Forget about Yang Jiechi and focus on the crisis in Hong Kong


This time, Senator Mitch McConnell played a key role. He used to be a CCP-friendly official. He has finally come to his sense and stood up against the CCP.

The CCP is planning a bloody crackdown in Hong Kong. If he had not stood out ahead of it and charged them to “Stop it!”, he would become a sinner. Mr. McConnell is a wise man; and I must salute to him.

He is a true friend of the Chinese people, a friend of the Hong Kong people.

After the crisis in Hong Kong is over, I will lead my warrior friends, in hundreds or thousands, beating gongs and sounding drums, to send our gratitude to the door steps of American friends.

We will go to the house of Mr. McConnell and his wife Elaine Chao and say Thank-you to them in person.

In addition, we must take note of another important event about our well-respected U.S. official: Secretary of State Michael Pompeo.

We know he shares the same attitude towards the CCP as Mr. Steve Bannon and they two were classmates and are good friends.

The CCP has defamed Mr. Pompeo many times, more than any other officials in the U.S. government: first Mr. Bannon, then Pompeo, then John Bolton, Vice-president Pence, Marco Rubio. These people have been cursed by the CCP government over and over.

Mr. Pompeo has been very unhappy with their curses. Out of many’s expectation, he met with Yang Jiechi two days ago in New York.

We know that Yang Jiechi used to be the interpreter for late Chairman Deng Xiaoping. He lived in the United States for decades. In diplomacy, he has a “territorial affection” to America. As CCP’s top diplomat staying in the U.S. for a long time, he has the love for the local community. His family members are all living in the United States.

But I beg you, dear warrior friends: from this moment on, never blame Yang Jiechi for the crimes of the CCP. Because at this moment, Yang Jiechi no longer deserves our condemnation. I will tell you the reasons behind this in the future. I am asking for your favor that we shall ignore Yang Jiechi from now on.

It is said, maybe rumors and definitely not from the mouth of Mr. Bannon, that the Secretary of State Pompeo clearly spoke to Yang, “If you hope for America to treat you as we did before, you are seeking an impossibility. If you want to have another Tiananmen Square Massacre in Hong Kong, and want the Americans to get their hands off it, absolutely impossible! On the contrary, America will take any measures necessary to stop it!”

Pompeo went on to tell Yang that the U.S. White House, the Capitol Hill, and the Pentagon are keeping their utmost attention on what’s happening in Hong Kong, on the acts of the CCP in the territory.

“Don’t play with fire! Don’t cross the red line!” Pompeo warned Yang of the CCP, “We are watching every movement of yours!”

This was shocking news to Yang Jiechi. I was told that Mr. Yang Jiechi was completely shocked. Now, Mr. Yang, you are no longer my enemy. What’s passed has passed between us as rivals.

This has truly frightened the CCP.

What are the implications of all these?

Mr. Bannon who is standing right beside me now used to collude with Yang Jiechi. I use this word “collusion” as well. He is very familiar with Mr. Yang Jiechi.

I, Guo Wengui, was the first person to tell the United States that the CCP would send a delegation of three to America, including Yang Jiechi. I am not going into details of my intelligence.

In the future, I will tell you the details. And I will tell you why we shall no longer say bad things about Yang Jiechi.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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