Highlights from live broadcast of Guo Wengui with Steve Bannon


On Hong Kong waters, floating bodies of young girls were again found. Such a terrifying tragedy! But the police have been working hard to cover up the truth. We must spread the news!

Many fighters from the mainland have joined the Hong Kong protesters and we have lost contacts with several of our warrior friends from the mainland in the past days. My estimate is that more than 100 thousand mainlanders have been detained in China for supporting Hong Kong and a quarter of a million have been harassed by police by “inviting to tea”. Lots of protective equipment in Hong Kong was transported from Guangdong province by our warrior friends there. The CCP is truly frightened as our warrior friends have stood up with great courage, bravery and determination to die for justice.

Families of persecuted warrior friends are encouraged to contact the Rule of Law Foundation for assistance. Please don’t despair or give up. They deserve the honor and respect.

CCP’s economy is collapsing, with or without our strike from behind. The speed of collapse will be fast, very fast. These days, Hong Kong banks have restricted Hong Kongers and mainlanders from the withdrawal of cash in local branches.

Our Expose Revolution has profound impact in North-eastern China, even in remote areas. The spread of truth greatly breaks down the lies of the CCP regime.

The female officer from Xinjiang who works in the White House is marvelous. This Xinjiang girl helped with the passage of sanctions against 28 more Chinese entities, but the achievement shall factually be attributed to some Muslims from Kazakhstan, in addition to the great efforts of John Bolton, Kyle Bass and Steve Bannon.

One of the tactics of the CCP is to create hatred among the Han Chinese and other ethnic groups. The CCP fabricated contradictions between Han Chinese and Xinjiang Uighurs. Both ordinary Chinese and Xinjiang Uighurs are victims of CCP’s suppression and persecution. We must be aware of going into the traps of the CCP and thus doing harm to both peoples.

In recent weeks, a video entitled “I love China; I don’t love the CCP!” made by Hong Kong friends has spread to many parts of China and also greatly changed the fate of many. The morale of Hong Hongers, their unity and international vision have played an important role in the passage of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. Our Expose Revolution is supported by the best and most valuable thing on earth: faith on God.

The NBA event has angered many Americans; it has also annoyed many young Chinese. Some Americans have kowtowed to CCP’s money and this also hurts the feelings of many Chinese. Freedom of speech is the basic human right in the United States. This event will continue to have devastating effects.

Later this week, Trump’s administration is to meet with Liu He again for more trade talks. The NBA event will surely add fire to the negotiations, together with the crisis in Hong Kong. Donald Trump must take tougher actions against CCP’s violations. And the trade talks must end in a funny way.

Ahead of the negotiations, Donald Trump said today that from October 15, tariffs will be raised to 35%.

The CCP has tried all means to prohibit freedom of speech and the free flow of information. The CCP regime must end in disasters largely because of this.

All our warrior friends are in high spirit, always ready to fight. Victory is close and everyone who is fighting for freedom and human rights is a hero.

Let’s pray for the well-being of all Chinese and people of the world!

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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