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The CCP’s blockchain initiative is the same as its Great Leap Forward decades ago, aiming to surpass the US and the UK.

The concept of blockchain was initiated by former President Hu Jintao, an idea from Jiang Mianheng. For the purpose, Hu’s daughter was married to the internet tycoon Mao Daolin and his son was assigned to set up Nuctech.

According to Jiang Zemin’s plan, Bo Xilai was to replace Xi Jinping after his first term. Unexpectedly after Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan came to power, they started the anti-corruption campaign and put Bo Xilai to jail.

After the 18th Congress, Xi grabbed the military power and Wang cleared their opponents from the party. They put forth the 2025 Plan with a focus on technology.

Jiang had a world vision to maintain a good relationship with the United States. Though highly corrupt, he kept a balance within the party and made his efforts to join the WTO besides measures to strengthen the military by technological means. Hu mostly followed the route of Jiang.

After the 18th Congress, Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan showed off their evil ambitions by making amendment to the Constitution, challenging the leadership of America, and hoping to lead the world. They have gone on the road of crazy dictatorship.

At Davos, President Xi put forward his solutions for the future of the world. With his Belt and Road Initiative and RMB internationlization, China’s Foreign Ministry was made into the Chinazi Ministry from a ministry of traitors. As president Xi was almost assassinated in Xinjiang, he ordered the reshuffle of the provincial leadership and started a massacre of Muslims.

Xi’s China Dream is a dream to dominate the world. He needs to do three things: military threat with more missiles, creation of Grand Bay Area covering Hong Kong, Macau and Southern Guangdong, and technological control. Xi has the ambition to control the internet, nationalize private enterprises and take over Taiwan.

President Xi has three words for the blockchain: safe, usable and under-control. He wants to ensure his own safety, and use the technology for his selfish purpose. He uses the means of gangsters to take things under control. His aim is to destroy the SWIFT and CHIPS of the US, and use digital money to replace paper notes.

The CCP’s digital currency is called DECIP, with five characteristics: universal circulation, use domestically and internationally, connecting production, futures and finance, censorship over the full process, and top confidentiality. The purpose is to destroy the United States.

Xi and Wang have become crazy. The CCP lacks three key things here: chips, quantum computer and sovereign credit.

The US government should be cautious on three things: the crisis in Hong Kong; the blockchain initiative put forth at the CCP’s Fourth Plenary Session; the CCP’s tricks with the trade war.

The blockchain is suicide attack of the CCP against the west, a war in the areas of technology, finance and currencies. Wang Qishan is at the core of the leadership.

It is almost time for the Pandora Box to be opened. The CCP has come to its doom.

With the 5G, the CCP has some advantages. But its leadership shares the same arrogance and ignorance. They know little about technology.

Our Noah’s Ark is not ready yet. Opening the Pandora Box too early means a suicide. The CCP has been fooled around with fake information.

The US government should be warned of the truth behind the CCP’s blockchain ambitions. The CCP is afraid of the long-arm jurisdiction.

Hong Kong’s stock market in the past four months was controlled by blockchain, and thus Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan have gained their confidence in the technology.

Our Expose Revolution was the first to talk about the issue of blockchain by the CCP. We have foreseen many of the major happenings.

Important things will happen in Taiwan, Xinjiang and Tibet soon. Hong Kong will have a big win.

The blockchain has opened the door to the burial of the CCP regime.

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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