Guo Wengui: WHO has admitted fault; CCP should take full responsibility


I have insight understanding of the Security Ministry of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Its military intelligence authorities spent lots of money on World Health Organization (WHO). The CCP has greatly influenced the WHO, the UN Human Rights Council, and the Interpol by corruption. Two years before its 18th Congress, the CCP had decided to take down all NGOs, and kick them all out of China.

Few foreigners understand why the CCP is killing the NGOs. It is like the days of Hitler. When Hitler attacked Poland and Austria, they did not expect him to beat France, Paris, and the UK. The Russians did not think that he would attack the Soviet Union. When the world was not prepared, Europe was not prepared, Hitler’s bombs had dropped on their land. He was like a fox running into the home of a chicken. Of course, in the end, we have seen Hitler eliminated. But we humans are making the same mistakes over and over.

It is obvious in the case of the Interpol and the Human Rights Organization. The CCP has worked hard with an intention, well prepared, to take its plan into action, to challenge the world and conquest its people. This is evident. Evils have come before justice though they will be eliminated. The plans of the evils are always better prepared than those for justice and kindness. We have seen the proves.

Dear warrior friends, we have seen the wrestling within the WHO. Days ago, when they had the meeting, there were intense debates. Yesterday afternoon, one WHO official who attended the meeting told me, “Mr. Guo, please please don’t mention my name. If you speak out my name, my whole family might be eliminated.” I said to him, as a British citizen, – sorry! British, my mistake -how can you be so scared? He said to me, “I have witnessed the cruelty of the CCP. I have seen other WHO officials, specialists with conscience; after they went to China for two meetings, all of them have kept their mouths shut! “ He further told about a lady from the WHO. She goes to China often. In the past, she cared little about her makeup. But after her trips to China, she started to enjoy doing facial and fitness. Later she had a Chinese boyfriend. In the past, she disliked Chinese men, saying that they are racist, not civilized and lacking humor. But now she says Chinese men are strong, hard-working, and very kind to women. Now she has moved to China and would not come back. He said I should know what happened behind her story.

He told that the CCP’s control over people is out of any film maker’s imagination. He said he does not want to annoy them. He has told me what happened within the WHO and asked me not to tell his name. But he also affirmed that he would cooperate with me to reveal more of their crimes. Yesterday, he said within two hours, people in the WHO are scared; they all read G-News. In G-News, we exposed the secrets. When they saw our revelation, people within the WHO are questioning the leakage of information. They have recalled the statements made after the meeting.

This is the significance of our Expose Revolution.

This coronavirus outbreak is a humanity crisis. In front of such a massive outbreak, there are no country borders. People of the CCP regime and Americans, Republicans and Democrats, can be affected. There are no borders with the contamination, the spread, from human to human. Between life and death, there is no government of power, no borders, no right or wrong, only live or dead. Isn’t this simple? Therefore, the CCP must take responsibility.

The US is taking actions, with measures; Europe is doing the same. UN will soon make public its stance.

Yesterday, the UN and WHO have formulated the documents, ready for all parties to sign. But nobody signed. We will soon see the CCP growing into a much stronger terrorist organization than Hitler. When WHO just said the overall risk is low but now after only 24 hours who dares to declare a global emergency and raise the level to “danger”. Who is going to take responsibility for that? Therefore, no one wants to sign their names on the paper. In the name, they go for the middle way, admitting “We have made a mistake”. The wording of low risk is not correct, it should be “danger”.

Friends, you must remember, this is the value of our Expose Revolution. We can press the UN and its WHO to admit its fault, and within 24 hours. This is the power of G-News!

Now we have seen great changes in the situation of virus spread and some patients just fell and died, without any symptoms. I have four things to worry about in this regard.

First, all villages, towns and cities have now blocked the roads. What does this mean? People are digging the tombs for themselves. How can people go out and buy food and vegetable? What if someone gets sick at home? What about water supply? Do they have enough food? People may survive two to three weeks. What about after three weeks. Three weeks is the extreme. I am really worried.

Second, the human relationships are going really bad. Some patients go for the extreme and are happy to spread his virus to others. Some people turn down their family members or relatives for self-defense. There is no brotherhood there. Some people become crazy and would easily collapse after being restricted in their homes for 10 days. More people are suffering from hunger at home, no food, no drinks. The worse could come in the following weeks.

Third, I am going to tell you, the CCP has been exaggerating its great achievements, but in reality, its supply chain and social supply system are weak and can easily break down. All the supplies are given to CCP leaders and its officials at all levels. It is very difficult for ordinary people to get assistance. When you get the disease, you most probably end up confining yourself at home. Without an official title, lots of money or power, hospitals won’t let you in. There is lots of unjust there. No one can count how many would die at home. And if someone dies at home, it is hard to let the outside know.

Fourth and last, I am very worried that this is unprecedented in human history. When people do not have food or drinks at home, when they are unfairly treated by the government, when they feel cheated and threatened, at times of despair, they would resort to violence. That would cause social unrest. What do you think we can do, dear warrior friends?

Who can tell me? How can you tell if someone dies at home? Who can tell? When someone dies at home, who is going to take his body to the cremation? There are not enough crematoria. Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu, Yang Jiechi – you should have built more crematoria! Who can tell me – if someone dies at home, who is going to take his body away from home and bury it under earth?

Who can tell me? Once the medical doctors or nurses are infected with the disease, who are going to treat them? Who can tell me? When they’ve got the virus and go home, are they not going to spread the disease to their family members?

Who can tell me? Nowadays in China, in Chongqing, and my hometown Liaocheng of Shandong province, everything is a mess, chaotic. Some people got sick; they are confined at home with their doors sealed up and nailed. Some patients are placed randomly in the basement. Isn’t this a criminal offense?

Who can tell me? CCP officials normally won’t go to the front and only give out orders from his family house. How can you tell his orders and measures are effective?

Lastly I want to ask you friends, when so many people have run away from the infected areas of Wuhan, to other cities across the country, even to other countries, and spread the virus, who should take the responsibility?

I am not going to say anything more. But friends, please think and tell me. What should we do?

By Guo Wengui
Translated by staff


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