Guo Wengui and Steve Bannon talk about CCP’s plan to build Wuhan P4 lab


Good morning, all Americans, Steve Bannon, Jacky, Justin! I am very proud of being back in the War Room.

2017, you know, our first time invited to American’s VOA, Voice of America, for an interview.

I wanted to expose the CCP-controlled HNA Group, China’s Hainan Airlines, the boss behind is China’s anti-corruption leader Wang Qishan. VOA stopped my interview midway because they did not want me to expose the HNA secrets in America. It represents CCP’s intelligence and it made lots of black deals in America with a lot of the Wall Street people and politicians.

After VOA, I was supposed to go to Hudson Institute, their studio, to speak. Also, at the last minute, Hudson stopped me, they don’t want me to speak.

Then I had a press conference in Washington D.C… At the press conference, I talked to all the Americans and the world, saying I had secret documents to show that CCP has two programs: one is called BGY, and one is called 3F.

They have official programs to weaken America, take down America, and kill America.

I said the black time was coming into America and the western world. That’s what I said; thank you, sir, your English is better than mine, but I can understand, please speak in English.

I feel yesterday they canceled the G20 meetings. Three reasons: one is inside the CCP, Xi Jinping’s big challenger Wang Qishan and other elder leaders, everyone wants to kill Xi Jinping. He is very very weak now.

The second reason: the CCP is very arrogant. They don’t want to talk to you. They don’t care G20.

The third reason: they don’t want to talk and give you the truth. They don’t care what your opinion is. That’s all their reasons.

Another thing now, I am really very painful every day, every second that last week how many American people died? Until today, in just one week, how many American people have died? More than 50,000.

We America and the world is in World War III. That’s true.

But I don’t think PPE can solve the problem. I don’t think quarantine can solve the problem.

Look at the disasters! The virus is from the CCP. But not only the virus can kill Americans, kill the world people, but the political regime, bureaucracy, laziness, and greed also can kill people.

We know, in normal time, bureaucracy maybe just waste your time, your money; but in abnormal times, bureaucracy and greed can kill people, now, every second.

Now look at New York, blue sky, beautiful Sunday, but every second American people are dying. And people are in quarantine.

Sir, how do you think? We cancel the quarantine? We all go back to work? Who can guarantee Americans, their families, their children, won’t get infected? How many more people will die?

If we are kept in quarantine, the transmission rate never goes down. That’s why, sir, your War Room is telling the truth. But all the rest of the world, of the famous mainstream media, who else talks about the truth?

The second point, I am so painful, that where are the media? Where is the intelligence? We need to find out the truth. Who put the scorpion and mosquito – the poison- and release it to the world?

Just think someone put the scorpion and mosquito into your bedroom. Your family people are dying; what would you do?

You may ask, the scorpion and mosquito, where are they from? Are you going to put your family in a box so that the scorpion and mosquito come to infect you? No way, sir.

You must find out who has put the poison-the scorpion and mosquito-into my bedroom, to kill my family! That’s why I have always said War Room is doing a good job. You are heroes, sir.

We need to find out who is behind this; who has released the poison to America? This is the only one solution to stop American people to die, sir.

Early in 2007, also in 2011-2012, some CCP intelligence guy found me and said to me, “Miles, I need your help. We have a program. We need investment from Americans. We are creating a P4 lab in Wuhan. I need you to find out banks in France, UK, to donate money, and find some scientists to come here.”

So I know that CCP has officially such a plan. They are prepared to create a biochemical weapon. The only one goal is to take down America. This guy now is still in the CCP’s central committee.

This guy told me, “Miles, we must have a war with America. There is no doubt. We need to be early prepared. How can you find the cheaper, easy, and 100% way to kill America, weaken America, take down America!” They told me about the plan.

I said no. I don’t want to join their Wuhan P4 lab. Then the guy, they later found out the money from America, technical people from America, many technicians, and professors from America.

For CCP, this is not yesterday, this is not last year. Many years earlier they had the plan to take down America!

By Guo Wengui
Notes taken and edited by Cloudy Seagail


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