Guo Wengui and Steve Bannon put forth five guidelines for the protests in Hong Kong


My cooperation with Mr. Bannon, and the cooperation of Mr. Bannon with the Rule of Law Fund, play a role in the protests in Hong Kong. It can be summoned in five aspects.

First, we do not support Hong Kong independence. Absolutely not! We support the majority of Hong Kong people pursuing the Five Demands. That is simple, just the five demands as you have learned. And I am not going to repeat one by one.

On June 9 and June 12, Guo Wengui was the first to propose these Five Demands. These five demands have been the consensus between myself and warrior friends in Hong Kong whom I have kept a connection with.

If you want my support and continue to have the connection from me, you must stand by these Five Demands.

Second, Mr. Bannon and the Rule of Law Fund have also been committed to these Five Demands. They never have supported any sort of sovereign independence in Hong Kong. The Chinese Communist Party has been spreading rumors about this.

Third, Mr. Bannon, the Rule of Law Fund and myself shall never seek a tiny portion of interests from the pro-democratic movement in Hong Kong.

We shall be condemned by hell if we are found to have our selfish interests there, openly or in secrecy. And we take responsibility for any penalty.

These three points are the consensus between Mr. Bannon and myself. Do you agree, Mr. Bannon? (Bannon said Yes).

Fourth point, I only take this for myself, not for Mr. Bannon. Guo Wengui shall never accept any honor, status, or appraisals. I shall never accept them. Whether Mr. Bannon takes that or not, it’s none of my business.

Fifth point, no matter what price I am going to pay, Guo Wengui will do his best to help Hong Kong. I said earlier, I will take out 4 billion U.S. dollars to assist Hong Kongers. I think I can afford to pay 4 billion dollars. Any Hong Konger can contact me in case of need. I will give you my full support.

I have no money of my own, but I can easily borrow four to five billion dollars.

Lastly, I am telling you, Guo Wengui, Mr. Bannon and the Rule of Law Fund will do our utmost to make appeals in America and Europe. We must push for the cancellation of U.S.-Hong Kong Relation Act and the Most-favored Nation Treatment. All those people who have caused death or injuries to Hong Kong protesters must be sanctioned. Hong Kong must achieve its universal election by public votes.

We will also do our best to let the U.S. and other western countries to grant political asylum to Hong Kong people when they apply.

These are the principles we are putting forward here. Do you agree, Mr. Bannon?

(Mr. Bannon: 100%).

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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