Holiday message to Chinese mothers from Guo Wengui -part 2


A few days ago, China and the US trade talks ended with a broken deal. We have seen that CCP has defamed the US to lift up the stones to have their toes squashed. They also pledged to have “teeth for teeth as the imperial Americans have ambitions to destroy us!”

As a Chinese mother, you should ask your kids: how far is the the US away from China? They give China each year 500 to 600 billion dollars in business and for years Chinese have earned at least a trillion yuan from the US. But China only spends 120 billion dollars in the US. How the US has come to invade China, with ambitions to destroy your children?

And where is the money China earns from the US, Chinese mothers? The money has gone into the bank accounts of families and illegitimate children of those traitors. Look at the big house of Wang Qishan’s family in Los Angeles, bought in 1989. Look at Meng Jianzhu’s children; how much have they stored overseas; how many funds do they own? After Sun Lijun came back to China from Australia schooling, how much has he made? How many movie stars has he slept with? Do you want your children to die for these people?

China and the US will be brought into more conflicts with the trade deal failure. Now the CCP leaders must be thinking of your children. They are encouraging the Chinese people to rally against the US; they will incite Chinese students to protest at the American Embassy in Beijing. Just wait and see, young mothers, it is the right time for them to think of your children.

They have illegitimate children overseas. Meng Jianzhu’s mother is over one hundred years old. Jiang Zemin and Jiang Zhicheng had their kidneys transplanted over and over. Did they ever have your interests in mind? Even an hair of Jiang’s family is more valuable than your assets. If they wish, they would take away the kidneys from the bodies of your sons or daughters! Do you believe? Don’t just listen to me; use your brains. Either Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu or Sun Lijun would kill your children without hesitation whenever their mothers or other family members have the need to take their organs. Don’t you believe that?

Even if China and the US reached a deal and added another 500 billion dollars to China, can you have a bit of that money? Chinese mothers, please ask: when you are sick, do you have medical coverage? Does the country have retirement pension for the elders? When you are sent to hospital, will you be treated without payment first? When you are sick, will your medicines be subsidized? When an old man collapses on the streets, no one dares to help him out. The CCTV host Shui Junyi said it is moral deterioration that has caused the tragedies. The host may be right to some extent. But the key lies in CCP’s system. China is now the second biggest economy in the world, but CCP never builds a health care system or social security system for the Chinese people.

When an old man collapses on the street, can he remember who has helped him out? Why has the old man held onto the helper tightly? CCP’s CCTV tells the whole world that these old men are bad people, behaving like a rogue, without morals. If the country has a good social security system like the US or UK, will these falling old men hold onto the helpers for compensation?

When an old man collapses on the streets, no people dare to help him out. This is the tragedy of CCP’s system. These hard working people, mothers and sisters, have worked in the factories to build the second biggest GDP in the world. Chinese Communist Party has made not a single dollar; not a single cent was made by the CCP leadership at Zhongnanhai. They live on the taxes collected from these hard working people, like other parties or governments in the world. But only in this country, only under the governance of this party, the collapsing old men are not helped out. Chinese mothers, young and old, never send your kids to join the party or the army, or the police under CCP rule! Your kids will end in disasters.

After 70 years in power, the CCP regime has been reckless and destructive in the country, kidnapping 1.4 billion people. One of the causes is the selfishness and ignorance of Chinese mothers. In my clan family with the surname Guo, none is allowed to join the Communist Party. Chinese mothers should be liable for consequences of submission to CCP leadership and its propaganda. You must be very clear that CCP would use the bodies of your children to confront the missiles launched ten thousand miles away from the US, to confront our brothers and sisters in Taiwan and to kill our brothers and sisters in Hong Kong. For decades, our brothers and sisters from Hong Kong and Taiwan have brought us the most-needed medicines and investments, and helped build the success in the so-called reform and opening up.

In 2001, China joined the WTO with US assistance and the country’s GDP has grown from 1.5 trillion to 14 trillion dollars, with a circulation volume of 32 trillion. Now, CCP is challenging the US, encircling Taiwan and sealing up Hong Kong. Chinese mothers, please think, are 23 million Taiwanese crazy to challenge 1.4 billion mainlanders? Are Hong Kong people mentally ill to protest for independence on the streets against the CCP if it has maintained the social order in the territory? Are the Americans idiots to give 500 billion annually to the Chinese in business and look for their trouble at the same time?

Why the CCP leaders have all sent their kids to the US? Why the CCP government still wants to do business with the US if the US is so evil as CCTV has claimed? Chinese mothers, ask people around you, how many CCP officials, including the lowest level township officials, have not sent their kids to the US? How many CCP officials have sent their kids to the army, to die in the war zones?

When our mothers are enlightened, the nation will become strong. One enlightened mother will influence her sisters and brothers, her husband, and the whole family. She normally will influence an average of seven levels of relationship. A correct choice of a mother will have great social impacts. Today you are brainwashed by CCP who tells you to love the party, to love the country. But that is not your party, not your country. CCP has told your kids that it is dearer than their mothers. But it treats your kids with poisonous infant formulas, foods with chemicals or toxic vaccines.

When CCP leaders have sent their own kids to the US, they are now telling your kids to confront Taiwan and Hong Kong and the US. Chinese mothers, if you don’t wake up, you must pay a price. CCP is good at stirring up patriotism among Chinese students, to protest against the US at its embassy. If your kids choose to follow, they will have problems in the future applying for a visa to the US or other countries.

All CCP members will be scrutinized when they apply for visas to the US and Europe. If you have joined the CCP, you will become a victim, the loneliest person in the world. If you tell the truth of your party membership, you will be denied a visa. If you don’t tell the truth, you will also have problems with your visa application. Your visits or study overseas will never be possible. It will even stop you from opening a bank account overseas. Historically, we have seen similar things in Eastern Germany. I hope this will not happen to Chinese kids.

Chinese mothers, do you wish your child would pay such a price? Go and look at Wang Qishan’s family. Is his wife Yao Mingshan a CCP member? Is the wife of Sun Lijun a CCP member? Are the family members of Meng Jianzhu CCP members? None! Because they know, joining the CCP is like a death row having a stamp on his forehead.

As a mother, behave like a mother. Treat your son as a son; don’t make him your father. Treat your daughter as a daughter; don’t make her your mother. Don’t make them a party member. Don’t send them to war. Don’t make yourself the mother of a prisoner. Don’t let your kids die before you.

Today is Mother’s Day, also the birthday of the Buddha. I have a strong message to send to the hearts of Chinese mothers. I can’t say the Buddha sent me a message in my dream last night. I wish I could have a message from the Buddha, like Terry Gou with a message from the sea goddess to run for Taiwan presidency. Keep away from the CCP regime, never cooperate with them, and never become a CCP member.

I hope Chinese mothers will join me to overthrow the CCP dictatorship and become the most welcomed people in the world. This will be your best choice.

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translated by staff writer


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