Guo Wengui broadcasts Chinese Spring Festival to counter CCP’s brainwash


On the eve of Chinese Spring Festival starting at 7 o’clock pm Beijing time, Guo Wengui or Miles Kwok sits with former White House strategist Steven K. Bannon and Ms Karin for more than five hours in New York in a special broadcast to tell about the crimes and scandals of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its top officials by revealing secrets mainly about Dalai Lama, North Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, countering the CCP’s brainwash with the CCTV New Year Evening Gala.

In his opening remarks, Miles Kwok says:

“Dear 1.4 billion fellow Chinese, warrior friends, colleagues and family members, I am sending my New Year greetings to you. I am here in New York with my good friends Mr. Steven Bannon and Ms Karin with a live broadcast mainly to act against CCP’s brainwash. At this very moment, China Central Television Station is hosting an annual evening gala to celebrate the Lunar New Year. For over 30 years, Chinese people have been brainwashed by similar performances and wasted their most precious time in life to watch such useless programs; and I was one of the victims too. This evening gala has been planned by the CCP for propaganda purposes, a program that should be banned in any civilized society. For over 30 years, the CCP has made many empty promises to let the Chinese people live a happy life, have the rule of law, and have religious freedom and democracy. These things have never happened.”

“Similar empty talks are still happening tonight, on the stage of the CCTV gala, spoken out from the mouths of those popular CCTV hosts. In over 30 years, most of these CCTV hosts have either become the wives of CCP top officials or their sex partners, or collaborated with them in various crimes. We are going to reveal more of their scandalous secrets in our whistle blows.”

To the start the whistle blows, Steven Bannon was first asked to tell about how he first met Bruno Wu and his wife Lan Yang (who used to be a CCTV host), who had tried to persuade the Trump Administration to extradite Miles Kwok to China back in May 2017 by way of BGY. Steven Bannon also told about his first visits to Hong Kong in the 70s and the recent meeting with CCP leader Wang Qishan in Beijing. Ms Karin shared her experience in China and how she later stood by the side of Miles Kwok in his fight against the CCP.

In later hours, a video was released about an interview with Dalai Lama by a CCP controlled Phoenix TV host arranged by Miles Kwok in Japan, together with a personal letter to President Xi Jinping in 2013 written by Dalai Lama himself. According to Dalai Lama, the CCP has always misinterpreted his message to the Chinese people about his stand on Tibet and the CCP has actually planned for his assassination.

Miles Kwok told about how the Communist government of China has deceived the whole world and the Chinese people in empty promises related to following WTO rules, exercising their so-called rule of law in Xinjiang and Tibet, threatening the freedom and democracy in Taiwan, damaging Hong Kong’s legal system, and acting recklessly in countless human rights violations. Miles also warned the Vatican and other western religious organizations in their collaboration with the communist regime in Beijing.

Miles Kwok revealed secret documents by the CCP like “Approval of the Central National Security Council Office regarding strengthening the confidentiality of personal identity information of secret security and law enforcement personnel on entry and exit from the mainland to Hong Kong and Macau”, and “Decision of the General Office of the CPC Central Committee regarding the establishment of a leading group for the supervision of anti-secession activities”.

Miles also revealed how the CCP government has influenced the former Najib government of Malaysia and brought disasters to the Malaysian economy. He once again told about the scandal of Jho Low and the forces behind him that have posed serious threats to western civilizations.

On the issue of North Korea, official documents were released of how the CCP leadership had tried in espionage to sacrifice the political life of Kim Yong-un and his family for their selfish interests. Even during the time the North Korean leader was making frequent visits to China as sign of “firm friendship between comrades”, CCP officials like Sun Lijun had shared top secret documents about the Kim family with Washington in doing harm to the North Korean people.

Miles Kwok repeated that the CCP can never be trusted but must be eliminated as it has become the greatest threat to humanity. He said the whole world must have a very clear idea about this. Towards the end of the event, Miles said “Down with the CCP!” ten times firmly and continuously, adding that the main purpose of today’s event is to take down the CCP in China.

During the 5-6 hours broadcast, the communist government and its intelligence police have used all efforts to disrupt the live-streaming by Miles’ team and countless “Fifty Cents” have copied and pasted countless dirty words in defamation. It tells what the CCP truly fears, as their days are numbered.

Everything is just beginning.

By Cloudy Seagail


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