Globalists intend to use vaccine passports to control and enslave mankind


With the rolling-out of CCP-Virus vaccines by countries around the world, mandatory vaccine passports have been discussing by politicians and health authorities for quite a long time since last year and to become documents compulsory for global people. Those social elites who advocate CCP-Virus vaccine passports emphasize that such passports could benefit the safety of our society and facilitate the life of individuals, but they never mention that the passports could be used to track people and deprive the basic liberty of human beings.

The vaccine passports allow the authorities to have the power of turning on/off in your life, such as to let you engage or marginalize you in society. All people will be forced to become a part of this system – whether you are willing or not – when the passports are enforced to carry out globally. Once this happens, civil society will come to its end. The idea of vaccine passports sounds fine for those who are not recognizing that the passport is a great tool for the globalist to monitor and control the global people. The vaccine passports represent a barrier to travel, go to sporting or social events, maintain employment, or even go grocery shopping. It is about control over the people, but not for the safety or the convenience of the people. For example, South Korea has declared that only those holding a vaccine passport may go for living “their daily lives.” No one else can buy, sell, or be employed [1]. This means only those vaccinated can go back to experience the recovery to their daily lives. There are already massive oppositions to this type of control, indicating that people are waking up, but far too many don’t recognize what’s going on. This is a huge step after the outbreak of the CCP virus for those globalists pushing the New World Order system of slavery. They want to own the planet and the humankind on it. They want us to willingly submit to their permanent enslavement so that the few can rule over the many without any chance of actual freedom. Once they achieve their evil plan, they will treat us like slaves as long as we act like slaves.

The vaccine passports have the potential to function as the social credit system and mass surveillance completed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that allow the CCP to keep a billion people under the thumb of the CCP totalitarian regime. If the vaccine passport became a government mandate requirement, it would walk onto a dark road very quickly. Therefore, it could become dangerous as it could turn off anybody in society just like what the CCP do so in China.

The globalist elites were already seeking in the previous decades a catalyzing event to drag the world towards global dictatorship. The Rockefeller family is the most powerful family in the globalist hierarchy and the Rockefellers have had control of the United States and perfectly described the global authoritarian society that will rise after the artificial “health emergency”. The globalists seek to control the global politics and economy through releasing the artificial virus (done by their conspirator — CCP) and then using the vaccine that is also a virus. The vaccines serve another fundamental goal of globalists, which is the reduction of the world population. Currently, globalists are speeding up rolling out the vaccine jabs around the world, and in the meantime to introduce vaccine passports, which is a part of “The Great Reset” of controlling and enslaving the people globally. It is time now for the people to wake up now; otherwise, all of us may become the victims of this globalists’ conspiracy. It becomes crucial today to uncover the truth of the CCP Virus, make CCP accountable and eradicate the evil CCP, which will completely awaken the people so as to make the evil Great Reset collapsed.

[1] Mac Slavo, “Vaccines In South Korea: Only Those With The Vaccine Passport Can Live “Daily Lives”., April 2, 2021.

[2] News Editors, “Globalism created the Covid terrorist operation to trigger Great Reset: Italygate still the scandal that can foil the NWO plans”.《 Natrual News》, April 1, 2021.

Author: Lucas


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