HNA Group drops defamation lawsuit against billionaire Miles Kwok


The scandalous Chinese conglomerate HNA Group has told the New York court to withdraw its defamation lawsuit against Miles Kwok.

The Notice of Motion to Discontinue Action by the Supreme Court of the State of New York County of New York read, “Please take notice that upon the annexed Affirmation of Aundrew J. Levander, Esq., the exhibits annexed thereto, and the accompanying Memorandum of Law, and all prior pleadings and proceeding heretofore had herein, Plaintiff HNA Group Co. Ltd. Will move this Court at the Motions Submissions Part, Room 130 at the Supreme Court Courthouse, located at 60 Centre Streets, New York, New York on the 20th day of March 2019 at 9:30 a.m., or as soon thereafter as a counsel may be heard, for an order granting Plaintiff HNA Group Co. Ltd.’s motion to discontinue the above captioned action pursuant to CPLR 3217(b), with prejudice.”

The notice said that the defendant Miles Kwok has preliminarily indicated he will not oppose this motion.

Since mid 2017, Miles Kwok in his whistle blows has accused HNA of secret deals with corrupt officials of the Communist Party of China (CCP) in various crimes. He claimed that Wang Qishan, Vice Chairman of China, holds a shadow stake in the conglomerate through his nephew Yao Qing.

In dropping the suit, HNA’s attorneys said that Miles’ comments “are no longer of public concern”, and that to pursuing the action “unnecessarily distracts from its key business priorities,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

HNA had requested at least $300 million compensation in damages, alleging “false and defamatory statements” which it claimed hurt its business and reputation.

About one year after Miles Kwok revealed the scandals of HNA Group and its dirty relations with Wang Qishan, HNA’s finance went into deep trouble and it has to stop its buying spree in the United States and Europe. In addition to public scrutiny of its stakes in Deutsche Bank AG and Hilton hotels, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and Skybridge all walked away from deals with HNA, which has an opaque ownership structure.

July 4 2018, 57 year old Wang Jian, co-founder and chairman of HNA Group, died during a visit to Bonnieux, south of France. After careful investigations by his legal teams, Miles Kwok has claimed that Wang Jian was murdered by the CCP and Wang Qishan had planned the murder.

To expose the truth behind Wang Jian’s death and more scandals of HNA Group in collusion with corrupt CCP officials, Miles Kwok and former White House strategist Steven Bannon held a press conference on 20 November 2018 when they announced the establishment of the Rule of Law Fund for a lofty mission to take down the CCP and return freedom and democracy to the Chinese nation.

In the past two years, state traitors such as Wang Qishan have been in much panic amid worldwide condemnation. They have tried all means to defame Miles Kwok and in persecution of Miles’ supporters. But as more and more Chinese as well as westerners come to know the truth, they have stood up against these traitors and said No to CCP. Besides the United States, many western governments have given their support to Miles Kwok.

The scandalous CCP officials and their representatives in the US have been reckless in their so-called rule of law in that they tried to threaten Miles Kwok with many lawsuits besides the HNA case. In the end, they have lifted up the stones to have their own toes squashed.

This withdraw of suit against Miles Kwok tells that both HNA and the CCP have come to a dead end. And once again, Miles Kwok has showed the Chinese what it truly means by the rule of law as he would continue with the legal procedures. People across the world are looking forward to a complete victory of Miles in his fight for justice and righteousness.

Everything is just beginning.

By Cloudy Seagail


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