Evil departments of Chinese government that have brought about the worst disasters to Chinese people


Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) and Political and Legal Affairs Commission

CCDI is the highest internal control institution of the Communist Party of China (CPC), especially in anti-corruption. The Secretary of the CCDI has, since 1997, been a member of the Politburo Standing Committee and, since 2009, served as the leader of the Central Leading Group for Inspection Work.

The Political and Legal Affairs Commission oversees all legal enforcement authorities, including the police force, making it a very powerful organization.

According to scholar Xuezhi Guo, “From 1992 to 2009, China brought disciplinary sanctions against approximately two million personnel”. From 2012 to October 2017, disciplinary action started against 1.4 million communist party members.

In one of the most controversial but overshadowed outcomes of its March 2018 meeting, China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) approved a constitutional amendment creating a super-sized anti-corruption body called the National Supervision Commission and adopted a Supervision Law to govern its operations.

Publicity Department of the CCP (CCPPD) and China Central Television (CCTV)

Also called the Propaganda Ministry, the notorious CCPPD enforces media censorship and media control in the country. It is the most important institution for monitoring media personnel and controlling the content of print and visual media.

The department monitors editors and journalists through a national registration system. Media personnel are required to participate in “ideological training sessions”, where they are evaluated for their “loyalty to the party.”

CCTV is the predominant state television broadcaster in China. CCTV has 24 channels, most of them airing 24 hours a day. CCPPD has directive censorship on all its programs.

Its thirty-minute evening news, Xinwen Lianbo, goes on air daily at 7:00 pm Beijing time. All local stations are required to carry CCTV’s news broadcast. An internal CCTV survey indicates that nearly 500 million people countrywide regularly watch this program.

Currently CCTV has 10 channels broadcasting around the world in all major foreign languages.

CCTV has been involved in many controversies as its journalists are under constant pressure to present a positive account of China; the political controls contribute to a general low level of morale and initiative among its staff.

Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau (Chengguan)

Chengguan is in charge with enforcement of urban management of the city. The agency is widely disliked by the Chinese due to their abuses of power.

As a result of its notorious reputation, Chengguan has become a popular target of jokes and internet memes by the Chinese public.

There are also satirical jokes of the Chengguan actually being China’s secret strategic reserves, the “fifth branch of the PLA”, because of their capability to cause “mass destruction”.

The bureaus’ officials are responsible for cracking down on unlicensed street vendors. According to the BBC, “Ever since the agency came into existence 10 years ago, there have been repeated criticism of them using excessive force. This para-police force, equipped with steel helmets and stab-proof vests, is often used by local officials as trouble shooters”.

“Chengguan” has literally become synonymous with “violence”.”The Chengguan is coming!”, a phrase often shouted out by illegal street vendors to warn others to run away in case of a Chengguan inspection, has become a famous Chinese Internet punch line.

State Administration for Religious Affairs (SARA)

Sara was established to exercise control over religious appointments, the selection of clergy, and the interpretation of religious doctrine. Sara helps the CCP in many crimes of religious violations.

Originally created in 1951 as the Religious Affairs Bureau, SARA has been charged with overseeing the operations of China’s five officially sanctioned religious organizations.

Ye Xiaowen directed the SARA from 1995 to 2009. During his tenure, he issued the State Religious Affairs Bureau Order No. 5, which furthered state control over reincarnations in Tibetan Buddhism, and attempted to suppress underground Catholics loyal to Rome.

Under the Xi Jinping administration, it was announced in 2018 that SARA was being dissolved and its functions would be collapsed into the United Front Work Department.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC

Any ministry of foreign affairs has a lofty mission to carry the venerable image of a nation. Unfortunately that has not been the case for China in 70 years.

The world knows that the press conference of China’s foreign ministry has been a joke and Its spokesmen are good at nothing but telling lies. They often fabricate stories and lift up the stones to have their own toes squashed.

The arrogance of CCP’s diplomacy and its ignorance in traditional Chinese cultures and values has a long lasting impact on morale and humanity, and surely a negative impact on the lives of 50 million overseas Chinese.


The Ministry of Education is responsible for the destruction of Chinese traditional cultures and civilisation. The CCP falsely rewrite Chinese history and uses its struggle ideology to replace the respect to heavens and earth. The CCP is the root cause to moral deterioration in the country and its education system helps to do lots of evil in this regard.

Other government departments like the Supreme People’s Court, the Customs and Border Security, the National Family Planning Commission, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce,and Administration of Prisons, etc all have their crimes in violation of law and persecution of the Chinese people.

For two years with the whistle-blows of Miles Kwok, thousands or even millions of CCP officials or members in various government departments have come to understand the nature of the CCP and the crimes of its system.

Yesterday Miles said that many retired CCP cadres shared with him their Wechat account discussions, adding more veterans within the country are thankful for his revelations.

China needs the authentic rule of law and every single individual deserves the dignity and human rights that can be ensured in any civilized society.

Over 70 years of communist rule, Chinese citizens have had enough miserable experiences with these departments. When a new government of democracy is to be established in the country, all the above evil departments must be reformed or cancelled at the first place.

By Cloudy Seagail


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