Guo Wengui is flying into the forests for a secret meeting to eliminate the CCP


Guo Wengui said earlier today that he is going into the mountains in the following three to four days to accomplish his mission – elimination of the Chinese Communist Party.

“I am going for a secret meeting with some VIPs in the mountains again. As I am not allowed to carry my iphone there, no live broadcast is expected in the following days. We are going to do several important things there and I will report to you after I am back,” said Guo before getting onto his private jet.

Accompanying Guo’s private jet, there is another fighter jet Dassault Falcon 7X used by the head of state of the Hungarian government. We are not sure if Prime Minister Viktor Orban is with the team. The Hungarian Prime Minister, a friend of Mr. Steve Bannon, was among the key forces in Europe to take down the former Soviet Union.

Guo Wengui said over the weekend that important things will happen in the United States in the coming week, signifying escalating concrete efforts of the U.S. government to pressure the Communist government of China.

Guo also praised the “silver protest” in Hong Kong when the city’s elders of over 60s are marching on the streets in support of the youth. “Hong Kong has once again made history,” says Guo.

According to South China Morning Post, Chinese officials in charge of Hong Kong affairs are working on an urgent strategy to solve the city’s political chaos but have ruled out the use of military forces.

Whatever the case, Hong Kong will become the gate to burial of the Communist Party when all the forces of justice from the international communities have stood by the side of Hong Kong people pursuing their democratic rights.

In another development, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the situation in Hong Kong on Thursday, calling for “appropriate export control mechanisms” on technologies that could be used to violate human rights, HK Free Press has reported.

The proposed resolution “calls for the EU, its Member States and the international community to work towards the imposition of appropriate export control mechanisms to deny China, and in particular Hong Kong, access to technologies used to violate basic rights.” It was passed by a majority of parliamentarians, who raised their hands in support.

While the CCP leadership is to gather at Beidaihe Summer Resort to dispute on many of their headaches in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Xinjiang and Tibet, the challenge from future trade talks with the United States looks less urgent.

Yesterday, Trump’s economic advisor Larry Kudlow is warning Communist China that failure to reach an agreement will carry profound long-term consequences.

“I think if they keep moving the way they’re moving, they’re on the wrong side of history,” Kudlow said , “They’re not the Soviet Union; but this kind of government control, statism, never works for long.”

America has “spoken out against religious persecution in the People’s Republic of China, and we do so again today,” Vice President Mike Pence said Thursday at the State Department’s Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom event in Washington.

“In Xinjiang, the Communist Party has imprisoned more than a million Chinese Muslims, including Uighurs, in internment camps, where they endure around-the-clock brainwashing,” Pence said.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also spoke out against China on Thursday, calling its Xinjiang camps “one of the worst human rights crises of our time” and “the stain of the century.”

Not only top officials of Trump’s administration are assured that the CCP regime is a threat to America. All parties in the United States have formed a consensus that the Communist government in China has become the danger of human civilizations.

As an important implication, Donald Trump on Wednesday (Jul 17) met in the Oval Office with a group of people from 17 countries – including China, Turkey, North Korea, Iran and Myanmar – who the White House said were survivors of religious persecution.

Trump is one of the few American presidents who have made religious freedom one of the centrepieces of his foreign policy. He not only talks about it; he is taking actions.

Significantly, four people identified by the White House as being from China were among the 27 participants who met with Trump – Jewher Ilham, an Uighur Muslim; Yuhua Zhang, a Falun Gong practitioner; Nyima Lhamo, a Tibetan Buddhist; and Manping Ouyang, a Christian.

During the meeting of about 30 minutes, Trump mainly asked participants from China about their experiences and listened attentively. The fact that the State Department was hosting a high-level conference on the topic this week is sending a strong message to the Communist government that Donald Trump has taken this issue seriously.

Guo Wengui said all things are linked together. He is sure that the Communist Party must be eliminated by June next year and June Fourth of 2020 will become the National Day of New China.

What’s happening now in the world is very encouraging. We are very pleased and honored to have lived in such a historic era.

Everything is just beginning.

By Cloudy Seagail


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