Finally, the CCP and its evil regime is collapsing with the virus


With all the evils it has done and disasters brought to the Chinese nation, the cursed Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is doomed and to be brought to hell together with the coronavirus.

Even as China takes more stringent measures to limit the movement of the vast country’s population during the biggest travel period of the year, and as the United States and other countries move ahead with evacuation plans, there are increasing fears that a quarantine will not be enough to stop the spread of the new coronavirus, which so far has infected at least 2,800 people in China and killed at least 82, Washington Post has told.

These official figures released by the Communist government are fake as the country has for 70 years been ruled under the fake governance of a mafia-like terrorist organization, the CCP.

According to Yahoo News, Raymond James health care policy analyst Chris Meekins said he suspects official Chinese statistics on coronavirus infections is “really a fraction” of those who actually have contracted the disease — in part because of the country’s established history of underreporting its public health crises.

“If China’s been reporting about 800 [infections] with 25 deaths, we think the number is probably 10 times that number in China right now because you had a number of misdiagnoses,” Meekins said.

China has placed almost 60 million people on lockdown, with full or partial travel restrictions on 15 cities across Hubei, the central Chinese province of which Wuhan is the capital.

30 provinces and provincial cities have launched Level I emergency response, while Hong Kong declared its “highest” emergency response.

To cover up its crimes and proclaim its all time “greatness, brightness and righteousness”, the CCP has denied international support to affected areas and patients; the CCP has refused to accept UN aid and medical supplies.

Worse, the CCP has strengthened the Great Firewall and national censorship and stopped the spread of truths.

Still, U.S. President Donald Trump offered China any help needed on Monday in his tweet, “We are in very close communication with China concerning the virus. Very few cases reported in USA, but strongly on watch. We have offered China and President Xi any help that is necessary. Our experts are extraordinary!”

With provincial authorities taking increasing flak from the public over their initial response, and major criminals Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan hiding from the affected areas, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visited Wuhan yesterday to encourage medical workers, supervise their efforts and promise reinforcements.

Zhou Xianwang, the mayor of Wuhan said rules imposed by Beijing limited what he could disclose about the threat posed by the pathogen, suggesting the central government was partially responsible for a lack of transparency that has marred the response to the fast-expanding health crisis.

Zhou’s comments were broadcast on China’s state television network just hours after Premier Li Keqiang arrived in the city with the coronavirus outbreak.

Zhou says he and local party chief willing to step down to assuage public anger. This has showed that some of CCP’s officials at the intermediate level have stood up and began to say NO to the scrambling CCP leadership.

Overall travel on Saturday, the first day of the Lunar New Year, dropped 28.8% from a year ago, said Liu Xiaoming, vice minister of transport. The situation could be much worse.

When public transportation like the airplanes, trains, buses and trucks for supply chains are no longer running, the whole country will be dead.

With the travel ban, events and activities will be canceled, hotels and restaurants are closed, wholesale and retail businesses will suffer, factories will stop production.

When more and more people are out of job and can’t pay bills, who are going to pay for the loans, the expenses, the mortgages, and everything else?

Without the cashflow, who can survive the first month, the second month, and the third months?

We have seen yesterday shares tumble worldwide and China’s yuan hit a 2020 low as worries grew about the impact of the virus after the world’s second-biggest economy ramped up travel bans and extended the Lunar New Year holidays.

According to Bloomberg, investors worldwide have been spooked by the rapid spread of the Chinese coronavirus, with stock markets around the globe sharply lower on Monday.

The Stoxx 600 — which tracks a broad number of European stocks — fell by more than 2%, while in the U.S., the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 384 points, or 1.3%. The 30-stock Dow briefly fell more than 500 points earlier in the day.

While most markets in Asia were closed for the Lunar New Year, Japan’s Nikkei 225 fell by more than 2% while the Topix slipped 1.6%.

CCP killer Guo Wengui said the Wuhan coronavirus is a total human disaster. “I remember I once said that last year, in April 2020, the US could begin to withdraw its industrial chain in the CCP regime, it takes about 10-12 months. I have told you that from April onwards, our battle against the CCP will enter an intense moment.”

The CCP has no solution. The World Health Organization has no solution. The world community has no solution. To save the Chinese nation and the world, the only solution is let the CCP go to hell, the sooner the better.

Everything is just beginning.

By Cloudy Seagail



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