Guo Wengui outlines the action plan to counter CCP for the next two months


Warrior friends, what are we going to do in the next 60 days? The following 60 days will be critical to our Expose Revolution, and we have a “3352 action plan” to eliminate the Chinese Communist Party: 3 points for Taiwan, 3 points for Hong Kong, 5 points for the U.S., and 2 points for Europe.

What are the three points for Taiwan?

First, Taiwan needs to join the united forces in the western world either officially and socially through NGOs and media cooperation. We must ensure the 2020 election in Taiwan won’t be controlled by CCP.

Second, CCP is implementing a plan to politically control Taiwan by making pro-China enterprises the base for candidates into the presidential elections and the legislative council. We shall never let this happen.

Third, Taiwan must ensure its free speech and independence of the media so that the Taiwanese people are aware of CCP’s interference.

What are the three points for Hong Kong?

First, Hong Kong must have the universal elections. The chief executive must be elected by votes of the people, not by representatives of the CCP. The same is with the legislative council.

Second, there must be an independent investigation into the violence against Hong Kong demonstrators with international supervision. It is widely known as a “black secret” that police or troops from the mainland have participated in the violent crackdown of protesters.

Third, Hong Kong businesses and financial institutions must stop their cooperation with the CCP; otherwise, they will face sanctions from the U.S. and Europe.

What are the five points for the United States?

First, U.S. shall suspend or cancel the status of Hong Kong as a free trade zone.

Second, U.S. shall have legislation to punish and sanction administrative personnel and police officers of Hong Kong government.

Third, U.S and its allies shall cooperate with the Rule of Law Fund to provide protection and financial assistance to Hong Kong entrepreneurs and activists under CCP persecution.

Fourth, we shall lobby for U.S legislation not just executive orders to sanction listed tech companies in Hong Kong that have cooperated with CCP.

Fifth, we shall promote legislative as well as administrative measures to investigate into CCP-controlled enterprises and financial institutions.

What are the two points for Europe?

First, European Commission shall establish an organization similar to the Committee on the Present Danger: China, to focus on the threats from Communist China.

Second, European Commission shall have legislation to ensure protection of private entrepreneurs fleeing from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Xinjiang, Tibet and other parts of China.

Frankly, I am anxious to see the above things happening. I am anxious to retreat to our Himalayas farm for some rest when the elimination of the CCP regime is a sure thing.

By Guo Wengui
Translated and edited by staff


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