Guo Wengui: The CCP has a plan to take down America and control the world


Steve Bannon: We are doing the “CCP’s War Against the World”. Miles, before I get to the virus, I get to go back to fentanyl. And just make sure…because what Cotton said and how he said it. Is this just businessmen in China? Is it just gangsters and is it just people associated with the drug trade that are in business with the cartels, the Mexican drug cartels, they get the drugs, they poison up to the United States, or is it actually members of the Chinese Communist Party? I think that’s what the nation was shocked at.

Is it really the Chinese Communist Party involved in this? Or just bad actors and gangsters and drug dealers in China are doing this? Is the CCP or just drug dealers?

Miles Guo: Sir, I think, I can guarantee you this. In China, you know, everything has a slogan policy in the last 70 years: everything belongs to the Party – CCP. Everything must listen to the CCP, the Party. Everything is party controlled. So this, every Chinese knows, even Jack Ma, even Wechat, even Tiktok.

Everything you look at, public companies, private companies, is 100% CCP-controlled. Even you want to marry, you want to love, you like this, you don’t like this, you must listen to the Party.

So the fentanyl also 100% belongs to the CCP control. This is why all the Chinese talked to me overnight: Tom Cotton talked about this, not based on his personal comment or opinion, but based on intelligence. Every Chinese believes this.

You know, sir, in China, many times I know a lot of intelligence people. They are the high leaders, high-level Communist Party leaders. They have always talked about fentanyl. This is not a big secret. It is to use fentanyl to make America weaker.

So you go back to 2017, September 13th in D.C., I had a press conference and talked to America “Are you prepared? Black time is coming in.”

Then I knew the 3-F program from the CCP’s PLA and its Central Committee. They had the program in 2006 and 2011-2012. They have the 3-F Program. Number One is how to make America weaker. And make America unstable. Then kill America.

This fentanyl can make Americans weaker, lose energy, lose money and suicide. And unstable – because they are in full control of the American economy.

You cannot see anything so decoupled. And if you don’t cooperate with the CCP, your share markets are coming down. That’s why now America’s government cannot say “I want to decouple.” You don’t have the courage because the CCP totally influences your share market.

Three, they kill America. You know, every minute, every hour, you have American people die.

So go back again 2017, September 13th, you can know the answer. CCP has the program officially by the PLA. The Chinese Communist Party, they have programmed very clearly to weaken America, take down America and kill America. Now everything has happened.

This is why Tom Cotton’s speech is exorbitant, is tremendous in the amount of courage. He has the conscience to show us the truth. I really appreciate it.

Because Tom Cotton talked about this, so important, it can big help America. If three years ago Tom Cotton could tell this to Americans, Americans don’t need to have so many people die. Americans don’t need to go through this disaster time.

I think this is not the end. Americans need to prepare. I think the pandemic, the CCP virus, and fentanyl will … if we don’t quickly take action, more Americans will get killed. This is not by accident.

This is one government, one party of 92 million members – they are full time using the solution to kill America.

This is why War-room is doing a big big, you know, good mission to help America, tell Americans the truth.

Also I shall talk again, more than 60% of Chinese people know this is from the CCP, just to give it to America, to weaken America. But Americans, no more than 10% of them know this.

So War Room and American media is very important. You need the urgency to tell Americans the truth.

Steve Bannon: I want to bring in Miles Guo, our guest. Thanks to Alice, we had a little technical problem in the last segment.

Miles, I want to bring you back, you are the first one – you warned America back in 2017 that bad things would gonna happen here. You’ve warned people consistently that the Chinese Communist Party is the enemy of the Chinese people; they are the enemy of the American people; they are the enemy of humanity overall. And you’ve been relentless on that.

And some of the things that you’ve just said have been extraordinary. And how they’ve come true.

You are the first one that I’ve ever heard to say “The CCP lied, Americans died.” That was picked up by the New Federal State, which I realized that you were one of the founders of; and I was honored to be associated with its founding and I am still an advisor to the New Federal State and everything they’re trying to do to become an alternative to the Chinese Communist Party.

But you talked about over the last week or so something even more serious than the CCP lie. You said, look, when you look at the 180,000 Americans and there are going to be a lot more Americans going to die from this. You look at people throughout the world.

Now we had this “Fiasco” on the vaccine issue, which enough people in the west are concerned about the vaccine, and move this vaccine forward quickly with the best pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Here you have something in China that’s never in the past 5,000 years had any vaccine for an animal – now they’ve got a vaccine for the virus before everybody else.

You’ve used this concept over the last week called “CCP genocide.” That’s a pretty harsh term. It’s still the situation with the Amanians and the Turks, not officially even today, I don’t think it’s called genocide, although the people in Amania say so. Only I think in Rwanda, in Pol Pot in Cambodia, and also in Kosovo with the Serbs, and Bosnia with the situation. I think there’ve been three types of genocide. Obviously the Holocaust which is a totally different thing.

But why do you say – why have you shifted your nomenclature, because you can tell – when you shift your nomenclature, people start to pick it up. Particularly people who pick it up are the Chinese people throughout the world who are yearning to be free, and living in Europe, living in Canada, living in Australia, living in Taiwan. Then you’ll see people living in the mainland picking it up.

So we know that you are the real No.1 enemy of the Chinese Communist Party. Walk our audience through why do you call it now the CCP genocide?

Miles Guo: Sir, thank you. The last 200 years is the best 200 years for humans globally. We need no more people to die, no more people to die from the war, no more people to die from natural disasters. That’s because America is leading the world, and America gave the world democracy, freedom, the rule of the law and free religion. That’s why in the last ten thousand years of human global civilization, we have never seen any time better than the last 200 years.

That’s why in 2015 near February, I joined the Mar-a-Lago membership. Then after this – after I joined the membership, the boss of the club is President Trump – Trump won the election as the nominee. Then they were making the slogan “Make America Great Again.”

I really think, oh my God, this is a good slogan. America needs to be careful because the Chinese Communist Party- the devil party – they want to control the world. They want to take down America.

So l loved this nominee and the slogan “Make America Great Again”. If America is great again, the world is going to be safer and has more peace.

That’s why I am in America, I am here. You know what has happened. Almost as the number one Chinese, I have billions and billions of dollars in value, as the CCP has given me the title.

That’s why they wanted to kill me. Because I know their secrets. What is so important about these secrets? I know the CCP’s secrets: they want to control the world. They have the planning, they have the 3-F program: weaken America, make America unstable, kill Americans.

That’s why now I think America has never seen this in the last 30 years. Because of America’s capitalism, because of the devil CCP, because of Wall Street’s too greedy people, because of America’s so-called serious media going behind advertisement fees, because of America’s control by capitalism, America is really weakened. Because of the devil CCP party…

Steve Bannon: Hang on for a second, I want to go back to something.  You are saying the Chinese Communist Party. Because people are saying they try to get basically the control of China, or they’re trying to control Asia, or they’re trying to control Euro-Asia landmass.

You are saying, as someone that knows the situation, that the Chinese Communist Party actually has a plan. They want to control the world. They want to have a different system that currently exists today. This is why they want to take down the United States of America.

They have a plan and they are focused on controlling the world. Is that what you …I don’t want to put words in your mouth. I want to make sure it’s coming from you.

Miles Guo: Yes, sir, 100% correct. Also, another example is this coronavirus, the CCP virus. They say they have the vaccine. Okay, if you have the vaccine, why President Xi, Wang Qishan, the Central Committee people – they don’t use it; their families don’t use it.  They sell to the Middle East, Africa. They try to sell it to America, they want to use the vaccine to influence the Americans (so that ) they kowtow to the devil CCP party.

That’s why, sir, I like Tom Cotton’s speech, and the RNC, all the people’s speeches, so powerful. They face the truth: CCP is your Number One threat! They not only want to kidnap the Chinese, 1.4 billion people, they want to control the world. Why?

CCP – the devil party – they know they cannot all the time only kidnap the Chinese, they need to control the world. That can make them safer. That’s why before they had the plans: 3-F Program, the BGY Program,  One Belt One Road, Made in China 2025, 2035, 2049.

What does this mean? They want people not to use the US dollar, use the Renmenbi. And with One Belt One Road, all people buy Made in China, not Made in America. And full control of America’s supply chain. And full control of America’s PPE.

That’s why they need coronavirus to take down America with the cheapest cost. They don’t want war with nuclear bombs; they don’t want war with guns, a fire-war. They want super blockchain; they want information warfare and political warfare, economy warfare to take down America. They are geniuses.

But Americans – everybody knows the truth I think – only you don’t like to face the truth! You have no courage to face the truth!

Yesterday we got a female who only comes to know that Americans seriously need to think: Oh this is the devil party, they want to take down America.

Very easy- vaccine. They want to use the vaccine to control America. Americans just ask: vaccine? If you think it’s good, Xi Jinping, Wang Qishan- you use it first! I follow you to use it. Your family use, my family use. That’s very easy.

Steve Bannon: You are saying there’s no – these guys have not, the senior cadres of the Communist Party have not used this vaccine, their families have not used this vaccine? We’ve got about a minute and a half left.

You’re saying this vaccine has been slapped together. You have no idea how they made it. And you are saying more people are dying in the Middle East and in Africa because of the use of the vaccine. Is that the point you are making about this?

Miles Guo: Sir, you go back three years ago, I said CCP- they have a solution. They give some, you know, poison; they give you some solution to help you (so that) they can control you. That’s the full story.

Three years ago, I talked to America already. Now CCP do it again. America must be careful. CCP is impossible to create a vaccine. The vaccine is a lie; they want to control America. America must be … don’t trust the devil party.

CCP lied…genocide. That’s true, sir! Be careful, American friends, that’s war!

They don’t want to help you get healthy or stronger. America great again? You have one solution, only one way: take down the CCP!

If you don’t take down the CCP, America will not be great again! America’s going to die, that’s true.

You know, we know, you just don’t have the courage to face the truth. Thank you, sir!

Steve Bannon: Miles, you gave a warning three years ago. Very few people listened to you. Very few people paid attention. You’ve seen what’s happened to the United States since then because of the Chinese Communist Party.

I know you just thanked the American people for protecting you from being taken back.

But in a minute and half, we get about 90 seconds, do you have a new warning for the people in the United States? What’s the Chinese Communist Party’s next move against America?

Miles Guo: Sir, I think the CCP must have already involved in this American election. They want to take down President Trump. And they want to join this.

Another side, I think, soon it will be autumn. The coronavirus – CCP Virus, will come up again. America must be prepared for this. They have the plan; they want to unleash more virus in America.

Another thing is, I think, they are preparing in America, they are deploying a spy system. They will try every solution to take down the economy, make you America unstable. America, you need to be really seriously prepared.

If you don’t find out the truth, don’t find out the evidence about the virus, no action, dark time for America is coming. There are going to be more trouble, sir.

Steve Bannon: Let me jump in and summarize for our audience, make sure they hear you.

Number One, you think they gonna mess with the election. Number Two, you think there is a second wave of the CCP virus coming in the fall. And Number Three, you think they are going to do everything possible to mess with our economy.

Miles Guo, I want to thank you very much.

Miles Guo: Thank you, sir!

Source: War-Room Pandemic


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