Highlights of Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on January 24, 2021


1.Now, our compatriots at the Tonghua, Siping, and Changchun in Jilin Province have started to run out of food and water. Some people die in hospitals and some people pass out without a place to go. People have tried to transport the corpses to the crematorium, it will cost 40,000 Chinese yuan and the banks are not open. There are no senior or junior officials. There is no poor and rich. Money cannot be spent. The more horrible thing is that all the young soldiers are going to be deployed to the Southeast (of China). Fellow fighters dream about destroying the CCP overnight, which is unrealistic. The extermination of the CCP depends on many things.

2.So, people say that Miles Guo and Lude said President Trump must win. That’s all due to the people who involved in the election made promises to us before we said it. Finally, no one dares to accuse Americans, but come to attack us. That’s racism. Lude told everyone to store food a year ago, and now the fellow fighters in Jilin and Dalian are very grateful to him. It is so unfair that those who risked their lives to destroy the CCP are judged and criticized. Is there any heavenly justice?!

3.The Biden administration clearly agreed that the CCP’s human genocide proposed by the Trump administration was a massacre. Except for that, only the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China can accurately get the intelligence about the four factions inside the Zhongnan pit wants to have a war against Taiwan and Hong Kong’s anti-extraditable movement during that time. That’s all done by those silent unknown fellow fighters behind us.

4.The Biden administration and the New Federal State of China have been in close touch. They are going to do a deep understanding and studying the whole virus information that Dr. Yan provided. They are more active than the Trump administration. The Biden administration firmly supports Taiwan, and it is really possible to send someone to visit Taiwan. President Trump promised to select a special prosecutor, to meet with Dr. Yan, to name the CCP virus, to define the Hongkong massacre, to set the CCP as a public enemy, and then calibrate with NATO to initiate sanctions against the CCP and to seize the CCP’s overseas assets. Finally, he did not do any of these. A lot of people come to accuse the Whistleblower Movement. Why?! The new Federal State of China is here to destroy the CCP, not for you to verify what is true or false and what is right or wrong.

5.The G series is not something that normal people can imagine or evaluate. Now, I say that the Biden administration is more effective in destroying the CCP. I also persist that President Trump will return. Miles Guo can lose anything in my life, but I cannot lose my guts! We cannot lose our conscience! Must destroy the CCP! The Whistleblower Movement must pursuit the faith. There is no coercion, no conditions and complete freedom in the Whistleblower Movement. It is fine if anyone wants to leave the Whistleblower Movement. Eventually, even if only 5% of the Whistleblower Movement’s fellow fighter can follow will be fine. If they have faith, you cannot get rid of them. If they do not believe you, you cannot keep them.

6.Biden will benefit us a lot after being selected. First, the benefits of the G series are absolutely higher than the one from President Trump. Second, he will definitely get the digital currency Libra up. When the digital currency Libra door opens, mankind will legally move toward the era of virtual currency. Our G-Coin and G-Dollar are the biggest beneficiaries. Third, the one that the Biden administration wanted to destroy is the CCP, not me. I am their strategic cooperation resource for them to collaborate. What the Biden administration is mostly worried about now is the CCP’s rumors. It is very clear the Biden administration can’t be wrong in its policy towards the CCP. If it is wrong, it will be all over. It is very clear that the CCP is a threat to the security of the United States. Takedown the Zhongnan pit is what the Biden administration wants to do the most. Politics and personal hostilities are not the same things. This is the big picture.

7.I tell you frankly today, now, not once in the last 6 days has Xi got out one single voice, nor once in the last 2 weeks has Xi signed anything in person, but all only in the printed copy. This has never been done since Xi’s ruling. Wang Yang, Han Zheng, Hu Chunhua and Li Keqiang are the four CCP selves’ people who want to usurp the power, but Zeng Qinghong is the real yellow bird (hunter) behind them. I heard that Xi wants to wage war against Taiwan to rally the whole party and army, but none of the four political factions support his will. The military believes that this is the moment of destruction of the country, as long as the war begins the country will be destroyed.

8.The infection rate of the domestic pandemic has increased dramatically; food shortages, and the food supply chain has gone wrong. About the mandatory vaccination, do not get the shot if you can avoid it, and do not go out if you can stay at home; remember being alive is the most important. Regardless of the outbreak of war or vaccines, everyone should go back home or to the second and third-tier cities.

9.This year’s focus is to destroy the Communist Party with the Communist Party itself and focus on the development of the G series. The money invested into VOG companion must be returned to fellow fighters, and then to invest or not into the G series is up to them to decide. Either Sara takes the initiative to cooperate with the judiciary, SEC and prosecutors to return the money to you, or she was caught and sentenced and then returned the money to you, there is no third way. The guy named Haiyang was sent to us by CCP, he set it up in many areas and he’ll be punished seriously. We demand that all the money from VOG that went through Sara’s hands be returned to the companion under the supervision of the relevant US government departments, please contact the Himalayan Alliance Committee and the respective farms.

10.The key to winning the lawsuit in the United States depends on money and perseverance, depends on evidence and facts, and I have the most authority to speak for the Whistleblower Movement. Sara has attacked the Whistleblower Movement and we will never forgive her. You’ll see the consequence within three months. Once again: Miles will be fully committed to bear all the responsibility if our companion’s losses caused by the New Federal State of China and the Whistleblower Movement.

Translator: Himalaya Connecticut Pangu: Yanbohaomiao, Mike Li
Proofreader: Himalaya Connecticut Pangu: Roseanya


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