Happy birthday to Miles Kwok, the revolutionary whistle-blower


May 10th is the fiftieth birthday of Miles Kwok and thousands if not millions of warrior friends across the world have sent their greetings and warm messages.

Miles said this is the first birthday in his life without his mother and he has no reason to celebrate. Another reason is that, I think, when too many mothers are still suffering under CCP suppression in China, this is still a sad day for Chinese people.

In the past, Miles spent his birthdays first with a bath and change into new clothes, then meditation and chanting Buddhist sutra. He would shut himself within doors to think for a whole day. Especially in the past few years when too many important things happened, he needed time to think over and over and take these important things seriously. In his clan family, he has over one hundred members to take care of; in his business, he has thousands of employees and hundreds of partners. Now he has tens of millions of warrior friends.

Miles is a person always ready to share. He has collected many artifacts from his friends but he sent out even more. He was deeply sad to see CCP officials collecting their birthday presents from their subordinates and even security guards at the expense of destroying many innocent families financially. It was disgusting to see top CCP leaders going into the family houses of poor peasants in remote areas, touching their bedding, picking up their wok covers, and asking whether they have enough to eat. Those are the evil show-offs of CCP officials annually.

Miles Kwok said the scandalous Chinese Communist Party has destroyed the fundamental values and traditions of families in China. It has deprived the Chinese people of their heart-cherished belief in religion and what is right. It has ruined the thousand-year-old cultures and civilization of the Chinese people. Chinese women and mothers have suffered the most under CCP oppression.

CCP leaders like Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan loved their own mothers a lot and treated them extremely well. But they have stolen the assets and wealth of the whole nation for the good of their own parents. Celebrations of their own birthdays and birthdays of their parents are built up on corruption, crimes, separation and destruction of many families.

The dirtiest part in the nature of the CCP is its provocation of family relationships. Since Chairman Mao’s time, CCP has always wanted its party members to die “heroically” on duty. They want every soldier to be martyrs so that their governance is long lasting. Every Spring Festival, CCP leaders would make a phone call to soldiers guarding the border lines in Tibet and Xinjiang. This act is meant to destroy more families morally.

Morally deterioration has become the most serious problem in the nation under Communist rule. The problem is even worse than the crimes of the CCP itself. Many of CCP’s policies, including the One Child Policy, have brought about one of the greatest tragedy in the country. More and more Chinese men and women have become beasts under CCP’s education and ideological propaganda, worse than pigs and dogs.

Miles said, “No one, no man has the moral right to judge his own parents, even though the mother is a prostitute. No one is qualified to say anything about his or her parents’ feelings, body defects or others. None has has the right! The only right we have towards our parents is to love them, respect them and always behave ourselves.”

Miles said too many old parents, mothers and fathers have donated to the Rule of Law Foundation these days, their only wish for us being the elimination of the CCP regime. They are taking risks of possible persecution by the CCP government in the country. But more and more people have stood out to confront the evil government, hoping to win back what is right for the Chinese nation.

Miles said, “I have told Mr. Steven Bannon and other directors of the Rule of Law Fund that not a single cent from the fund account should be spent without the knowledge of donating friends. Not a single cent should be spent without a reason for the benefit of the democratic process in China. Not a single cent of those donations could be spent on personal extravagance.”

Miles told that these days Mr. Steven Bannon is in Norway and other part of Northern Europe, spreading the message of the Rule of Law and summoning support for common Chinese people to fight the corrupt regime. “I pay for all the expenses and the private jet”, said Miles Kwok.

“We must spend the money. We cannot always keep the money there; otherwise it is of no use. But the money must be spent to save Chinese people from CCP persecution, to promote the process of the Rule of Law and democracy in China, and achieve our goal of the Himalayas”, Miles has told.

CCP leaders have called for the Chinese people to love the country but they themselves have sent their own kids to the United States. They have asked the Chinese people to counter the Americans in the trade war, but they have kept their own money in US banks. Walking down the streets of New York, Boston and Los Angeles, we see only the children of CCP leaders driving the most luxurious cars and living in the biggest houses.

The U.S. does not want a war with China either economically or culturally, but the CCP government is challenging US’ leadership. Taiwan people want to live in freedom and democracy, but the CCP government is bringing in communist ideology into the island. Hong Kong people want to live in harmony and prosperity, but the CCP government comes to destroy the rule of law there and take the assets of the people.

To save China and the Chinese people, Miles Kwok has outlined his nine principles recently to counter the CCP government. At the time of his fiftieth birthday, he stressed again the importance of these principles to return the fundamental rules to the Chinese society so that the Chinese people shall have a normal life.

CCP’s fake governance must be stopped; CCP’s governance by evil police must be stopped; CCP’s governance by corruption must be stopped; Miles speaks our minds.

Let’s pray for the elimination of the CCP and the well-being of the Chinese people.

Everything is just beginning.

By Winnie Troppie


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