Guo Wengui “All is well” video on May 5th


Honourable Twitter friends,

To my friends on the internet: Hello, everyone!

Today is May 5th, and this is another video from Wengui to express my gratitude and to let my twitter and other internet friends know that all is well.

It’s raining in New York today. But it’s still comfortable. Mr. Qin Weiping and I participated in a programme about the May 4th Youth Day yesterday, and the reaction so far has been excellent. I’ve received many private messages, and all kinds of questions from twitter and internet friends, hoping for an answer. Since there are so many, I have no way to reply to you each individually,  so I will answer two or three specific questions here.

So to my friends on the internet in particular, who are concerned about my current whistle blowing, these videos, and all aspects of the team, there has been a lot of interest, and all kinds of speculation. I’ve noticed that lots of people are specifically guessing how many teams I have. Please do not waste your time on this. I can tell you that this is not a secret.

In fact, I have three divisions. My whistle blowing division, since this mainly involves Chinese individuals, and concerns core secrets, there are no foreigners involved in this part. Actually the most important thing, is that you may not believe everything you have seen since I started whistle blowing, strictly since the beginning, I have been a man and half, one and a half man. You could say I’ve been the extra half, until now, now I have two and a half. Why do I say that? From the very beginning, I was quite by myself.

I managed everything by myself. That’s my chef with me, who just helped set up the equipment beside me. I never asked for help with anything from anyone else. So why would I say now two and a half people? It’s because in 1999, back then, I had been in the United States for nearly a year, and around then, I took some people out of Yuda with me, they’ve been my staff for nearly a decade now, and have officially emigrated to the USA, become recognised US citizens, and got married to Americans.

And moreover, their families, who are also victims, they will never go back China for the rest of their life. These two people have been in America all along. They are essentially my employees, they assist in my affairs, but I haven’t seen them for over three years. But they were assigned tasks through our contact network. So you have seen a lot of the paperwork and audio mastering done by one. And the other, occasionally you might see a shadow moving in some of my videos, that’s my chef, he’s putting on an apron. You could say he is the extra half a person. That’s why I say they are all of, and the only members of, my whistle blowing team.

The second division are my lawyers. The lawyers concerned are all foreigners. None of them are Chinese, nor American Chinese. Since these people have to read all my draft documents, they can therefore only interact with these documents, they cannot discuss anything else. They don’t know about anything else. This is for the sake of information security, as well as legal security.

The third division, well everyone can tell, that’s my bodyguard division. The team is huge. They includes a driver, a foreign chef, a foreign secretary, foreign staff and foreign administrators. This team is not involved in my whistle blowing. These are what everybody is interested in.

However you can see, for the sake of safety and security, I am basically physically isolated. That is those involved with the files have no part in the recordings, and vice versa. Those responsible for administration, and my guards, they don’t handle the files, and vice versa. For me, this is the most secure and efficient way. All the decisions are made by me, and people are under my direct command. That’s why I hope all my internet and twitter friends won’t spend too much time and effort on this. This is not important. Wengui has experienced a lot, I can handle this.

So yesterday, which was night time in New York, the spokesman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission announced officially that, as a punishment, they are issuing a ban on entry into the securities market to Li You and others of the Founder Securities Co. Ltd, also with a fine of 300 thousand yuan. Many investors of the Founder Securities Co.Ltd have sent me messages asking for my views. This relates to lots of people. In this regard, I want to say the following viewpoints.

First of all, these punishments are clear for everyone to see, but you must not let him deceive you on this.  I will announce all the crimes committed by Li You in the future. The vast majority, even though it was said there are “five crimes, four punishments”, by most of the details and contents, he was not punished at all. It was to cover for those who have a special interest in their relationship.

Members of the  Politburo of the CPC Central Committee, members of the Standing Committee of the Politburo, members of the China Securities Regulatory Commission and China Banking Regulatory Commission, the Bank of Shanghai, the Bank of Beijing, China Construction Bank, all these financial institutions, the financing (margin trading) rebate given to them to help me obtain those special licences. They assisted him in covering up these insider transactions, those affiliate transactions, fraudulent listings and stock market operations, these all in their common interests. They have never disclosed these. They concealed and protected them.

So what you have seen, those so-called punishments from the China Securities Regulatory Commission, are meant to fool you, the small investors, with these so-called punishments, and gave legitimacy to the illegal gains of Li You. Therefore I have one thing to ask, everyone has seen the character of what he has published, Li You used false information to deceive investors from the beginning. The stocks’ value was around one yuan a share, they raised from one yuan to over ten yuan, from more than ten to dropping to three yuan, four yuan, six yuan. Up and down, down and up.

What matters even more is, he is in illegal possession of this from the beginning. Do you know who entrusted him with this? Beijing University. He came from a state-owned enterprise, of which Beijing University was a main participant. Then came another, most are like this, Founder Securities Co. Ltd, indirect or direct affiliate transactions, which include Beijing University Healthcare, Beijing University Science Park, these multiple companies colluded to borrow from each other, to falsify listings, fake performance records, and carry out affiliate transactions.

So how much, in terms of money, have these investors been cheated out of? The net profit now is around, I estimate, around 150 billion yuan. All this money is now in Li You’s pocket. As you should have noticed, Dalian’s Court imposed a judgement penalty of 700 million last time. Only Beijing University Healthcare was involved in the case, for this case, he received part of the money. So he had those simpletons, those startups and small investors fooled. So this over 100 billion yuan includes the illegal income from these companies, while excluding the income of others like members of the Standing Committee of the Politburo as shareholders.

He created these fluctuations time and again, the profits from manipulating the stock market were huge. By going through the so-called Dalian judicial judgement, and the China Securities Regulatory Commission’s decision to issue a fine, Li You and those members of the Standing Committee of the CPC Politburo, of the CPC Central Committee, them as shareholders, covered up and legalised these illicit gains.

And what’s more important, I want to ask this question, as Founder Securities Co. Ltd has deceived small investors from the very beginning, and the China Securities Regulatory Commission, so who is his accomplice? Beijing University and other shareholders like members of the Standing Committee of Politburo or CPC Central Committee, including Replete Science & Technology, some sort of Tibetan company, many companies, dozens, up to a hundred, and thousands of people. Here I would like to mention that in the future I will announce a list of Founder Securities Co. Ltd shareholders, from 2013 to now. I will announce the details, and let everyone know who are the shareholders. They cannot hide from this.

If so, let me go back, all these people are the associates of his crimes. Who will pursue their criminal responsibility? Who will pursue their economic responsibility? If Li You is convicted, but there is no punishment, and he is exonerated from his crimes, then his associate offenders, those from Beijing University, the China Securities Regulatory Commission, would they need to bear responsibility? Would our small investors have the right to file a lawsuit against him? Would they be allowed to recover their losses brought about by their manipulation of the stock market in the past years? If you are a small investor, please bear this in mind. You have these rights. You can appeal to the China Securities Regulatory Commission, to Beijing University and the Ministry of Education. You need to sue them.

Your lawsuits really matter. And I have a suggestion for you. Over the past seven or eight months, Founder Securities Co. Ltd has a Shanghai-Hongkong connection, some of these shares have already been bought by overseas buyers, over 12%. Therefore you only need to go to Hongkong, buy a single share of Founder Securities Co. Ltd, just one share enough. And then you can sue him in Hongkong. As it would be difficult to sue him in the mainland.

The China Securities Regulatory Commission, members of the Standing Committee of the Politburo and members of the CPC Central Committee as shareholders, the three government departments of the Public Security Police, the Procuratorates, the Courts, all protect their interests, since they are one single group. However if you sue him in Hong Kong, he can’t do anything about it. As I give you this suggestion, have you thought about this: if you take away a dollar from Founder Securities Co. Ltd, I then take away 23%, because I hold 23% of the shares. I will give this all to the small investors, you are in great difficulties, you got seriously ripped off by these villains.

Have you ever calculated how many times they have manipulated the stock market, time and time again? In order to diddle you out of your money? What’s more, regarding these stocks, the fundamentals have been ignored. Through companies like Beijing University Technology, those Shenzhen companies, companies in Wuhan and Jiangsu, they colluded together to falsify accounts. Again and again, they allure you in when the price was high, then they sold short when they fell. They are always the winner.

Li You has spent your money in Dongguan city, at his Parkyard Hotel, several hotel rooms are filled with emeralds he bought with your money. People say these emeralds worth billions. They are still there now. I also heard that he likes calligraphy and paintings, he stores them in the hotel rooms, stored there also his cash in billions of dollars. He also has many mansions in Shenzhen and Shanghai. All this money is hard-earned money of the small shareholders and investors. He swindled people to get this money. He bought all those with ill got money.

You need to stand up for yourself, to be brave, for fairness. As the second biggest shareholder, I will support you fully.

I am willing to testify in court. I can present all the evidence that I have as a shareholder to help smaller investors. Whoever can sue the Peking University, Li You, the Founder Group, the Education Department, or the China Securities Regulatory Commission, I will support you fully. I will co-operate with you fully. This is how I feel, my indignation,
regarding the punishment inflicted on the Peking University by the China Securities regulatory commission yesterday.

I see you again. How the government, the villains, As well as those real and so- called “White Gloves ”, how they cheated the common people, the ordinary people, and use the law to conceal those momentous crimes. They are not only thieves taking government property, they are thieves taking the common people’s property as well. They stole the wealth from the masses. So I will do my best to protect your rights, I am willing to sacrifice my 23% of shares. If you take a single dollar I will lose my 23%. But I am willing to stand by you. If you and your lawyers have any needs please contact Wengui. This is about the Founder Group.That’s my reply on that.

So now I want to talk about another issue. Just now, this morning, the government of America, the FBI and many more departments, Including my lawyer, show me something. I have just updated my Twitter. I have just updated my Twitter he’s about hackers, Who hacked into Wendy’s Twitter account. These IP addresses, some of them are in Europe, Some of themn are in America. This is a small part of it. They hacked in 7 days ago. Over the last 7 days of being hacked we have around 160000 followers. But over the past 30 days or so the hacker has removed more than 230000 followers. This is very very puzzling.

They have been looking for evidence of any Chinese hackers’ activities in America. You children and you the specific operators, these thieves taking the people’s and the government’s property, it’s via this operator they hacked into my Twitter in America. This is directly influencing the American population, the American government and the Chinese government. But you have left evidence behind. Don’t worry, the Americans have a trait. Once you provoked them, they will chase you down, and they won’t let you go.

The show has just begun. I truly hope the $0.50 party, don’t risk your family and your life for such a Paltry sum of money. There is no need, please stop!

This is an extremely serious matter. They are very excited today, makes me feel so high, because they have found your evidence. Their anger at this helps me to see the end of your world. I truly hope you 50 Cent ‘ers, don’t ever take such a risk again!

Even if you are in America, If you operate and get caught by the American government, American prison is not as simple as you think. I hope you will not ruin your life in there. This is about the people who hacked my computer.

Further I have friends who are interested in and have asked about, mainly via private messages, and are concerned on the many issues regarding my visit to the Venerable Dalai Lama, I will explain what happened in detail. I want to talk about this in particular, everybody is interested in this Tibetan friend, and asked me how I spent the 300 million.

Did I give it to the Dalai Lama? I want to let everyone know I am of Tibetan descent, and I want to tell you here, that’s not because I am of Tibetan heritage. I respect the Dalai Lama so much, but we don’t have a special relationship.

It is, as I am Wengui, A descendant of Tibet and as such, I promise to you, I did not give any money to the Dalai Lama. Not a single Cent. I mean when we were in contact, of what I did spend, my expenses, none of it was related to the Dalai Lama. I hope there is no misunderstanding, I do not want to be used by bad people. That would be really troublesome. You have trust on Dalai Lama, he can be trusted entirely. Everything done for him is worthwhile.

And another thing I want to talk about, my friends are the Internet have provided me with a lot of evidence via private messages. I would like to express my gratitude here to the Dalian City central case examination group in particular. One of the investigators has sent me some information which includes some recordings, and clips about my brother’s situation during his detention period.

This is particularly important. Since we can tell from these videos that my brother has been imprisoned for a second time, you gave me this news. The very first time he was imprisoned was in January 2015. He stayed there for more than a year before he was allowed to come out. Either in November or December 2016, they took my brother from the ward of my sister-in-law in Zhengzhou. My brother came out the day before yesterday and he was almost at breaking point. He almost collapsed. Though my sixth brother has suffered from depression, on the whole he was doing well. However my fourth brother is almost done. It’ was his release that saved his life. I am thankful to you for the message.

I haven’t yet passed the videos to my brothers, since they are really upset. My sisters-in-law have left their side since their return. It’s like life and death. They won’t believe that was true. They were not well mentally. I saw your messages and then had them confirmed.

I was given information on other aspects. After my 4th brother was imprisoned, He was jailed in a building in Dalian City. On two floors of the building, He was detained there. There are about 20 or more policemen in the Dalian special investigation group, a Kitchen Cook, And some other attendants, at least 16 or 50 people. My fourth brother was the only one to be imprisoned. Our Chinese government is too rich. They used an entire building just to detain my brother. Dozens of people received a high standard of treatment. However you abused my fourth brother. And then tortured him into making a confession. Everyone knows how absurd it was.

My 4th brother has nothing to do with my business. The questions came only after his imprisonment, like spending two-million-dollars or mone RMB on stocks. He was the imprisoned for a long time. That almost killed him. All of this will be reported on In the future.

I really hope that if you have any more information, you can forward it to me, but I cannot repay you, because you reported it anonymously.

If you happen to watch this video, I hope you give me your contact details, I will certainly remunerate you. It’s important I pay you; this information is important. You risk your life for Justice, It has led to many sleepless nights for me.

One of my friends on the Internet has noticed that there are many discussions of my brothers’ return. They think I may have compromised and given up. I want to tell everyone that during these two or three days since my brothers’ return, my family has had too much to deal with.

Last night my wife called me. She told me, as my mother has always lived in Zhengzhou, but in order to escape she took a train from zhengzhou to Beijing. My mother is nearly 90, you can imagine her condition. You can see how I have cried over the last two days. It was because both my mother’s guards and servants told me that my mother may not have many days left. She cries everyday. Although my mother is almost 90, her vision is ok, but now she can’t really see because of her endless crying. This is why I am in so much pain.

She cries because she misses my brothers. She cries because my brothers are very weak and sick. A daughter of my eldest brother, my niece, has been kept in custody in Kaifeng. For almost two or three years; my mother likes this granddaughter the most. She misses her the most. It nearly made my mother collapse. This is one of the reasons that you saw me crying that day.

My mother went to Beijing by train yesterday. Whens my wife and other family members picked her up there, she couldn’t help crying. My wife told me that my mother wet myself when crying. My wife had a feeling that my mother might not be able to …. If my brother’s had never been released, my mother may not live much longer. I hope my friends on Twitter and on the Internet can sympathize what I have been through. This has affected my family severely. I have no way to make it up for my family for all the hardships I have brought them.

So I have a suggestion for all the friends on Twitter, Wengui has done a lot of risk management. In the past several decades I have never left my wife, daughter, son, and other family members. I have never let them participate in my business, enterprises, or social relationships. Never, never.

Because I predicted what we are going through now would come true, I don’t want to be stripped of my family members. But you can see now they convicted innocent people. They created false evidence.

The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Ministry of Public Security between them, they have too much power. They are taking country property, they have killed some of my clan members, and they want to exterminate my whole family.

If anyone says Wengui has never fought for anything, or if anyone says Wengui should not speak out, these people stink, like they are rotting. Nobody on earth knows this.

That is why I ask my Twitter friends, to stand in my shoes, consider it from my point of view. At the same time my family has experienced a lot over the last several decades. My little brother was shot by the police. My father was exiled to Northeast China during the Cultural Revolution. He had his leg broken twice. Then my mother was threatened and ended up with mental illness. It took her 2 years to recover.

My eldest brothers were slashed with knives; it was serious. You can see the scars on my brothers’ faces and bodies. My fourth brother was slashed the most, 12 times. He sustained fatal injuries and was found on the brink of death.

My family has already experienced a great deal of violence; similar incidents like this, related to my work, have taken place. So I couldn’t let my family go through that anymore.

I have to have high ideals, I hope I can dedicate myself to this country. I hope I could promote rule of law. And then represent the common people, to win back the dignity of our people and entrepreneurs. Therefore I would need to be capable and qualified.

What’s more important is to protect my family. I have already brought too much pain to my family. Many people including my niece and staff have not come back. Especially my staff, some of them are much older now. There are people who have work for me for over 20 years. Our vice president of the security department, financial controller, another financial controller and our financial manager. Their families are almost at breaking point.

Therefore I am under a lot of pressure at the moment. Under such pressure, I will never compromise. However I have to put myself in their shoes, in every respect. I have to consider their feelings and pain. Only then can I match these two identities, as their boss. This is what I have to do no matter what.

Although my family members, my brother’s have come back, there are many others who haven’t. The pain our families suffer continues.

Further my family members are not allowed to leave the country at the moment, neither are my thousands of employees and their family members. I am in constant pain over this. It hurts so bad, both physically and mentally. This is extremely painful.

At the same time I am receiving constant threats. No matter what advice or suggestions you have for me, you have to trust Wengui. What Wengui encounter today, is not just relevant to me. It represents the experience of private entrepreneurs all over China, and the common people.

They are the difficulties and challenges one must confront after certain achievements. They also represent the common people and even people like me.

These tortures I have endured, are from gangs and because of corruption, as well as the rule of the police. This is indeed a mirror.

Furthermore I feel like I have to stand up for mine as well as my staff and their families rights and dignities by reviewing secrets. What I have struggled for and been dedicated to, are for the sake of the rule of law.

I am against various methods used by the thieves that have taken the country’s property, and hold the country and it’s people hostage. I’m saving this country from a catastrophe. I will never give up on this ideal.

In trying to achieve these goals we have to try our best to reduce any harm that could be brought to our staff, family members and others. We have to strive for a brighter future.
Some of my Twitter friends have asked several other questions. For instance how and why have these recent events come about? Let’s not talk about this, let’s not talk about that… I have said that I would not reveal any new secrets for three weeks. The secrets I’m going to reveal in 3 weeks are beyond anything you could imagine. Some mentioned, “Are there any secrets? Do you have any related evidence?’ “Are these secrets shocking or juicy enough?”

I need to repeat I don’t care what people think about me. The secrets I already revealed are unprecedented. These revelations have already affected the thieves mentioned greatly. The secrets I’m going to reveal very soon, and the global conference, will exceed your expectations.

Today my team strongly recommended that we delay our global conference, because they are making appointments at the Lincoln Centre. At the same time we have to check and reconfirm the stage layout, the video subtitles, the bank, the checks, bank slips for the transfer records, and the records of account openings. We have to ensure everything is on track.

Security is also a significant. The people we have invited are political, sensitive people and community leaders. Security is very significant, so we might delay the global conference.
But the global conference must be on an unprecedented scale. This is a conference announcing the country, the political system, and the Poor political system as well as the crimes the thieves mentioned before have committed.

We will provide well-rounded evidence. We will help the world to understand what has happened in China over the past 5 years. While on the other hand, what really matters, there have been some positive anti-corruption campaigns over the past 5 years. And some anti-corruption cases were praised. Meanwhile many people are still living under political persecution, being purged or made scapegoats of. We will present all the evidence concerned.

I will say once again, regarding these politically sensitive cases, even though we have solid evidence we want to give them some breathing room.

This is a world-class global news conference. This is neither about a person nor an event. The more we talk about this, the more exited we are. The whole team is very excited, especially the foreign PR companies. Team of lawyers is very excited too.

When we talk about the price, a lot of people refused to discuss this further. They said they even if we have the means to pay they would do it free of charge. Therefore this is truly a justice orientated global news conference.

It will surely influence the world and China in terms of how people look at anti corruption, and the previous 5 years.

My Twitter Friends have asked lots of questions via private messages. There are too many that I cannot reply to all of them individually. There are lots of friends forwarding the messages to my inbox. Please don’t forward any more to me.

I can’t read them all. I spend a lot of time reading them everyday. I only sleep for 2 to 3 hours everyday. My vision is blurry due to reading so much now. Further, all my Twitter friends, please stop asking me things irrelevant to the secrets I have revealed.

It is meaningless. For example a lot of people have asked me if Wengui can do it. This is too much for me please; don’t ask me anymore. Can wengui do it? If I can’t do it, they would not have said so. They would rather say I can do it even if I can’t. Can I or can I not ? This is unrelated to the thieves who are stealing our country’s property, whether or not they are villains.

It has nothing to do with the authenticity of what I have revealed. Regardless whether Wengui is kind or not, we have to focus on the task at hand.

We can save a lot of compatriots by paying better attention. We can bring positive changes to China’s Society. So let’s not talk about irrelevant questions here. This is not good. I hope everyone understands this.

Then in the future, I will keep uploading daily videos to announce all is well. In these videos I will talk about things concerning you, or breaking news. I will try my best to give you answers.

To all my Twitter friends, I thank you all sincerely.

Thank you so much for checking up on me, for your concerns. This is just the beginning.
For now it’s just a few months. In the first season of whistle blowing, May 2018 we will have finished recording a total of 7 episodes in the first season. Then we are stepping into the second season.

Please give Wengui 3 years. You can make your comments afterwards.

It would be too early and hasty to comment now. Wengui would spend 3 years, proving with facts that Wengui is honest, and my ultimate goal of revealing secrets, my ability to reveal secrets and all the answers.

Thank you to all my friends on Twitter and all my other friends!

Translated by his own team from Guo Wengui‘s Whistle Blow May 5th .


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