Guo Wengui: keep all Chinese children away from politics


Warrior friends! Today is June first, International Children’s Day.

Please remember, we all have grown from children. We have our childhood and teenage period, but many may not have the adulthood. Not all people can live into adulthood. Ms. Yang Gailan was one example.

Ms. Yang’s five children did not survive their teenage period; they were killed by their mother with a hammer.

Please think, friends, when a mother held a hammer up to cut her children to death, what kind of heart she had to treat her own kids as such? She had lost even a tiny bit of hope in life. She almost lost her eyesight with cries of sadness before she committed suicide.

The core reason for the tragedy was the financial support of only 300 yuan monthly taken away by corrupt officials of the Chinese Communist Party. The whole family suffered hunger for a long time.

As a child, I experienced hunger. Everyday, I lived in fears that my own mother might commit suicide; every day, I had prayed that my father would bring some food home after work.

In many of China’s schools, foods for children are of the poorest quality, or even contaminated. The school uniforms are made of poisonous fibre. Air and water are heavily polluted. Many drugs for kids are fake. The vaccines for thousands of kids are infected.

But for the children of the CCP leadership, they have the best protection and the best education. Even the head of a village may send his kids to the United States. There is no good reason for Chinese children to celebrate this International Children’s Day.

No people in the whole world would stand up to defend the act of stealing. But in Liu Xin’s argument, under the logic of the Communist Party, she gave “good reasons” for the CCP government to steal U.S. property rights. That was an infliction to Chinese children: despicable and shameful!

Look at the children of China. Young kids look an adult. They are requested to love the Chinese Communist Party as the party is dearer than their parents.

I want to fuck CCP! No children on earth should be educated to love a party, any party! The party is the urinal for kids. They should be brought up to eliminate the party. Only by eliminating all parties, including the Republican and Democratic Parties in the U.S., could a country or nation have a true hope for the future.

All political parties are interest groups. We hope to see the waves in the Yangtze River pushing forward, the young replacing the old. Later generations shall be stronger than the older ones. This is the logic of human history.

It is a shame for the Communist government in China to train its children to love the party from a very young age.

Every year, I am furious on the Children’s Day and the Mothers’ Day. Chinese mothers and children are the most vulnerable groups in the country. They are the most deplorable as they are most severely brainwashed by CCP propaganda.

After we achieve our Himalayas and establish a new China, we will, first of all, make the importance of the Ministry of Education up above all government departments. Teachers should be best compensated, followed by our veterans who should be respected and honored as heroes of the nation.

Teachers in the country shall be best honored and respected and school children must be kept away from politics. All teachers shall have the privilege to travel across the world and well received by local embassies and consulates. School children shall be best protected by the state on their study visits overseas.

Only when our next generation becomes strong can China has hopes for the future. We shall give our kids the chance to see the world at their young age and learn about the diversity of cultures, religions and local customs. It is better for them to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books.

I don’t think the two kids of Liu Xin would be proud of what their mother had said about the reason of stealing when they grow up.

And I am telling you here today that all Chinese mainstream state-run media, especially CCTV, are platforms of CCP’s propaganda and espionage. At a proper time, we will bring up court cases to sue all these platforms. They cannot represent the Chinese people.

On this special day, let’s pray for the well-being of 1.4 Chinese people, especially Chinese mothers and children.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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