February 29 shall be watershed for coronavirus in China, says Guo Wengui

People are wearing masks at Myeongdong on February 20, 2020 in Seoul, South Korea. Jong-Hyun Kim |Anadolu Agency | Getty Images

Hopes for a slowdown in the spread of the novel coronavirus were dashed Friday as the number of new cases rose in China, and outbreaks worsened in Japan and South Korea.

Mainland China reported 118 new deaths from the coronavirus outbreak, pushing the number of deaths nationwide to at least 2,236.

Beijing also reported 1,109 new confirmed cases of the disease during the same period, sharply up from 349 cases the previous day, reversing three days of decline.

At least 631 of the new cases were from the epicentre of the epidemic in Hubei, including 220 cases from the province’s prison system. Most of the latest deaths were also from the province.

The latest number of infections nationwide has now reached 75,685.

CCP killer Guo Wengui said, “The numbers fabricated by the Chinese Communist Party are all fake. These figures are made public with strict control from the Central Government. These numbers only serve political purposes; they are never real! According to my intelligence, there are at least four to five million people infected with the virus, and the death toll could be 250 thousand. These are only the real number of bodies cremated or sent to morgues.”

Guo said the coming February 29 is the watershed for wrestling with the CCP regime. He said we hope to take the battlefield to the U.S. and the west, then spread the fire to the CCP regime in Beijing, and finally bring the CCP dictatorship to hell.

Guo said, “Since Ying Yong was sent to take over Hubei province, he has brought the Shanghai Interest Group to Wuhan. Now Joe Low is in Wuhan, Meng Jianzhu is in Wuhan. Before the coronavirus outbreak was publicly announced, Wang Qishan was in Wuhan after his kidney transplant in Guangzhou. These days we also saw Sun Lijun joined them in Wuhan. HNA Group was taken over by Hainan province. Wang Qishan and his people bought the airlines from the Hainan government, turned its state ownership into private ownership, increased its market value by 200 thousand times while leaving a debt of 600 billion RMB. Now they are selling the business back to Hainan province. They are the best finance players in the world.”

“Today when I joined Mr. Steve Bannon in his War-Room, I told Bannon that the CCP is determined to fight this battle and to win. They will continue to make the economy FAKE! They will continue to win their overseas propaganda campaign. They will continue to tell that the coronavirus came from infected animals. They are looking for a scapegoat; they shall never admit their responsibility. And they are forcing the workers back to work. They want to make things normal with those factories, with its economy, with the society, so that those problems won’t become problems to threaten the CCP leadership. They want to take advantage of the coronavirus to legitimize the inflation and let the ordinary people pay the price. They want to clear the debts by the local governments by making use of the disasters. They want to send a message that the CCP is the best ruler for China, proclaiming to build a great nation through hardships. We know that the CCP is nothing but a terrorist organization. They won’t care how many Chinese would die to prolong its governance.”

Guo held that the CCP has three strategies to keep itself alive: to embark on an international propaganda campaign; to keep the economy working by keeping the stock markets open; to force people to return to work while locking down the whole of Hubei.

As a response, Mr. Bannon said, “I want to go back to this question because this is what is going to get to the Lancet magazine in a second about the bio weapon. You have been saying for many many weeks that the CCP is lying to the west; the CCP doesn’t want any assistance from the west. When I went on Fox TV, and said they got to take CDC members and doctors and nurses, that they are never going to do that. Because it will show that the foreign devils in the America have to save them, number one. Number two, they don’t want the information shared about what’s really going on.”

Guo told his warrior friends that the CCP has been very successful for 70 years to deceive the nation, but this time they won’t succeed, absolutely not. The whole world already has their guns loaded, all targeting the CCP dictatorship, ready to take it to hell.

Guo said repeatedly, “February 29 shall be the turning point! Just wait and see! February 29! The CCP regime has opened the Pandora Box with its craziness by the Thunderbolt Hill, the P4 lab!”

“Dear friends-in-arms! Brothers and sisters! The fires have spread to Beijing. The fire started in Wuhan has gone sky high and no one can stop it! The fire of anger from Hong Kong, the fire from hell has spread to Beijing, to Taiwan, to Xinjiang, and to every corner of Greater China. This fire is spreading to the world; it will finally burn down the evil CCP regime!”

Political commentator Lude said with his Ludepress, “According to insider information, infection of the disease is very servere in Sanlihe district in Western Beijing which houses many ministerial departments, like the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the Bureau of Statistics, the State Administration of Taxation, each with different numbers of infected cases. Many officials with the Beijing Municipal Government and Western District Government were infected with the disease. This has been kept top secret by the Central government. But the CCP knows that more officials than ordinary people were infected during the New Year Festival as many of the CCP officials needed to attend many banquets in the capital. Before we first exposed the outbreak, this was top secret within the capital.”

In recent days, we read about Declarations of Independence released in Hubei and Hunan provinces, quickly spreading over the popular social media.

As Mr. Guo repeatedly told in his live broadcast that February 29 is the watershed for the coronavirus, we boldly predict what shall happen after Feb. 29.

Shall the truth behind the coronavirus be exposed and condemned by the world community? Shall the U.S. government designate the CCP as a terrorist organization? Shall Xi Jinping or Vice President Wang Qishan step down? Shall Hong Kong’s status as Free Trade Zone be taken away? Shall the U.S. abolish its one-China policy and even go to war in a small scale with the CCP regime at the Taiwan Strait?

“The stakes of the challenge of conflict with China, in other words, are formidable,” said Chad Sbragia, deputy assistant secretary of defence for China. “This is a long-term process. We have to be agile, smart.”

As China expands its ability to project force far beyond its shores, the Pentagon needs to “build and deploy a more lethal, resilient joint force,” including more hypersonic weapons, artificial intelligence, robots and laser weapons, Sbragia testified on Thursday.

Everything is just beginning.

By Cloudy Seagail


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