Fake HK police targeted pretty girls on streets


It is undeniable that most of the armed forces on Hong Kong streets are no longer local police but the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops or armed policemen from the mainland.

They have been restless with abuses and brutality against Hong Kong protesters, especially pretty girls.

Guo.media reports that Hong Kong policemen are arresting young girls every day. Many girls are reported being gang-raped, sexually insulted, sexually harassed, brutally beaten, and dead suspiciously.

November 6. Another beautiful young girl is arrested. Her phone is: Y492776(1), her name is Zhang Xiaojun. Please share to save her.

November 3. Hong Kong. A bunch of male police rushed into a shopping mall. Arresting and attacking people randomly again.

Male HKPolice officer punched and bumped a woman’s head against the ground. Police denied her from receiving medical care.

Nov 1st. Shantung Street, Hong Kong – The Hong Kong police subdued a young female protestor in the middle of the street. The press filmed that An officer was grinding his lower half against the female protester’s head, and another was forcibly spreading her legs open. The police released tear gas near the woman’s maskless face. She cried out about being suffocated and unable to breathe. Later, the police pulled up her shirt, revealing her underwear.

On Oct 31, a face-covered protestor was releasing disturbing reality in Hong Kong. Middle schoolgirl has been gang-raped by at least four ruffianly policemen in the San Uk Ling holding center. Her family revealed that she had attempted committing suicide four times since then and fortunately saved by families. Currently, she’s been on strong sedative daily to keep her calm, and she has been in the state of semi-conscious. It is not just an individual case, but many others as well, including secondary schoolboys.

HK Police arrested a female journalist because she dared to ask for a warrant card!

Hong Kong police, alleged to be mainland soldiers, rampaging on the streets for more than three months. They are beating teens blatantly. They are using pepper spray to soak protestors no matter the victim is an 80-year-old in wheels or young couples inside the subway.

They are firing rubber bullets and live rounds randomly at Hong Kong residents and pedestrians walking by. Yes, they do all these crimes in front of the media and the cameras. And from one day, they started to attack journalists.

The corpse of a 15-year-old girl was found on sea after raping by the Hong Kong police.

September 19, Chen Yanlin, a 15-year-old girl, disappeared after she separated from her friends at the MTR Mobil Station.

Similar incidents with naked floating bodies continued to cause great controversy. The protesters suspected that the cause of death was related to police abuses.

Source: Guo.media
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