Highlights of Mr.Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on April 19th,2021


1. About 4.19 live broadcast, Fellow Fighters in mainland care more than overseas’, people in mainland care a lot. A U.S. president who advocates freedom of the media was finally taken out by the media. 4.19’s VOA Cut-Off Incident is a milestone historical event for the world. Liu Yanping had said that within 48 hours of the signing of the Red Notice, Miles Guo would come to my office and also to Secretary Meng Jianzhu’s office, and as a result, where is Secretary Meng now? And where is Wang Fang? Looking back at 4.19 is really incredible, Trump took three years to send his own people to the White House, dry seven or eight months, and was thrown out that the United States was infiltrated by CCP to such an extent is really sad.  Gong Xiaoxia is a junk liar, she cheated donations to sue VOA, where did the money go? The so-called pro-democracy movement is fraudulent donations to fight VOA. On this day of 4.19, let everyone think about it and look back at the past.

2.Zhou Zhou Kan back to China was caught by CCP, a few media are acting. Just like Huanghebian back at home in China cannot be found, and then put his mother out, engaged in the fund-raising. These people back home are and state security to say hello, otherwise how can enter the territory, but also reported out, they are accepting the task to go. These two days overseas media reports Zhou Zhou Kan, overseas self-media are reporting, Da Ji Yuan also reported, it is really a loss of points. Social media is a mirror, the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China is a mirror, a magic mirror where the demons show their true colors. We are the most courageous truth-telling in the world, the only conscient media in the world, even the United States cannot do. Jefferson once said, “Give you the choice of a government without a newspaper or a newspaper without a government, I choose the latter.”  We are the only conscientious media in the world, and not even the United States can do that. The conservative media in the United States-Sinclair Broadcast Group, a traditionally and influential station with 47% market share, is a right-wing media. 11% of Americans don’t trust the mainstream media in the U.S. at all and don’t believe what the government says. Today I’m going to talk about how much of the real media in America and is controlled by how many people?  Who is the real boss of the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post? Who is the boss of the American Media? Where exactly is the power of the media? No one can avoid it by talking about GTV and G-news.

3.Are you the same as four years ago? Are you the same person as a year ago? This is the power of the Whistleblower Movement to make you have a life with hope, faith, and the ability to distinguish between true and false, good and evil. The ones we used to care about and cherish the most were the most determined to destroy the Communists. The Fellow Fighters we choose for the Iron Blood Group are not only one factor such as geography and age, but more importantly, they are 100% absolutely determined to exterminate the CCP. We don’t need speculators, these 4 years let us know who are speculators, we originally estimated to leave 5% of our Fellow Fighters, now we look at the people who stayed, far beyond my imagination. The private placement from April to May 2020 shocked me that so many people in the world and inside China knew about the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China through 4.19 and followed until today. I am so sorry for the threat to my family, employees, and partners. I have to thank my fellow fighters who have steadfastly followed since 4.19, this is my most valuable asset, this is my glory, I fight for you, I will repay you with practical actions.

4.The president of the United States was silenced, and if we didn’t have GTV, G-news, the consequences were terrible, and now we became the most unique in the world. What we care about is how many Chinese people heard us, how many people inside the Communist Party heard us and fought with us. We also have the G-series, Whistleblower Movement is delivering the truth, saving the world, and allowing Chinese people to live as human beings, so to say that like no one before or since. From 4.19 to today, everyone is fighting for the right to speak. International politics, economics, religion, the fight is for the right to define truth, the right to define wealth, the right to price the economy, and simply speaking, it’s brainwashing. The nature of media is that it never belongs to ordinary people, it belongs to the forces behind politics, economics, religion. With Time Warner as the majority shareholder of CNN, Bezos as the nominal majority shareholder of the Washington Post, and Warren Buffett as the actual owner, the media in America has gone completely out of control. Prevent media cross-holding of the “2160 Act”, which does not allow mutual shareholding, now completely unregulated. In fact, there are two kinds of people who control it, one is the U.S. Wall Street retirement funds, insurance funds, hedge funds; the second is the so-called social media bigwigs, regardless of the thousands and thousands of media finally come under these five families; about 60-120 financial institutions are out to hold shares. In the United States, these media are money laundering, from financial institutions to the media, collapse and then come back, mergers and acquisitions are layoffs, left who listen to them, with their own financial resources to achieve their own wishes, let the world hear what they want to say, called Advertising News.

5.There are three kinds most powerful: one is the U.S. Federal Communications Commission – the absolute boss, to decide your authority and issue licenses; second is the advertisers; third is the representative who the bigwigs sent to. In the past, the U.S. meeting, television stations are sitting furthest away, the front 20-30 are newspapers and magazines, and then the Communications Commission; now the U.S. media is the centered, the first is the social media, the second is the television station, the third is the newspaper, Wall Street is the U.S. media, called the definer of values, the U.S. economy, the pricing power, and even decide who will be the elected president, especially the state media, no longer have the right to speak, all consistent, standardized. All consistent and standardized.  Before 1920 the United States was a beacon of freedom, the economy, the country, politics, and the military were controlled by a very small number of people, 1% of the people control 99% of the wealth, just like Bitcoin 1.8% of the people control 94% of the coins, Huobi only a few people control; the United States is now a beacon of darkness, the first performance is the media, the Internet era brings two changes: Internet financialization, once the Internet connects your lifestyle, the All consistent and standardized. Before 1920 the United States was a beacon of freedom, the economy, the country, politics, the military by a very small number of people control, 1% of the people control 99% of the wealth, just like Bitcoin 1.8% of people control 94% of the coins, Huobi only a few people control; the United States is now a beacon of darkness, the first performance is the media, the Internet era brings two changes: Internet financialization, once the Internet connects with your way of life, especially when the credit system is connected together, you have no way out, everything you have has been commercialized, so that you live according to the media wishes, social media opened the piggyback mode. The lawyers in the court will always say what a media reported, what the social media said, and as reference evidence. I was questioned in all the lawsuits about the 4.19 Red Notice and the so-called “loyalty letter” to Xi Jinping, when I successfully rescued my wife and promised never to attack Xi Jinping and his family, and said that the “VOA Cut-off” was an act we were playing, and at this moment the core host Gong Xiaoxia testified in Manhattan that I was a spy, is that absurd? But the truth is the truth, after all, I looked at the jury’s expression, I know I must have won! The so-called ” loyalty letter ” helped me, my life and death as if the media has been firmly in control.

6.I have several typical cases that will become a revolution of law, the Pacific Alliance provided a fake contract surprisingly can still win the lawsuit, was found to be false by our comrades, the date difference of a few months, the point here is that seven brothers life and death depends on the media reports, and is the Communist Party fabricated fake reports, but the media is a double-edged sword, the Pacific Alliance is dead. In 2008, there was a so-called personal guarantee, they do not want collateral equity but the guarantee, and is a false guarantee, I have fully repaid the loan but I was judged to lose, the judge even praised the other side‘s lawyer, did not listen to my word, 100% listened to them.  The case is all controlled by the media, the black and white of the world has been completely controlled by the media, like the Ma Rui case, Ma Rui did not appear in court for once, but the costs are paid by Wu Zheng, their strategy is that it does not matter whether they win or not, what they want is for the case to exist all the time, that is, the Communist Party completely criminalizes you and defines you as a liar through the media, so no one believes you! I won every time because I provided all the real information.  When the definition of true and false is decided by the media and then used in court, this is the power of definition; GTV and G-News are not only a media but also justice, security assurance, not manipulated, not arbitrarily defining true or false and life or death; those who control the American media are Jewish because no more life or death can be decided by the media, as the Nazis did back then. When it understands the power of the media, the Communist Party gains the minds of ordinary people through propaganda and intelligence info. called BGY, today we are to ensure that we cannot let the Communist Party brainwash and control the people with deception.

7. We must remember that the media is a weapon, stronger than a nuclear weapon, which determines life or death, the future, and whether money is legal. The media is the nuclear power that defines what is right and what is wealthy. Wealth and security are different for a person who is silent and not appeared in the media. Live broadcasts and articles are evidence of the extermination of the CCP, how powerful the media is, think about the fact that the President of the United States can’t even speak out, while we can pick up the microphone and start a live stream. Just tell the truth and you have won. The media is an important tool to control the forces of justice, and the U.S. election has completely verified this. The Confucius Institute initiated by the Beijing Institute of Education, the Second and Third Departments of the General Staff, DW news, Baidu, etc. are all used as weapons by the Chinese Communist Party. Four years ago, relying on the news sources obtained by BGY to combat the other side, it now has full control over social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok, WeChat, Baidu, etc. In addition to the Jews controlling the world, now the China Communist Party is another force controlling the world, and the Whistleblower Movement is the only light-on in the darkness. The U.S., China and Japan are the spotlights of the world, and the Chinese Communist Party has arranged a big event in the Middle East. The most frightening is the media being blocked and silenced.

8.  Intellectuals without the ability to discern are the ones who go to the media of the phony pro-democracy movement. At first glance, the media is a lady, but in fact, it is a prostitute. The owners behind the media work for money, depending on who pays the highest price. We are the righteous media, there is no neutral media in the world. In the media, you can’t gamble, and you are inevitably punished for telling lies. The media is very dangerous, when used well it is a weapon, when used improperly it can kill people. The media controls the minds of the people, to control the power of truth and falsehood, this is the value of GTV, we believe that only the truth is unbreakable. The beginning of the Internet, Internet of Things, Sky WIFI, human beings will have unimaginable changes. Human to human networking is the core, when you know how to use it, you will gain the ability to fly. We are the happiest generation because we are doing the great task of exterminating the China Communist Party, we have the G-series, and we are ushering in the greatest challenge and bright future of humanity.

9. This afternoon, our Getter team has 3 presentations, GTV is developing New Century Communications, the other party is one of the top 5 Swamps. Getter is sure to become the most successful social media platform in the world, and it must also be firmly in the control of Fellow Fighters. We have invested in   GTV, and when you are hurt, GTV will protect you no matter what, there are no other media in the world that can do it. We are the global lighthouse justice media, and its value is its scarcity because it is the justice media that can influence the world’s economy and politics. When our reward function comes online, G-coin and G-dollar will connect GTV, G-news, and Getter, which is the global information and intelligence center.

MOS Himalaya 369 Wenju,Karen(Haixiao), Dolores
Editor: MOS Himalaya GForever(Wenzi)
Translators: MOS Himalaya Dolores


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