Guo Wengui participates a private party in President Donald Trump’s family home

Guo Wengui at Mar-a-lago resort.

Saturday night (Feb.1), CCP killer Guo Wengui attended a private banquet held at Mar-a-lago, the family resort of U.S. President Donald Trump.

Guo has checked in the presidential suite with the best room in the resort facing the sea, guarded by rounds of security agents, Guo says in his live broadcast. Guo said Trump’s room is only ten meters behind with a huge swimming pool.

Guo told that this is the second happiest day for President Trump in his life. The first day was the day he became President. This is the second day when Trump is totally free from the impeachment harassment.

Guo was invited to deliver a speech on China-US relations, particularly on the truth of the coronavirus outbreak and the cover-up by the CCP regime.

He may be the only Chinese among the 1,000 or so guests at the private gathering.

Guo tells that in the following two weeks, dramatic change must happen in China under pressure from the US government and world community. “If the present situation goes on, Chinese people will enter a period of darkness and misery.”

Guo said the most important thing for everyone to do is to spread the truth about China and the truth about the world.

Guo has warned pro-CCP Chinese overseas to keep to the truth and stop supporting the CCP and its dictatorship. Otherwise, they must bear legal and historical consequences.

Guo said, “The real situation in China must be worse than anyone can imagine. People are worried if the U.S. and the western world are taking actions against China. I am telling you here that this is for sure. And I am telling you that the CCP is to end now. Or the CCP is already doomed. The warning to us is that when the CCP dies, ordinary Chinese won’t follow to its burial.”

Guo said one of the most important things for us to think is how we are to build a new China without the CCP. We must ensure the good people among the Chinese survive the disasters and see the coming of a democracy.

Everything is just beginning.

By Cloudy Seagail


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