The Face-Kini: China’s answer to slip, slop, slap


WANT to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays this summer? Well, you could always grab yourself one of these.

The ‘Face-Kini’ as it has been dubbed has fast become one of the most popular items of swimwear in China with thousands of women donning the mask at beaches along the coast.

The main appeal of this nylon Balaclava-esque face mask is its ability to protect its wearer’s face from the harmful effects of the sun as well as jellyfish stings. #winning

But it is also because pale skin is viewed as a sign of wealth and prestige in China.

While the Face-Kini has been available for more than a decade it first began peaking interest internationally around five years ago, according to The Washington Post.

A series of photos began surfacing showing women at Chinese beaches looking more like pro-wrestlers.

Behold the Face-Kini. Picture: AAP/NewZulu/Haibin Wang

Then in 2014 it bizarrely made it into a fashion shoot.

According to Zhang Shifan, the designer of the Face-Kini, her original intention was to prevent swimmers from getting hurt by jellyfish when she first invented it in 2004.

Face-Kinis were basic and generally block colours but now they come in assortment of designs.

Her latest collection, released in 2016, were designed to raise awareness of the 10 most endangered species in the country such as the giant panda, Chinese alligator and Siberian tiger.

“I will keep designing and try to make it a fashion icon both at home and abroad,” Zhang said.

And while their popularity seems to be concentrated in China if one wanted to embrace the Face-Kini we are sure you could find a way to get them here.

By Staff writers, PerthNow


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