Hadid faced a wave of online backlash following Instagram post


GIGI Hadid has faced a wave of online backlash being called “racist” after confirming she would be walking in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai.

Hadid posted a video to Instagram earlier this week obviously excited about the announcement, however an overwhelmingly negative response from users has continued to flood her feed.

The criticism is allegedly due to a video Hadid’s sister Bella uploaded and promptly deleted in February this year.

The video showed Hadid laughing with squinted eyes holding what appeared to be a Buddha cookie next to her face.

Despite Bella removing the video, internet users had already saved and shared the post condemning the model. A reminder for all of us that anything you share on the internet really is forever.

At the time of the deleted video being shared Hadid was featured on the front cover of Vogue China.

Following Hadid’s announcement she would be walking in the Shanghai show, users responded by posting snake and chicken emoji’s in the post’s comment section.

Many users called her “racist” and others told her she wasn’t welcome and not to come.

Unfortunately none of Hadid’s reps have been available for comment but an alleged screenshot of a direct tweet from the model herself has been shared.

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Hadid has since disabled the commenting feature on her announcement video but the negative reactions have continued to flood her Instagram posts, new and old.

The model’s actions have served as a serious reminder to always think twice before you share something on the internet.

By Bailee Dean
News Corporation Network


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