Guo Wengui updates on murder of HNA Chairman and more crimes of CCP

Wang Jian and Chen Feng, co-founders of HNA Group.

When I am with Mr. Bannon, to tell the truth, I seem to be communing spiritually with him. We can feel each other’s mind, almost every day. Why? The question you asked a moment ago was the key. The death of Wang Jian is significant at least in four main aspects.

Since I started my whistle blow the first day, then on April 19 when I had the interrupted interview with VOA, after that I was issued a Red Notice by Interpol, I have become the most wanted criminal by CCP as televised by China Central Television. After that, my whole family and employees of my company were all arrested by police. Later CCP levied a fine of 13 billion U.S. dollars on my business. All these things are linked to Wang Qishan, HNA Group, Meng Jianzhu, Sun Lijun, and Jiang Zemin’s family. They are the reasons for my first whistle blow, revelations on April 4, June 16, July 17 and all the happenings in 2017, including the interrupted speech at Hudson Institute, suing me as a rapist and in over 30 cases. The truth behind the death of Wang Jian is the best mirror to our Expose Revolution. It proves whether we are right with our revelations, whether we are doing this for justice or private profits, whether we are avenging for personal enmity or for the general good of the nation. This is the first point.

The second point, since the first day of my whistle blows, I have named a number of families of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leadership China’s traitors or chiefs. In Spanish or Greek, kleptocrats may be the correct term. Most CCP members are good people. Only a small number of families have kidnapped the Chinese nation; they went on to kidnap the Communist party; in the end the whole country is controlled by a dozen families. Wang Jian was only the white glove who had helped them to launder their corrupt money. The case of Wang Jian reveals that HNA Group is stealing the country; it is strong evidence that these kleptocrats have controlled China as well as the CCP.

The third point, in over 1000 days of HNA’s history, with its purchases in thousands of billions of dollars of properties and assets across the world, in addition to their BGY dissemination in the United States, Europe and other parts of the world, CCP has corrupted the west and eroded western politics. HNA Group has proved to be the most important representative of CCP’s intelligence and espionage network in the west. It has posed a great threat to western civilizations. In the process, it has stolen technology besides building up a strong political and information network.

The fourth point, the murder of Wang Jian has frightened Chinese private entrepreneurs. The collusion of Chinese capitalists with western capitalists in this case has shocked the world. The murder tells whether the CCP can be trusted or not, whether they can make a good business partner. Every Chinese entrepreneur can be the next Wang Jian. When the truth behind Wang Jian’s death is exposed, political corruption within the French government and the United States will also be exposed, in addition to CCP’s intelligence network in the west. This is a key factor in the determination of Chinese private entrepreneurs whether to join the forces to overthrow the CCP regime.

From the video, we have seen that it was recorded on July 4th; in the near future we will publicize another video recorded on the afternoon of July 3. Hours after his murder, Yang Guang, director of Cihang Foundation in New York, arrived. He is an American citizen, please remember. Mr. Bannon, please ask the American Government: as an American citizen, how has he been involved in this case, and become a director of the Foundation. We have brought up a lawsuit against Yang Guang. How did he know Wang Jian was murdered? How could he have arrived at the scene so quick? Within 10 to 20 hours, China’s representative of Interpol in Lyon arrived; policemen from China’s State Security Ministry also arrived.

Let’s have a look at this video. This man entering the hotel with a stick is Gerard Houa. Please remember, on April 3rd when Wang Jian was murdered, he was in a red T-shirt and white trousers. Now Gerard Houa is now without his stick. In and out are a few others, a director of Allianz, and Yang Guang, director of Cihang Foundation. And we see another guy here, writing something with his cell phone. Who is that lady? – Allianz’s director in Asia. Allianz was the only insurance company authorized by Wang Qishan to manage Chinese finance, to sell private health insurance to Hong Kong people without restriction. Mr. Bannon has no idea about this. In four years, Chinese in Hong Kong can use Renminbi to buy Allianz insurance. How much has been spent? One trillion yuan! Even the Americans were not given the privilege. See, there she is again, in white-color clothes. Another in black, a curved black dress, appears, in and out.

Who is this man? Yang Guang again, director of Cihang; he took part in U.S. elections. Mr. Bannon, you do not know, I have many old photos of him with American high ranking officials, like the Defense Secretary and officials from the CIA. Yang Guang is responsible for political donations to U.S. politicians because he is an American citizen, director of Cihang Foundation. Again, who is that woman? She is the interpreter; she was involved in the whole process of Wang Jian’s murder. She has come from the same country town as mine, in Shangdong province. Her name is Lu Yanli. Do you see the shadow at the screen? She is talking to Yang Guang in darkness.

Later on July 4th, at 12:39, who is standing next to Ms. Lu Yanli, the person in a pair of glasses, do you remember? Maybe Wang Zhen, or Tian Dingding. Again the man in black, who is he? He is one of the bodyguards, Pei Nannan or Li Zhifeng? Please take a closer look.

They are out now. Look! Do you see the man communicating with Lu Yanli? He is so familiar, right? Too familiar! This is not the first time we have seen him. So from this video, we have seen a gathering of all the heroes 25-26 hours after Wang Jian’s death.

Next, we see a magical figure. Who is he in glasses? Tian Ding! Who is opposite Tian Ding? The young man in Chrome Hearts, a long-sleeve T-shirt that I also love, who is he? Wang Shuhan, the son of Wang Jian! Wang Shuhan resided in the same room where his father used to occupy. Next to him again is Lu Yanli. Behind her, another little girl, also in Chrome Hearts, maybe Wang Shuhan’s girl friend or Wang Wei’s daughter? Take a look, they are all here: Wang Wei’s daughter, Wang Shuhan and his girl friend, and Tian Ding. The video has showed everything!

Please remember, every frame per second (FPS) here in the video has significance to the Chinese people; it records history. This is not a movie series; it is a live story. Please see the timing here: 3:36 am of the fourth date of July, soon after the murder of Wang Jian.

Look at the clock at 3: 00 am, after midnight, who is the many coming out in a towel? How come a policeman from the State Security Ministry made his appearance here? Why an intelligence officer from the International Investigation Bureau made his appearance here?! Please look, the man holding a stick is Gerard Houa, also in a towel now, walking in and out. And what’s the man behind him? Tan Xiangdong? Maybe! It is the time for Tan Xiangdong to show up here. But who is this man? The bodyguard – Tian Ding, yes Tian Ding! Tian Ding is a professional killer; he has also come for the meeting. Who is the other man? Wang Zheng? Or Pei Nannan? Pei Nannan has another name – Li Wenfeng.

It is now midnight. We have seen 4-5 persons gathering here. Please remember, it is midnight. In just a dozen hours, some many CCP people have arrived at this small town in France, after long flights from Shanghai and Beijing. How could they be so fast? Did they arrive by plane? Or they were sent her by a missile? Today, this is a small dish before a big meal. It is a miner ingredient in our revolutionary whistle blows.

I almost had no sleep last night, preparing for today’s live broadcast with Mr. Steve Bannon. Dear warrior friends, do you still believe that the death of Wang Jian was an accident? Or he had died of a fall while taking photos? Chen Feng publicly said a dozen days ago after he went to the scene of the accident, “I am sure he did not commit suicide.” What’s the reasoning behind the claims of an accident, a suicide, or just fall from taking photos? Why so many people have arrived at the scene in Provence within three hours, or five hours, or ten hours, or fifteen hours, or twenty hours: officials from the State Security Ministry, people from the Interpol, Wang Jian’s son and wife, Wang Wei’s family, and other officers from the French Interpol? Was everything planned?

Hours after the incident, Caixin Global, China’s state media run by Hu Shuli, was the first to report in a lie that Wang Jian died in hospital after telling of his foot pain. Hu Shuli did not go to the hospital; how did she learn about that? Why Pei Nannan, Wang Qishan’s personal body guard, was at the scene? Why Wang Jian’s body was placed on the street after his death? Why his body was later transported to a mortuary several hours drive away? Why his body was later transported to Seattle for burial? Why French newspapers reported that Wang Jian had died of suicide or heart attack?

Dear warrior friends, when Mr. Bannon was present, I asked a member of our investigation team in France what he thought of Wang Jian’s death. He is a French man. He said to us directly, without a bit of hesitation, “It is a murder. 100%. He was murdered!”

This man is one of the most experienced and well-respected investigative officers in France. He may become the next important political leader in France. He is a good friend of Mr. Steve Bannon, and surely a friend of our Expose Revolution. But he never had the chance to look at this video.

I told him, “I will not provide you this video.” Why? Warrior friends, we are making a brush with iron nails. We are pushing in the nails one by one so that we can run tough the brush on the body of the Chinese Communist Party, until we reveal all the truth, bit by bit, step by step.

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff editor

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