Guo Wengui talks about the truth behind the Shanghai Import Expo


Do you know what the Import Expo is about? If you take a look at the transactions and attendees last year, you may have an idea. This time when Macron arrived in Shanghai, Mr. Xi Jinping went personally to meet him. The Macron-Xi meeting is the only headline in Shanghai where they held the most magnificent banquet before the Nine Twists Bridge decorated with colorful neolights.

More importantly, Macron raised three requests, asking if the Giant Panda could be kept in France. Wasn’t this ridiculous?

The French President did not mention the humanitarian crisis in Hong Kong. Instead, he raised the issue of the Giant Panda. France is the birthplace of human rights, the origin of freedom and democracy. But Macron was not allowed to speak a single word about the student protesters and human rights in Hong Kong. The whole nation of France was shocked about this.

Some luxury brand in France owes over 50 brands and over 30% of its business is in China. Under CCP’s threats by BGY, its boss still kept his conscience and privately suggested Macron to say a few words on Hong Kong. But his suggestion was turned down.

Macron talked about the giant panda. In his speech, Macron said China has achieved the greatest achievements in history with its reforms and open door policy. He said he expects China’s door opened wider in response to Xi Jinping’s words of “opening wider and wider”.

The performance at the Shanghai Import Expo is the lowest, most ridiculous political game of international liars. Anyone with faiths and human conscience would keep a distance from it.

Dear friends! Compared to the dirty tricks of the CCP, our pursuit with the Expose Revolution is so much great and noble, and so much difficult. And we have seen that the CCP is at its end of tricks with those dirty means, kidnapping 1.4 billion Chinese and all the national resources for their inhuman and illegal deals. This Shanghai Import Expo is truly a meeting of political thugs.

This morning at five o’clock, when I had phone calls with several American friends who are in Hong Kong, they told me that they feel the fears and bloodshed everywhere in Hong Kong. They saw with their own eyes the incidents in Hong Kong streets, with students beaten and persecuted by PLA troops in disguise as local police. The CCP has tried all means to label the protesters as rioters, to create fake criminal scenes so that they can enforce the martial law.

I could also feel the fears of these friends with their speech. When they first arrived in Hong Kong, they had doubts whether the CCP had manipulated the stock market and directly made changes to the financial data so as to stabilize the local market. When people are asked about the manipulation, everyone kept their mouths shut because of fears of the CCP.

While all people have lived in fears in Hong Kong, the international financial hub has actually become a port of panic. It is no longer the most open and most free international port.

When these American friends asked whether the 15-year-old girl Chen Yanlin had been murdered or committed suicide, no one dared to speak their mind, either. When they tried to talk more about the Hong Kong humanitarian crisis and the CCP’s actions there, no one dared to say anything about that.

As one of the two most powerful families in Hong Kong and one of the biggest manufacturers in China, this friend was twice made as candidate for the Chief Executive of Hong Kong. When I talked to him an hour ago, he said he was going to fly to Shanghai to attend the Import Expo.

The CCP had asked him to attend the Import Expo. He was scared and astonished. Why? Most of his business is outside China. He owes the most famous brands in the world and he sells a hand-bag every ten seconds. But he does not need to go to Shanghai to sell his bags.

He said quietly that the CCP had requested him to go and they must sign a contract in Shanghai, to reinforce the trade figures of the Import Expo. He was forced to go, because 60% of his products are produced in Guangdong and Guizhou, and particularly in Dongguan. The CCP would close his factories and cancel all his tax-free quota.

Dear friends? Have you seen that the CCP is just a thug and terrorist organization? This Hong Kong businessman sells the world’s best handbags in airports and he was threatened. He was forced to go for the Shanghai Expo and shake hands with Carrie Lam there.

He owes the Hong Kong airport. He was supposed to be the Chief Executive, not Carrie Lam. Now he was forced to shake hands with Carrie Lam in Shanghai to show his support. Can you feel how he felt?

Another friend of mine, a Hong Kong politician, but I am not going to mention his name. He had said earlier, “I am sick. I can’t go to Shanghai”. But Beijing asked him to go, saying he must go to Shanghai immediately. Because he had a relationship with a female star in the mainland, he was forced to take side, to express his support.

When he arrived in Shanghai and Beijing, he was shocked to see all the private jets from Hong Kong and the United States, those giant financiers.

He said he was not the only one going there under threats. All those giant financiers had come under pressure from the CCP. They have come for money, for their production and production lines.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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