Focus our attention on Hong Kong and spread the truth, says Guo Wengui


Dear warrior friends!

Today is August 26 and I am having a broadcast for peace here on board my ship.

In the past few days, I have been busy meeting privately with friends from Washington here and thus did not have time to talk to you.

We are in a kind of boxing game. When your opponents are attacking, you must find ways for dodges. A good fighter must learn how to evade blows amid attacks. In our war to eliminate the Communist Party, we must be a master of such strategies.

From the G7 Summit, can you see things behind the game? This is a bargaining game. And all parties are bargaining for what they can get after the game and how dividends shall be distributed after the war.

I can tell you here that in Europe, America and other parts of the world, many people are planning for the future after the CCP regime is overthrown.

Forget those minor talks about whether Donald Trump has received phone calls from the CCP leadership or whether its Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang denied the phone calls.

Look at the bigger picture. What’s been happening in the past two years since our whistle blows were started has never been possible in the past 30 years. In the process, it is normal to see the attacks as well as retreats from your opponents. The key lies in whether we can keep calm and get ready for the next attack.

In the past few days, we have seen lots of hot news, but remember: our focus is on the crisis of Hong Kong – The bravery, courage, and great spirit of the Hong Kong people!

In addition, the White House website was hacked and data cannot be updated. This is good news to us. If they did not do anything to stop the numbers passing 100 thousand, we would not be able to have the evidence of their crimes that they factually dare to attack the U.S. government as such. This is much valuable to our Expose Revolution.

We must continue to sign in our names to Call for Official Recognition of the Chinese Communist Party as a Terrorist Organization. At the same time, we tell the world the truth about their hacks.

Another thing about the printing of fake U.S. dollars by the CCP at Huludao city – I can assure you that the bank notes printed by the CCP look in better appearance than the real U.S. bank notes. Not only the Bank of China, but all international banks are not able to check the authenticity of their fake money.

Besides, the CCP has strict plans and full control as to where and how to use those fake U.S. dollars, in what quantity, and how they shall deliver them to the markets.

Will these fake U.S. bank notes affect the capital markets? Definitely not. And don’t worry- the U.S. government is assessing its scale of damaging in the market.

Because of our revelation bit by bit, and more and more court cases of fake U.S. money reported in China and other countries, this has given rise to questions as where these fake money has come from.

Some people asked “Can the CCP has the technology to print U.S. bank notes?” Definitely yes! And “Do they dare to print U.S. bank notes?” Definitely yes! “How can we find out their fabrications?” In the short run, very difficult.

Next, warrior friends, please follow up with the developments in Hong Kong every minute! Two days ago, they pulled out the real guns and opened fire. Fortunately no one was shot. Time will tell soon whether those in police uniforms in Hong Kong streets are armed police from the mainland or PLA troops in disguise.

The crackdown will be there any minute, next hour, next day, or next month. The PLA troops must take actions. As a matter of fact, they have entered Hong Kong for crackdown since August the first.

Will they have an official announcement of the martial law? Absolutely yes! It may carry a different name, like an emergency act, a curfew, or other security measures.

If you look at the remarks from Beijing in the past four to five days, their messages to the Hong Kong government, they are preparing for actions and making them legitimate in legal terms.

They have labeled the young protesters rioters, terrorists, or whatever names they call them. But they retreated a bit because of extraordinary reactions from the U.S. and the world communities. They waited and waited and are making up more tools as excuses for “legalized” actions. Now they are fully prepared for brutality.

In the past few days, Vice-president Wang Qishan has been trying to step away from the crisis in Hong Kong by telling “It’s Han Zheng’s responsibility to look after Hong Kong; it’s none of my business.”

This tells Wang Qishan is very clear about the outcome. He lit the fire and now the fire is out of control. Thus he wants to step away from it.

Therefore, warrior friends, forget about the official statement issued after the G7 Summit; pay attention to what actions the U.S. is going to take in the following days. That can be a completely different story.

Klye Bass said over the weekend, “With the President’s final acknowledgment of china’s communist party as our ENEMY on Friday (August 23), the United States now has a second Independence Day.”

We shall not take President Trump’s latest tweets lightly. They are historical things. It takes time for these words to become actions. But President Trump is a smart player in the game. He is trying to let the Americans pay a lower price to win the game.

In the process, there might be changes in his words or actions, but the outcome will never change: Trump is winning the game!

Strictly and with confidence, the remarks by China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman is gift to us by God. It’s not an ordinary gift. Their funny performances on the boxing table give lots of useful information to us.

The CCP is fake; that’s why they have those funny performances.

We must not be distracted by their performances. Focus our attention on Hong Kong and spread the truth. Let me handle the hacking of the White House website.

Support Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio, Robert Spalding, Steve Bannon, Kyle Bass, and all other anti-CCP celebrities in the U.S. The good news are coming.

Everything is just beginning!

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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