Guo Wengui – selection of tweets in English Translation


Guo Wengui – tweets in English dated 17-18 August 2017✊️✊️✊️

*Hongkuan Pushing the Wall 98: Guo and Democratic Revolution Meeting

*No matter how insane these traitors are, how they abuse the state system to hurt ordinary and common people like us, they must not forget the fact that 1.4 billion people will not let them get away easily! My Twitter friends and I are destined to take them down, these traitors are way more fragile than any of us because they have to pay for debts of blood, sins of having illegitimate children and money laundering, you name it! Everything is just beginning!

*From a friend in China: the female business partner who was kidnapped in Hong Kong and taken to Shenzhen by order of Meng Jianzhu attempted suicide last night but failed.

*The traitors are doing this to take revenge from me for my 818 live broadcast. But what I’m doing today is all in accordance with the law in China. Meng Zhengzhu as the Secretary of the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission is openly kidnapping my fellow workers and my family members with these traitors again in the name of law, you are undoubtedly traitors! What are you afraid of after all? If you think these kidnappings in Hong Kong and China would shut me up or make me bow, you can think again! We’ll see! Everything is just beginning!

*My dear Twitter friends, these man and woman who have just come around my house were posing to be my friends. That bloke called himself Ken Zheng and said he was from Fujian Overseas Chinese Association. The Police are looking for them now. If you have any information on their whereabouts, please let me know, thanks!

*Greetings to everyone who concerns this drone incident: the analyses below are all nonsense, we should just be patient and let judiciary investigate. What’s the rationale for having cyber judgment? Only the judicial authorities and the court have the right to make judgment, others should just remain silent! As long as I have the capability I should make this clear as it is a life-and-death matter concerning my whole family! Everything is just beginning!

Guo Wengui – tweets in English dated 14-15 August 2017✊️✊️✊️

*Commentary on the performance of Lawyer Kevin Kerveng Tung and leader of overseas Chinese Mr. Liang Guanjun in the press conference.

*My dear Twitter friends, tomorrow August 15 at 9am New York time (9pm Beijing time) I will have an all-is-well live broadcast: I will talk about the Hong Kong Immigration Department arresting my business partner again yesterday on grounds of applying for Chinese passports with false information. My business partner was arrested for conspiracy to defraud by HK police and asked to pay a HKD 3 million bail one week ago, and now she is arrested for such unwarranted prosecution! This is an illustrative example of how those traitors unlawfully interfere in the ruling of Hong Kong!

*My dear Twitter friends, the apologizing video I made at the gym earlier today was released at 11. But my channel was hacked thus the video was crushed before I could publicize it! I only came to notice it when I checked my Twitter during meeting in the afternoon, and I have re-tweeted the video now! Thank you so much for your concern! And my sincere apology for not posting the video on time thus making you all worry! You all make me feel like being cared as a family! I’m grateful for what you have given me! Everything is just beginning!

*Leader of overseas Chinese Liang Guanjun, the pet of the Communist Party of China, has got into big trouble!

*This is a question we must ponder and confront with care and serious consideration!

*I tend to think that Mr. Li Hongkuan is a very extraordinary man! You have my salute!

*Dear Twitter friends: In this media era, information travels and spreads more quickly than we can imagine. Benefited from this, junk information is also hard to be identified. When you had a purpose backed with technology, capital and a platform, you would be advantageous within a short time as you had the capability. However, in this day and age, media is the real democracy and it is a time for different people to voice, a democratic era owned by our people. Time is the final judge of truth, kindness and evilness. Do not be hasty! Time will tell who’s good and who’s bad!

*Mr. Zhao Ming, I really hope that someone can arrange a video conference for both of us!

Guo Wengui – tweets in English dated 11 Aug- 12 Aug 2017✊️✊️✊️

*Dear twitter friends, the 5th episode of Mingjing News interview with me will be aired at 9am New York time (9pm Beijing time) on 18 August. It may also be aired on a TV channel in the States. Recently, there is news about the use of drones and military power here in US against me. Who put on such a show which is obviously a call for war? And who hired a bunch of rogue lawyers and gangsters to cause a series of unlawful demonstration and litigation? Everything is just beginning.

*This twitter friend has sent me this concept of sculpture and art many times. Mr Zhao Yan and many friends have done so. This is not the character and concept I want. My friends, please don’t veer off the topic. One more thing is that, this photo tells you an important relationship with Sun Yao. I will tell you later. Let it cook for a while!

*My twitter friends, see how the traitors change the number of views of my twitter from tens of billions to less than one billion. What a disgrace!

*Oh my god! This is clearly one-sided support for Xiaoping. He must have promised to either let you watch the videos I gave him or tell you about Xu Qing. I feel so sad. I guess I will hide myself and watch my precious collection of videos ALONE. For those who support Xiaoping, remember what you did today and you will regret. Everything is just beginning.

*Can you believe the complainants, who are bound by the obligations under an indisputable and mutually agreed legal document, actually flew to a foreign country with a bunch of unconcerned people? Instead of taking the case to court, they hosted a press conference. There is even a wanted criminal for rape, who has NOTHING to do with the case. There was several cannot-even-be-called-hooligans suspects who has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with me appeared on the conference too! OMG!

*Let me put it out here, Mr Xiaoping. What you, Mr He Pin and Mingjing News did is helping the evil. You prove yourself as a fair media at the expense of morality. This press conference is a show for the traitors to divert the public’s attention on Wang Qishan and HNA Group. Nobody in the meeting has once seen me or had any trading relationship with me. Thanks to your help and encouragement, their show has turned into a debt collection party against me! You have reduced yourselves to the accomplice of these liars and hooligans.

*Mr Xiaoping, I guess you will at least be rewarded with a lunchbox worth of 20USD. It seems that, under the monitoring of our twitter friends, lawyer Tung has made some adjustments. For a man who doesn’t make contact with the Chinese and cannot even speak Chinese well, Mr Tung’s Chinese language skill has suddenly improved a lot. I guess they can’t even afford a foreign lawyer. If Mr Tung is a lawyer, I am a magician. To hell with all these petty moves and tricks! Everything is just beginning.

*What the traitors have been doing, such as hiring gangsters to protest at my residence, are driving me nuts. What a disgrace. This is their usual strategy, alienating one person from another, creating conflicts and dividing groups. Can you believe this is happening in New York, the most advance, international and liberal city in the world? This is simply disgraceful and shameful!

*When I film this video today, I really want to stress this: my twitter friends, DO NOT let the traitors fool you and turn your eyes to somewhere else. Our focus should always be on Wang Qishan, Guan Jun, Liu Chengjie, Sun Yao and HNA!

*Please subscribe to and ask your friends to subscribe to my YouTube channel. The number of subscribers of Mr He Pin’s channel is catching up. The target I set for exposure of earth breaking news is 1 million subscribers, I still have a long way to go.

*This is for reducing the number of millionaires. Within a year, most of the millionaires in China will be reduced to grassroots. They will lose their freedom and their relatives and colleagues will be kidnapped. In these three years, the state advances and the private sector retreats. This is the fate of the entrepreneurs in China. [Chinese government acts] Investigation against Tencent in breach of Regulations of Internet Security. Market value down 150 billion by Apple Daily

*I will think about it again when I wake up. This is interesting.

*Why so many people care about this post?

*Here comes part 2 of today’s gym+‘all-is-well’ video. My dear twitter friends, have you gone to gym yet? I will be having a meeting on board so no more post or live broadcast for today. Let it cook for a while. Thank you for your patience

*Could this twitter friend please listen to the voice message I left you?

*Is it serious? (The wire-puller behind the production of your sex video is Zhou Xiongfeng, one of the backbones of Alibaba. He holds the shares on behalf of the department of internet security of Zhejiang State Security Bureau and is now in charge of the attacks on you and those democratic leaders.)

* (This twitter friend is so talented… looks like the style of Phoenix TV) “Exposure by Guo Wengui) Promo – The Blue (surveillance), Gold (bribery) and Yellow (seduction) Plan – YouTube

Guo Wengui – tweets in English dated 9 Aug- 10 Aug 2017✊️✊️✊️

*Please don’t stop, the more the merrier!

*The golden moon behind me is so translucent. I’m learning from Mr. He Pin’s quotations…the fish in the water are splashing about mating…I’m drinking Louis XIII again, and the background music is jazz again, too. The breeze is brushing my face and I can taste its saltiness! I wish I could share this feeling at this particular moment with every Twitter friend! Not that I don’t want to, just that the technology doesn’t allow me to send you the scent! Everything is just beginning!

*I had mixed feelings when I was going through my photo albums…My bro Song Jun was there with me when I was signing to receive my 319 private jet…time flies! And he was made an issue on TV by CCTV for public judgment, what did he do wrong? Look at that Yao Qing from HNA, he is still flying everywhere having wonderful journeys on a 787 aircraft. Is that fair? Song Jun always talked about how to love our country and the party, but I have suddenly realized that those who advocated loving our country and the party have almost been arrested, why?

*This is a great idea, County Magistrate Liang (@9x8Rn3jg6MDKpTo)! I will do it next time!

*As requested by some Twitter friends, here are some photos from my boat trip.

*Testing network: My feelings after having a phone conversation with an old Taiwan friend and an old leader from China…It will be deleted right after it ends.

*I’m going to upload a video of testing the network on Twitter, it will be within 30 minutes, it will be about my feelings after having a phone conversation with an old Taiwan friend and an old leader from China!

*Sharing the real fun in the water with my Twitter friends! My dear Twitter friends: there won’t be any disclosures in the live later, I hope I won’t waste the time of people who are after disclosing information. Everything is just beginning!

*I am so touched by this pretty lady. I wish I could hold that pot for you! Mind your head, don’t get yourself hurt!

*I just finished watching the video. Besides congratulatory thoughts, I also gained confidence that my investment in Mingjing will be successful. In the video, after Mr. He explained why he declined my investments, a crow kept cawing in English, “you’re wrong! That was a huge mistake! Yet you won’t admit it, huh?” That’s why I believe Mr. He will eventually resume negotiation with us again! Our Twitter friends will surely convince you to accept my investments soon. Everything is just beginning!

*This sentence deserves to be framed!
Congratulations, Mingjing, and Mr. He too! I haven’t even watched your video, yet I already believe that you’ll need my investments more. As soon as you sign your name, within 24 hours, my money will fly into your bank account. Yes, by flying, not swimming! I believe that there aren’t many besides me who could send you half a billion to a billion USD right away, without asking for management rights. My investment conditions still stand for half a year!

*Seems that Mr. Xiaoping received approximately 10K USD. There might be hope in eventually meeting Xu Qing!

*I’ve read what you all have to say about how the traitors pay unrelated people to hold protests outside my residence in New York—a bunch of gangsters, truly an embarrassment for us Chinese people! Some friends suggested that Twitter friends in New York should come to my residence to support me as well. I’m very grateful for that but, please, do not do that. That’s a lowly move that would make Twitter friends and me lose face in front of our parents. Just wait and see how I’ll “enjoy” the protests they bring me, and how I’ll make sure that those behind it will pay!

*That’s the power of butterfly! Actions, actions, more actions!

*Mr. Yang Jianao, you’re still spewing defaming words? Guess I’ll have to blacklist you like I promised my Twitter friends to. Hope we’ll meet again, and thank you for your continued support!

*So they’ve started publicly taking the money from our people and our nation again before the rights and benefits are redistributed on the 19th National Congress? That’s a trillion USD we’re talking about!

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  1. Hi, I’ve been watching your programs for sometime and I believe that what you are telling is true.
    I have been tortured by radiation/laser beams as well as high frequency of magnetic waves in my residence for some time since I returned to Vancouver, Canada from Hong Kong about 2 years ago.
    I did nothing wrong but to criticize the Communist Chinese Officials and Judges. They have been using terrible methods like radiation and laser beams to shoot me in my residence and on the street, which made me serious ill. Moreover, they break in by stopping my house video cameras cellphone control to spray chemical liquid onto my bed, floor, bathtubs clothes, shoes and almost every surface at home and made me cannot sleep at night. They spray toxic chemicals onto my neck, head and body by following me everywhere I go. They even poison me In my food and drinks in my bag and at home as well as all the creams and bath lotions, massage oil, etc. I cannot have normal life even though I am living in Vancouver, Canada. Local police doing nothing to investigate the crimes but handcuff me to VGH Psych Ward and force me to take mental ill pills. All the Local and CISIS and Human Right Officials are not reachable with the prevention of their offices’ Chinese assistants. I am isolated from my relatives and friends in and outside China, even the neighbors nearby. Some of them even told me that they are told not to friend with me as otherwise they will be in trouble….. I could not rent a normal place to sleep except those “black lodgings” where provide toxic mattress and blankets & pillows which made me itchy and hard to sleep. I am in extreme danger as there are people tried to break in midnight. Please redirect this message to relevant leaders in the US and get the Canadian leaders to be aware of all these terrible well organized communist crimes happened to me. I need your urgent help. Please contact me at 1 778 988 6682. Thank you!

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