have more important things to talk about mothers. Everyone of us has a mother, whether you are young or old, male or female, good or bad. But everyone of us treats our mothers differently. Every society treats the mothers differently. I am now fifty year old, without much education. For fifty years, I have never seen any country, any society, or any religious organizations so vicious as the Communist Party of China (CCP) who has claimed to be more dearer than the mothers, who wants to take the place of the mothers. What a shame!

CCP uses the mothers for their selfish aims, kidnaps Chinese mothers, and does great harm to them –never in human history has this occurred. All their mothers will be threatened when CCP officials are detained. I was jailed twice and every time they threatened me with these words, “Do you believe I will also detain your mother, your father, your wife, and your kids?” The Vice-mayor of Beijing Liu Zhihua put me into prison. The police jailed me in the armed police guest house in the west of Beijing, first at the third floor, later at the fourth floor. There a CCP official from Heilongjiang province was also jailed. He was a secretary of the provincial organizational department called Han Guizhi. The police also detained his mother. The mother and son met downstairs at the guest house. They hugged each other and cries in great sadness, together with other family members. His mother and wife used their heads to hit the electric polls. The police told him to watch later from the window upstairs how his family were tortured downstairs. With this suffering, he confessed everything.

There was another prisoner. The police also detained his mother and brought her to the jail. The mother was asked to see through the window how her son was beaten inside. His mother was forced to tell where his son had stored his money. I was told later that one of the family members who used his head to hit the wall died instantly at the prison. I could smell the dead body nearby. This is the Chinese Communist Party.

CCP had a Long March of 25 thousand li before it came to power. That was a distance from Beijing to New York and back. We have been taught that CCP was much disciplined during the Long March. But the truth was: CCP was reckless along the way, threatening and raping many women and mothers. Many CCP leaders carried their women along who later became their wives.

Zhou Qianqiu was the Vice-mayor of Zhengzhou in charge of city construction. He was young and violent, then only a bit over thirty, one of the youngest mayors in China. He once laughed at a foreign investor who presented him a Geely razor as a gift at a public meeting. He also asked me to buy his calligraphy. I paid him seven million for some fake stuff from him. When he was arrested, I was also detained by police. He was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment in Wuhan. His mother was disturbed many times by police. She was almost ninety years old.

When Zhou Qianqiu was jailed, this old mother of his leased an old house opposite the prison and lived there for many years for his release. She said to us, “My son deserves the punishment. He was an official in charge of city construction. He even built the prison. Now he uses the prison for himself. He deserves the punishment!”

This mother once told her friends, “When I saw Qianqiu carry bags after bags of cash home, I understood very well there must be something wrong with my son. That money can’t be clean! All mothers know their sons.”

Once I sat down for meal with a mother of a general from the military. I asked her, “Dear old lady, you must be very proud that your son is such a high ranking official.” She kept quiet, without saying a single word in front of many people. Later she said to me at a corner, “Boy, are you a CCP member?” I said, “No!” She asked, “Why didn’t you join the party?” I told her my family story.

I said: “My family was persecuted by the CCP during the Cultural Revolution. My father had his leg broken, my mother driven to mental illness, my elder brothers beaten almost to death. I remember one of my elder brothers was beaten by CCP soldiers and run down the stairs full of blood. My mother once asked me what to do after growing up, I said anything but not a CCP official, as I have come to know that could be a dangerous job. My mother was pleased to hear that”.

This old lady said to me, “Boy, you have a great mother.” I also asked about her family, whether his son has brothers or sisters who were also CCP members. The old lady said, “I have told other kids, it is enough to have one CCP member in our family. I are worried every day. I have fears every night I go to sleep, fearing that this son might be investigated or arrested. His official status gives me no security at all.”

The fear in the eyes of this old lady and her words deeply shocked me. Later when I met a CCP official, I intentionally watched his parents. These parents are mostly divided into two categories: either they are extremely greedy or they are extremely simple and innocent.

For most mothers to see their sons being flattered at public events by their followers, they have the instinct of fears that one day their sons must end up in disasters. Like in some movies, we see the mothers of drug traffickers, the fear in their eyes. This is my experience after cooperating with many high, medium and low-ranking officials of the CCP government.

Today I am speaking to all mothers, or to-be mothers, or young daughters-in-law. To be a qualified mother, a good mother, an unselfish mother, a mother good for her kids, you shall never expect your sons to bring home gold pieces, or cash, or official titles. When your child has brought home too much cash, you must be cautious about it. You must ask yourself, under CCP’s so-called rule of law, can your child take home so much cash, so many women, or much gold, or so many cars?

All wives or to-be mothers should ask your husband or brothers who are government officials: when you kick, beat, scold others and seize their assets, this will one day happen on the bodies of yourselves, your sons and daughters, your mothers and family members. Tell them to stop such evil acts. A good mother is the best protection to a family.

All mothers, tell your sons and husbands never to become CCP members. CCP is a mafia-like gangsters organization. It claims to be dearer than the mothers and fathers. All CCP leaders send their kids to the United States or Europe, not Africa. They will send your kids to war and the most difficult places, and let forget their parents. CCP is a vicious cult that deserves no trust.

In the near future, CCP will wage war against Taiwan, threaten Hong Kong and challenge the world. They will send your kids to the front. Do you want to see your kids holding hammers and knives to confront the tanks and machine guns? Do you want to send your kids to the war zone to protect the CCP officials’ wealth and illegitimate children? When CCP sends your kids to challenge America or the west, to deal with Hong Kong or Taiwan, do you think they are going to die for a great mission of the country? Do you hope to see that? When your kids join the CCP army, they have been put into a prison and there will be no coming back!

The Chinese Communist Party is doomed! Chinese mothers! Do you want to see your kids driving the tanks to crush the kids of other mothers, like the Tiananmen Square Massacre in the June Fourth Movement? Those soldiers have their mothers; those students also have their mothers. Those soldiers were honoured by CCP as heroes. Does anyone of you dare to stand out today, saying that you were a hero driving the tank to crush the students? Are you heroes? Dare you go home and tell your mother that you have crushed the students, or fired your gun shots at the students?

As fathers now, and once praised by the CCP government as heroes, do you have the guts to tell your sons that you once drove the tanks to crush the students? What about telling your mother? Your daughters? Dare you tell them how many you have killed at Tiananmen Square? Next, Chinese mothers, please ask yourselves, are you prepared to send your sons and husbands to do the same at Tiananmen Square when there is another emergency happening in the coming years?

To be continued…

By Guo Wengui
Translated by staff writer


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