Guo Wengui’s Thanksgiving Video to Twitter Friends


Guo Wengui – Everything is just Beginning – To 110000 Friends-May 12

Greetings! Respectable Internet Friends and Twitter friends:

This is a thanksgiving video to my Twitter friends that have exceeded 110,000.

Yesterday till now, only less than 24 hours, the number has reached 110,000. This is the support and encouragement from my Internet and Twitter friends; this has greatly motivated me. I cherish this very much.

Since yesterday I have twitted several messages about the events that have taken place in these couple of hours. As I have mentioned on Twitter, our enemies are those who are robbing the country. They have been frantically attacking on me, making false rumors and accusations.

Last night I thanked them for publishing my verdict. When I was in Zhongyuan Oil-field in Puyang, Henan province, in 1991, they at that time refused to give me the verdict, for fear that I would share it publicly. Now they have published it. I read it and had mixed feelings, of course. I felt troubled.

Think about it. At that time I was just 20 years old.My son was just a bit over 3 years old, my daughter a bit over 1 year old. My wife took care of the two children all by herself.

At around that time, my younger brother has died. Just look at my family’s financial situation at that time. They took away all our money, car, motorcycle and even all our personal belongings. It was done by two drunken policemen, for their so-called comrades. This was crazy.

About this incident, I will share more details in the future. But I want to clarify one thing in particular. At that time there were many of us who have donated to the June 4th Movement. It was when the movement just started. We were driving all the way from Harbin to Beijing in the end of April. With us was a senior leader of the army, and several directors of the Cultural Revolution from Harbin. Rebel directors of the cultural revolution and heads of the rebel group.  The heads of the rebel group talked about this revolution history in the car.

Speaking of the cultural evolution, we have gone through a lot in Shenyang, and in Jinzhou, where we had the Goubangzi smoked chicken, and where many conflicts happened.

Those who supported the students encountered internal conflicts one after another. Then we arrived at Beijing, and we drove on again. First to Zhengzhou city in Henan province, then to Puyang city, where my younger brother’s incident occurred (killed by police). Many people donated to us; the scene was moving, so disturbing, as if it just happened yesterday.

All these people, no one here today would give any credit or glory. I don’t think anyone would think that way. Everyone of us just did what we ought to do; only the identity I have today may draw people’s attention occasionally. This is quite understandable. You can understand that anything about me does not prove what kind of person I am, either great or nasty. It does not prove whether I am a lair, a rogue or a politician. Useless! It has nothing to do with my whistle blows.

Let me repeat this: even it is true that I am a rogue, a lair, or a crook, it has nothing to do with the revelations I have provided…whether they have stolen from the country, whether they have harmed the ordinary citizens, whether they are corrupt officials, whether they have stolen wealth from the country by monopolizing the market conditions through illegal business practices, whether they have stolen the deposits from the hard-working ordinary citizens, it is totally a different matter. I would like to repeat this.

Yesterday, a friend of mine in the mainland called me and said ever since I mentioned names of Mr. Wang Qishan and Mr. Meng Jianzhu in VOA, the news viewed the most on China’s Internet those two days was not the revelations I made, but that of president Xi jinping’s acceptance of bribery of 85 billion US dollars. I thought he was joking at that time. How would it be possible? Then these two days a leader told me about it again that it has spread nationwide.

So I took a look at it from the Internet and I understood why. You can also take a look.

Before I started to expose them, they had spread rumors and slandered me for years. Inside China it was by Ms Hu Shuli; Boxun News outside China. Wei Shi and Xi Nuo work for Boxun News. So who are the bosses behind these two men? We all know, I have talked about this. They are the Secretary Meng Jianzhu and CCDI secretary Wang Qishan, who are behind the provincial Public Security Bureaus, the Ministry of Public Security and CCDI- China Central Discipline Investigation Commission.

All of these officials gave exactly the same information that I has something to do with Zhou Yongkang, Ling Jihua and Guo Boxiong….and with Zhang Yue, Vice Minister Ma Jian, and Li Dongsheng of the Ministry of Public Security. Now we know many of them have been sentenced or have their sentences completed. It was found that only Vice Minister Ma Jian is related to my case.

Then why would they relate me with these people? First, they never lack excuses if they want to incriminate you. Second, they want to use me to cover up their real political intentions for revenge. All those who were caught had conflicts of interest with these people in the anti-corruption campaigns during the past few years.

Let’s talk about the hot TV drama “In the Name of the People “, a character there reflecting Party Secretary Su Rong of Jiangxi province. Su Rong’s family scolded Meng Jianzhu everywhere all the time. He is intensely hated by Secretary Meng Jianzhu. Many people told me that Su Rong must be destroyed by Meng. In the end, have we seen the destruction of Su by Meng? After his destruction, they made this film “In the Name of the People “, ïn which Secretaries Wang Qishan and Meng Jianzhu were behind the scenes in full control, broadcast with a character reflecting the life of Su Rong. That’s hilarious!

Su Rong was just like the sheep to be slaughtered and if he had become head of the Politics and Law Committee, the one got caught would be secretary Meng Jianzhu. We all know about the reasons; just ordinary people do not know about it. The character Gao Yuliang in the drama was set for him ….but actually Su Rong does not deserve it. If Gao Yuliang was arrested, the two so-called pretty women he played with… … in reality, that’s very normal. They have this special hobby and habit.

There is something more important… where are “the people” in this drama In the Name of the People? Where are any?

The prosecutors in China never did a good job in the past 5 years. Who ever knows about the prosecutors? In our case, some of the people being detained have been turned down 3 times. What did the prosecutors say? They told us: “what we prosecutors say don’t really count! We do what the Politics and Law Committee asks us to do, the same with the Central Commission Discipline Investigation. “How can you believe there is an anti-corruption led by SPP- the Supreme People’s Procuratorate?”

SPP dares not make any noise. It is supervised by the Politics and Law Committee. Isn’t that funny?  The drama “In the Name of the People “ shifts the blame to PSB-the public security bureau. The joint power of CCDI and PSB is overwhelmingly great, ridiculously great, controlled only by a few officials.

I just talked about the widely spread news on the Internet about President XI Jinping accepting bribery of 85 billion US dollars. When I heard the news, the voice of the reporter sounded very familiar to me. Xi Nuo of Boxun News reported this!

Why did Xi Nuo of Boxun News report this? Because he represented Secretaries Wang Qishan and Meng Jianzhu, who want to shift the blame to President Xi Jinping. The message is very clear: we are corrupt and so are you! Aren’t they spreading rumors about President Xi?

When I watched the report about President Xi’s family’s possessions, Li You had already told me something about it, that there has been reports about Xi’s family scandals recently. I did not pay much attention what I first heard of it; I asked where was the source? He said Ms Hu Shuli told him that. I asked again and he repeated Hu’s words.

Later we saw a letter written by Ms Hu Shuli to President Xi Jinping, saying that “I know the chief editor of the New York Times”. Isn’t that a threat?  I believe that President Xi knows something about this and he can sense it. After my exposures these days, you should be able to see all the facts and the revelations. You can see the truth. Xi Nuo of Boxun has been telling lies as usual.

In the past he claimed that I have a younger brother named Guo Wenqi who was murdered in Zhengzhou because of the Project debts. And after that, I opened a restaurant named after him. And he claimed that my younger brother knew Mr. Xie Jiansheng, and he saw what had happened with his own eyes.

Tell me, Xi Nuo, now when you see this verdict, do you think you should kill yourself and end your life?

Now you even made up the story of President Xi and his taking bribery of 85 billion dollars! I really feel it is ridiculous! But this has told me: who you have been working for; why have you been spreading those lies?

I am not willing to publish your information now; if I am to publish it, you will be finished today. Because I have promised the person concerned, not to publish the evidence of your corruption, accepting bribes, as well as your collusion and dealings with these officials.

Very soon the US government will give you the answer. Still the same saying: before the Spring Festival, you will be staying outside; I want have a bet on you for one million dollars. Who wants to make a bet with me? I don’t want to say anything more about you, but you reflect a certain reality.

Now at a time when my Twitter friends reach 110,000, I have witnessed political changes in all aspects of Beijing recently. I believe my exposure will let President Xi, the many good people of the CPC Central Committee, those good people among the 90 million CPC members, and the two million public security and police force, see the truth. I don’t believe that all the two million policemen are fools. It’s impossible that these two million people will all be your scapegoats.

Liu Leguo, Vice Mayor and Director of Public Security Bureau in Dalian City, has also experienced big changes recently. You are fully obedient to Sun Lijun, Fu Zhenghua and Secretary Meng Jianzhu. You truly have done a lot of evil things. I hope it’s time now for you to make amends.

Think about it, in five years time, Mr. Liu Leguo, can you and your SIT -Special Investigation Team, face what you have done today and in the past?

The deputy head of Beijing SIT, Jiang Liangdong, Fu Zhenghua’s little brother, and the brothers of Xing Yizong, you did horrible things to our employees, persecuting them, I will seek revenge on this. Who will become the Secretary of the Politics and Law Committee next year? Has he promised to protect you? Will he listen to you? Is it possible that he will listen to you? If the next Secretary is one of your people, will the one for the next five years come also from one of your people? I can wait for 10 years, or 20 year. I will wait until the day of Justice comes.

I won’t give you 5 or 10 years. I hope you will not continue to do those illegal and immoral things which do harm to the ordinary people. I know what you have done with the video recorded by my employees Liang Ying and Lu Tao; you didn’t play 90% of that. Lu Tao and Yang Ying made many good comments about me. I am also aware of the evil things done by Xie Honglin. You refused to play that part about him. And you slammed them on the face, verbally abused them, and even threatened to kidnap their families, made them telling lies with straight face, and forced them to say things in your favor.

This only makes me love them more, because they have sacrificed so much for me, and suffered so much. I will take good care of them for the rest of their lives. This only make me see the power of our corporate culture, and make me like them and respect them more. On the contrary, this will only increase your evil intentions.

I couldn’t help continuing talking. It is supposed to be a Thanksgiving video but I have too much to say. I’m doing my best to prepare for a global press conference. Very special VIPs will be attending this conference; everyone is guessing that is Mr. Ling Wancheng. He is very selfish. His elder brother was caught; his whole family was arrested and his nephew was killed.

Only I can let him stand there, to tell him the truth how his nephews died. There are more facts of truth related to that, but you Ling Wancheng are hiding and dare not come out. You are a coward and selfish person. You will soon face the same fate as me, being hunted down and framed. And you will probably die without a burial. You will lose the opportunity to speak out.

More over, there are people more important than you. People just don’t know yet; they are now making contact with me. Mr. Ling Wancheng, your lawyer has contacted us; you know what has happened. I don’t agree with your requests.

I don’t rely on anyone to offer me information; I don’t care about anyone’s comments on me, and I don’t care about any consequences.

When we are at a certain point of the journey, people will understand. I have everything prepared. I have absolute confidence.

To all my Twitter friends, please don’t send me any personal messages which have nothing to do with our exposure. Please save as much of my time as possible.  And help me efficiently and wisely communicate with all my internet friends. This is key to our success.

Later in May I will announce the specifics for the global press conference and all the arrangements. Please do not ask me any more questions.

We have team meetings, making all the plans and proposals. The coming global press conference will be like a carnival, like the US presidential election, with live-streaming communications, a world class conference fighting against corruption and promoting China’s rule of law.

Let’s wait and see! I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you; I wish all my Twitter and Internet friends as well as your family members good health!

If possible, I plead with all of you to spend more time with your family; this is more important in life.

Do not do anything that will make you regret for the rest of your life. This is what I’m going to tell you today in this Thanksgiving video that has exceeded 110,000 followers.

Thank you!

By Guo Wengui with translation from his own team, edited by Lian Jushi.
The views are his own.


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