Former UK Prime Minister praises Miles Kwok of his sincerity, honesty and intelligence


As evidence submitted to court recently by The Sherry Netherland, a letter by former United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Bliar has said highly of Chinese exiled billionaire Miles Kwok being “dependable, sincere and extremely responsible”.

The letter is attached here in full:

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Board of The Sherry Netherland, 

It is my great pleasure that I am writing you this letter of reference for Miles Kwok as a potential owner in your building. I have known Miles for seven years and have only the highest respect for him in business and as a friend. I have worked closely with Miles over the years and have always admired his honesty and loyalty. 

Miles is dependable, sincere and extremely responsible as an individual; conducting himself with dignity and intelligence. Miles in honest, forthright and has impeccable taste. 

I would highly recommend him to your building as I know that Miles would be a wonderful addition as your neighbour at The Sherry Netherland. Miles is a very accomplished man and, in my opinion, would be a most valuable asset to The Sherry Netherland.

Letter By Tony Blair to The Sherry Netherland.

After Miles Kwok started his whistle blows on Youtube and Twitter in January 2017 accusing numerous Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials of corruption and sex scandals, as well as the involvement of many western beneficiaries, he has faced dozens if not hundreds of lawsuits in the United States for his defamation.

The latest indictment by the US Department of Justice is one against Jho Low of 1MDB who was claimed by Miles Kwok to be an illegitimate child of top CCP official Meng Jianzhu.

Miles Kwok has raised these questions: Why the Chinese government and Meng Jianzhu has given refuge for Jho Low in Shanghai with security protection as a state leader? Why the CCP police under Meng would pay all prices for his protection and for repatriation of Miles Kwok and his defamation. Why Meng Jianzhu started so many court cases against Miles Kwok in Hong Kong and the mainland in the past two years?

With this indictment following the establishment of the Rule of Law Fund at the 11.20 Press Briefing, legal actions have started against those traitors both at home in China and overseas.

According to Wall Street Journal, a former Justice Department employee pleaded guilty Friday to helping funnel tens of millions of dollars into the U.S. for the alleged mastermind of the multibillion-dollar fraud involving Malaysia’s sovereign-wealth fund.

Some of the $74 million allegedly brought into the U.S. on behalf of Jho Low, a Malaysian businessman, was used to pay a prominent Republican fundraiser, court documents show.

George Higginbotham, 46, admitted on Friday to lying to US banks while transferring tens of millions of dollars to fund a lobbying campaign on behalf of Low Taek Jho – the 1MDB affair’s alleged mastermind.

Miles Kwok says today that it shows the power of influence of CCP’s BGY scheme, and it is only tip of the iceberg in the defamation of himself by Wang Qishan (Vice President of China), Meng Jianzhu (former secretary of CCP Political and Legal Committee), and Sun Lijun (Vice Minister of Public Security Ministry). For deportation of Miles Kwok, western lobbyists in Washington were said to have receive US$1.2 billion from the hands of businessman Wu Zheng, Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma and Jiang Zicheng, grandson of former President Jiang Zemin.

Miles says the world now knows why Jho Low, a young man he never has connection with, was so active in the past year trying to get him back to China, and why such state traitors as Wang Qishan and Meng Jianzhu have mobilized the forces from the whole country of China to act against Malaysia and the United States for protection of Jho Low, like their protection of HNA Group.

The US court has said that the former US Justice official has pleaded guilty to banking violations as part of an attempt to lobby Washington to drop an investigation into a money laundering and bribery scheme that pilfered billions from Malaysia’s 1MDB investment fund.

Prosecutors said Higginbotham, who worked on the congressional affairs staff in the Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs, helped open bank accounts and created false loan documents for shell companies to pay an influential person to pressure officials to drop their probe.

This case proves one more time that what Miles has claimed as BGY is a true existence and the CCP has successfully applied the scheme in western countries.

Lude talks has its view today to further explain, “Logically with the case, Jho Low was not only involved in economic crimes, but in perverting in the course of justice. As Miles has the evidence to show the justice department that Jho Low has acted on behalf of the Chinese government in interference in US internal affairs, with threats to US homeland security, this case will lead to more confrontation between the two governments.”

As Jho Low is now surely hiding somewhere in China, the world would like to see how and when he shall be tracked down, arrested and brought to justice.

by Cloudy Seagail


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