French government collaborates with CCP to cover up the truth of Wang Jian’s death


Recently the death of former HNA Group Chairman is a topic of discussion at a Morgan Stanley Forum attended by some of the world’s most powerful financiers and politicians, according to Chinese exiled billionaire Miles Kwok, and none of the participants believes that Wang Jian died accidently of a fall from a 15-meter wall.

Some of his remarks on the topic in his whistle blow Sunday are as follows:

“The French government has played a disgraceful role in covering up the truth, in collaboration with the Communist government in China.”

“Last night, one of our legal team members who acts as a liaison between our investigation team and the French government, says that the French government, which started a re-investigation into the death of Wang Jian, suggests that we cancel the on-coming press conference, adding that the French government is willing to share their results of investigation.”

“They have several versions about the story. First, 5 days after the death of Wang Jian, an investigation by officers from the French Ministry of Internal Affairs and Provence Police was ended with a conclusion: Wang Jian has died of fall while taking a photo; there was no evidence of connection with the CCP of China and Hu Shuli of Caixin Global. Four people including two bodyguards have witnessed his death of fall on the scene.”

“When I started my whistle blow to reveal some of the facts, they had the second version. The story tells that Wang Jian has not climbed up the wall. He walked down the stairs and suddenly felt not well with a heart attack at the corner. One of his guards tried to save him with first aide of acupuncture but failed. And those days we saw the French side had stories about his family history of heart attack, but the French government dared not say he had died of heart attack.”

“As our investigation continued and we announced the date of our press conference, the French government tried hard to stop our investigation and threatened those who provided us with evidence. The French Police detained everyone who had provided us videos as evidence, their families also threatened. Their representatives, including retired policemen, warned us not to use those videos. Yesterday the French Ministry of Internal Affairs advised us that their final version of investigation is ready for release, with this conclusion: Wang Jian had jumped off the wall behind the church, the reason not clear and no one was present to witness the incident.”

“We have evidence about the timing of his departure from the hotel and his arrival at the church. He had only twenty minutes to spare. Even if he had run fast, it would take at least 10-13 minutes from the restaurant to the church. Even if he could fly or had taken a helicopter, he would not have been able to reach his destination and die there (in twenty minutes). And we have evidence that he was seen walking leisurely on the streets.”

“How dare the French Ministry of Internal Affairs make such a conclusion? How dare the French government collaborate with the CCP of China to make up the stories? If they are about to tell us this is their final version, we will immediately start our press conference, instead of waiting until the 19th of November. Or we will have the press conference before the US midterm elections on the 6th of November. Don’t fool us around.”

“No person was there to witness his death, according to their conclusion. Who then was there to report the case to police by 12:05 pm? How come in only about half an hour, the local police had arrived at the hotel, questioning people and taking notes of the accident? As evidence, we have videos showing the girls crying there at that moment. Has anyone from Wang Jian’s team told the French police hours before that he is going to die and ask them to rush to the scene? And please tell me, what about the reasoning of the first and second version of the story?”

“One more question. Jack, the gardener of the church, one of the witnesses we have interviewed, has now become crazily frightened and refused any further questioning by our legal team. What has happened to him? Who has threatened him and make him so frightened? How crazy was the story and the forces behind that!”

What is the truth behind the stories? There are too many questions there and the world deserves an answer.

Miles Kwok also tells that the disappearance of Interpol President Meng Hongwei is closed related to the death of the HNA chairman, as he was deeply involved in the planning the murder with the top CCP leaders.

According to Miles Kwok, all of his friends who attended the Morgan Stanley Forum have come to the understanding that they must differentiate the CCP with China and the Chinese people. Many of them used to be close allies of the CCP in business and politics, but now they have all stood up to support Miles Kwok and the global forces against the Communist Regime.

Miles says that one of his friends, a Dutch financier returning from a China trip recently, tells about his encounter in Ningxia Hui Autonomous region as a war-readiness situation like the Nazi period in Germany: police everywhere, propaganda everywhere, people in panic, and everything worse than two years ago as he had the last tour.

But this friend of his says, “The Chinese are kind-hearted, good people, friendly, and respectful to foreigners.”

By Miles Kwok
Translation by Cloudy Seagail


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