Guo Wengui’s urgent message on the crisis of Hong Kong


Dear warrior friends! Today is November 12. This is an emergency live broadcast from Wengui on the crisis of Hong Kong.

Last night, we worked very late as important things had happened in Hong Kong.

As you may have known, the evil CCP gangsters used inhuman and brutal measures in suppressing and persecuting Hong Kongers.

CCP’s PLA troops and armed forces in fake Hong Kong police uniforms went directly into the homes of local residents for arrests. In the past 7-8 hours, many protesters and their supporters were detained in their own homes.

The evil CCP gangsters described their actions as “taking the eggs from the bird’s nest”.

In particular, the fake police has targeted some of our warrior friends migrated to Hong Kong from the mainland. They were arrested and taken away from their homes. This was done with a clear purpose. Those fake policemen speak Mandarin and are 100% PLA troops or armed police from the mainland. They know fully well the family backgrounds of these protesters; they know every details of their participation in the pro-democracy movement as “rioters”.

Family members of these warrior friends have sent me messages about their arrests, urgently seeking assistance.

CCP’s gangsters of PLA troops or armed police flagrantly broke into the private homes for kidnappings. They have transported these protesters into the mainland for further persecution. As far as my information tells, at least 20 protesters have been detained and taken away from their homes.

Some of these families called the local police but local police ignored their calls for help. Worse than that, they were warned that their relatives in the mainland will also be detained for their connections. They were also warned not to disclose this to the media.

Evil CCP has gone to the extremity of their brutality with their so-called “rule of the law”. This is unprecedented.

These families also told that the evil policemen opened their safes and took away all their cash and valuables. This is robbery in the open air. Their lives are also under threat.

At the same time, our warrior friends from within the CCP system told us that the CCP has the plan to arrest designated personnel in the University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Chinese University.

Few people would imagine that such things will happen in Hong Kong’s universities.But it had happened. Next, these universities will face more dangerous arrests.

The CCP has the information of every family in Hong Kong and they can use the information to do all kinds of threats.

The battleground is no longer limited to streets or school grounds, it can be anywhere across the territory.

Dear warrior friends! Our intelligence has told that the CCP must have the overall martial law in Hong Kong. As a matter of fact, this martial law has already been enforced.

In the following weeks, the CCP will arrest, kill and disappear more Hong Kongers who have joined or supported the demonstrations in the past months, including people from the legal sector and the media. We will see more floating bodies on Hong Kong waters.

As I have said months ago, the darkest time for Hong Kong is October and November.

President Donald Trump was in New York yesterday. He just left. President Trump has learned about the details of what happened in Hong Kong yesterday. Although his bedroom is only 100 meters away from mine, I did not have the opportunity to speak to him face to face. But I believe the President wasted no time to learn about the situation in Hong Kong. I believe he must have been shocked.

Last night in New York and Washington, many Americans found themselves hard to go to sleep. Many American friends have kept a close contact with us, to learn about the situation in Hong Kong.

All our American friends are firm with anger while expressing their determination to stand with the courageous fighters in Hong Kong. You will soon see actions of the US government. You will soon see the support from the US government.

With an urgency in my live broadcast today, I am not asking you for money or other things. I am asking you to use your finger tips to spread the truth about Hong Kong to all your friends in the US, in Europe, and in other parts of the world. Tell your leaders about the crisis of Hong Kong. Please!

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translated and edited by staff


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