Guo Wengui: Hong Kong must keep on fighting as CCP shall never be trusted


Dear warrior friends,

You have seen Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam announce to suspend the Extradition Bill under pressure of the massive protests starting June 9. As a matter of fact, like Article 23, they want to delay the legislation for as long as they wish.

Friends in Hong Kong, Wengui is not entitled to giving you requests or suggestions. But as an individual and supporter deeply involved in this movement in Hong Kong and Taiwan with which I have built a close and important relationship financially in the past 30 years, I have to be part of Hong Kong today. Without the assistance of Hong Kong and Taiwan people in the past 30 years, there would not be today’s Wengui.

We have a common enemy: the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). More importantly I fully understand CCP. For two years, all information related to Hong Kong as revealed in my whistle blows proved to be 100% correct.

Therefore, when I saw Carrie Lam’s announcement at the press conference, I was fully aware of what was happening behind the story. Just hours before the press conference, I was the first to tell Hong Kong people that Carrie Lam had submitted her resignation to the Central Government and requested a suspension of the extradition bill, but awaited a response.

When she held the press conference, the Central government has made the decision to reject Carrie Lam’s resignation and delay the bill indefinitely, as approval of her resignation would have a severe blow to the CCP leadership.

The CCP leadership has promised Carrie Lam of her personal safety by granting her the position of either Vice-chairman of China or Deputy Chairman of the National People’s Congress after her retirement from Hong Kong. With contentment, Carrie Lam held the press conference yesterday afternoon.

Carrie Lam has achieved her goal by the promise of CCP to keep her position and the wealth of her family safe. This time, whoever is to pay the price, Carrie Lam seems to be the winner.

But I am telling my Hong Kong friends: open your eyes and look back at the 1989 Tiananmen Square Incident, the Falun Gong Movement, and other democratic movements. Do you see the Communist Party ever keep its promises made to the world?

Has the CCP government ever kept its promises to the WTO rules and promises to hold the Beijing Olympics in 2008? Has the CCP kept its promise of no change of One Country Two System in Hong Kong for 50 years? Has the CCP kept its promise of keeping the autonomy and rule of law in Hong Kong? Does anyone see the truth about the Causway Bay Books disappearances?

I am telling you that over eight thousand Hong Kong people have been detained or blacklisted by border security in the past decade. Did the CCP government ever disclose the facts?

I am telling you that over one thousand Hong Kong people were arrested and extradited to the mainland in the past two years even without the Extradition Law amendment. Does anyone in Hong Kong learn about the facts? Does the CCP government ever give an explanation?

If Hong Kong people continue to be naive, you shall be punished by the heavens. If that is the case, you deserve persecution by the CCP regime.

Take a look at the remarks of the PLA general Xu Yan just days ago: “76 per cent of Hong Kong residents should be penalized or eliminated”. Is that his own view or the view of the CCP regime?

You don’t know how the Hang Seng Index is manipulated; you don’t know the working people at Bank of China Building, China Resources Building and other key buildings in Hong Kong Central are mostly security guards or intelligence people sent by CCP. You don’t know that many policemen in the demonstrations are policemen or army troops from the mainland.

With all these problems in Hong Kong, can the crisis be solved by Carrie Lam’s announcement to suspend the bill?

Last night I have a chat with U.S. senators and members of the House of Representatives. I told them never to accept what Carrie Lam and the Hong Kong government have offered to settle the crisis. I have made clear to them right after the announcement that the U.S. government should not accept what she had said. Instead, the U.S. government should increase its pressure on Hong Kong until a complete cancellation of the Extradition bill.

I believe, and Hong Kong people will see, that the U.S. government would never agree to what Carrie Lam said.

Today I strongly urge Hong Kong people (and Carrie Lam’s government) to do the following four things:

First, the government must withdraw the extradition bill completely. The notion of riot must be cancelled by Hong Kong police. Otherwise, anyone taking part in the demonstrations may face detention and extradition by the police even without the extradition bill. Leaders of this movement must finally die in mainland prisons by way of so-called self-masturbation, choking while drinking water, heart attacks or other mysterious illnesses.

This will be a severe blow to Hong Kong’s democratic movement. Pro-democratic legislators in Hong Kong, please listen to me, your life is now be in great danger.

Therefore, second, this must be a complete cancellation of the bill, not a delay of any kind. The CCP tricks will come back again and again.

Third, Carrie Lam must resign, together with key officials of her government like Secretary of Justice Teresa Cheng Yeuk-wah, chief of Security Bureau Lee Ka Chiu John, and Commissioner of Police Stephen Lo Wai Chung.

Fourth, the appointment of Chief Executive by the Central government must be abolished. The new governor of Hong Kong must be elected by votes of Hong Kong people.

I am telling you, Hong Kong people, especially our warrior friends, you must walk out on June 16 (Sunday) for protests.

I am now officially sending my request to our warrior friends in Hong Kong, “You must continue fighting. You must be on the streets marching. You must not stop! My support to you will never stop. I will increase my back-up support. You shall never back down without the above four points achieved.”

If we give up our efforts, the only winners in this movement will be Carrie Lam, Teresa Cheng, John Lee and Stephen Lo. The CCP leadership has promised them of their personal safety and wealth guarantee. The only losers will be the deplorable common people who have walked out onto the streets, and those heroes who have been hit by rubble bullets and tear gas. Besides, activists, organizers and pro-democratic leaders will be eliminated by the CCP leadership.

If Hong Kong people failed this time, there will be no hope in the future that the world communities would stand in support of the Hong Kong people. And that would be a complete failure and tragedy of Hong Kong, because many of us are too naive, just too simple and naive.

Look at Venezuela. The people there are also too naive. Hong Kong people shall not destroy themselves with their own greed and ignorance.

Just moments ago, I have obtained official agreement from the US. Government and some European governments to start a series of actions in the United States. Please pay your attention!

We shall never stop. The U.S will not stop. Europe will not stop. This is a joint force against the CCP regime. We must bring down those responsible. We must not let the CCP regime to wipe out the democracy in Hong Kong.

The CCP regime will not stop. They must try hard to win in Hong Kong by deploying more security and intelligence in Hong Kong. If they succeeded, it will not only be the disasters of Hong Kong; it will be the disasters of the civilized world.

Anyone with conscience shall understand the reasons behind this incident.

I now pray for Hong Kong people, and for the well-being of 1.4 billion Chinese.

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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