Highlights of Guo Wengui’s whistle blow on September 22


In the past weeks, many more Hong Kong protesters were detained, and some were murdered after torture without making known to the public. Any Hong Konger would face the reality of being arrested only because they are walking down onto the streets in black. The CCP has turned the best metropolitan city in Asia into a hell-like land in just 100 days.

To prepare for the 70 anniversary of the CCP’s dictatorship, the capital of Beijing has also become a city of white terror when the police randomly search the bodies of pedestrians and anyone can be taken as a mouse running across the streets in Beijing.

Last week, pro-Beijing Michael Pillsbury, senior fellow and director for Chinese strategy at Hudson Institute, was dejected after a degraded meeting with the CCP officials in Beijing. Disregarded by both the Trump administration and the CCP government mostly because of his inabilities and ignorance, Pillsbury was groundless urging Trump to raise the tariffs to 50% to 100%.

Trump picked Matt Pottinger as Deputy National Security Advisor to take charge of the security in the Asia-Pacific region. Pottinger is a determined CCP fighter and has played a very important role in U.S. security policies towards Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet.

The appointment of Robert O’brien as the national security advisor is also historical as O’brien is tough on Communist China. He was one of the first Americans to differentiate China and the Chinese people from the CCP. He stresses the importance of Taiwan in confronting the Communist regime and its threats to countries along the South China Sea.

The trade talk last week in Washington ended with the Chinese negotiators leaving earlier without any advancement in a deal. There was no promise of factual purchase of U.S. agricultural products. Trump once again felt cheated by the CCP and will definitely become tougher in his counter actions.

The U.S. government has obtained more concrete evidence of the CCP’s human rights violations in Xinjiang’s re-education camps.  The U.S. will not stand still with that. More Americans and a U.S. general have donated to the Rule of Law fund to help eliminate the CCP.

After the military parade on October 1, the CCP regime will undergo three campaigns to challenge the world. First, the CCP government will force the nationalisation of private wealth and let the Party have total control of everyone’s money. Second, the CCP regime will expand its military to all Asian countries, Africa and the Middle East. It will try to challenge the U.S dollar by making the currency RMB to exchange freely with over 60 countries in these countries. Third, the CCP regime has determined to take control of Hong Kong and Taiwan by 2020.

The CCP’s military parade at the 70 years anniversary is an act of a paper tiger. It shows its lack of self-confidence as it once again tries to frighten its own people with an arms show. Elites of the CCP must stand up to help eliminate the evil regime if they want to save their own lives.

With the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act a sure thing to be passed with sanctions against officials of the CCP leadership and the Hong Kong government, Hong Kongers shall still be prepared for the worse as the evil CCP will take those sanctions lightly. They are fully aware that this is a battle of life and death for them.

Guo Wengui has once again urged warrior friends to spread the truth of Hong Kong and work together to bring the CCP regime to hell.

Everything is just beginning.

Narrative from Guo.media
Translation by staff


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