Evidence and investigation into the US election fraud


The Fake is Ruling America: the Biggest Election Fraud in U.S History

In the early morning of November 4th, US President Trump announced that he had a big win in the 2020 presidential election. However, he also commented very seriously that there was very serious fraud in ballots, and he made the decision to go to the court to sue the Democratic Party for the election fraud!

Almost at the same time, President Trump’s tweet post regarding his winning was blocked by Twitter. And on most of the mainstream media, propaganda showed that criminal Biden outnumbered President Trump, including Fox News, which had always supported Trump in the past!

The whole world’s reports on the results of the election are all alike a script written in advance, and then shown worldwide!

However, Human history has always been swinging between darkness and light. Fortunately, in this darkest moment, the light still sheds in. When all the media of the whole world is firmly controlled by the CCP and the leftist elites, Mr. Bannon’s Warroom and Miles Guo’s Whistleblower Movement media platform Gnews, G-TV, Lude Media, the New Federal State of  China( NFSC) Television and etc.  Have broken the darkness and reported the 24-hours-of-the voting on the election day, to help Trump supporters and those who love freedom and democracy people of the NFSC to know the truth!

Therefore, we now know the states where Trump clearly won the election, but the left media did not call them, showing that Trump won!

Therefore, we know that the ballots supporting Trump were discarded and burned!

Therefore, we know that people who have died a long time ago have voted for Biden!

Therefore, we know that China’s SF Express has posted a ballot to a voting site.

Therefore, we know that there were a large number of fake US ID cards were forged by the CCP!

Therefore, we know that the total number of votes exceeded the number of total voters!

Therefore, we know that the supreme court might allow certain states to delay count the mail-in ballots for several days, so Biden can cheat on it

All these have one objective only – to steal the presidential election through fraud and fraud!

Biden and the Democratic Party have completely mastered the evil skills of CCP: ruling the country with the fake! Miles Guo has already exposed the one key truth of CCP – Ruling China by the fake, and the WM should oppose the rule of falsehood!  But this time, CCP has exported his evil to the United States: faking the United States!

The Democratic Party of the United States has already been a good student of CCP: using CCP evil fake skills to control the United States!

We firmly trust that God will bless America! President Trump will win the election!

There is a reason why Mr. Bannon or Mr.Guiliani stand by the Whistleblower Movement. There is a reason why WM started in the U.S in 2017. The reason is justice in the rule of law of the U.S.

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Michigan Postal Service whistleblower details mail voting fraud

A United States Postal Service worker has come forward to leak a critical directive he received to back-date late mail-in ballots in Michigan.

The whistleblower at the Barlow Branch Post Office in Traverse City, Michigan said they received direction from superiors to collect ballots from mailboxes, collection boxes or outgoing mail in general, for the purpose of being rubber-stamped with “Nov. 3” (the date of the Presidential election) even though they were received on November 4:

“Separate them from standard letter mail so they can hand stamp them with YESTERDAY’S DATE & put them through,” the federal employee stated.

Despite ballots needing to be submitted by 8pm on November 3, according to the insider, even the Postmaster had a hand in the process of backdating the ballots.

Traverse City, Michigan is also the site of one of President Trump’s last campaign rallies, which Rebel News attended.

Source: RebelNews

Detroit city worker blows the whistle, claims ballots were ordered backdated, FBI probing

The FBI is investigating allegations of election fraud in Detroit after a city worker stepped forward and claimed election workers were asked to backdate ballots that had come in after the election deadline had passed, multiple officials said.

A senior law enforcement official in Washington confirmed that an investigation was opened after the whistleblower’s concerns were forwarded from the Michigan Republican Party. “The FBI is investigating,” the official said.

GOP officials in Michigan said the whistleblower was identified and assisted by Phill Kline, the head of the Thomas More Society’s Amistad Project, which has been litigating voting disputes and irregularities across the country for months.

Source: Just the News

USPS worker arrested at the Canadian border with a bin of mail, undelivered ballots

An upstate USPS employee was arrested Tuesday while crossing the US-Canada border with hundreds of envelopes and other undelivered mail — including several absentee ballots.

The Buffalo mailman, who was caught with over 800 pieces of mail inside his trunk that he had failed to deliver, said he had ended up on a bridge between the US and its neighbor to the north by accident, the Buffalo News reported.

Customs and Border Protection found a huge bin of mail spanning several zip codes in the vehicle. Among them were three absentee ballots from the Erie County Board of Elections, authorities told the newspaper.

Brandon Wilson, 27, told CBP agents he was in the wrong lane while traveling on Interstate 190 and accidentally wound up on the bridge. When pressed, Willson claimed that the mail was for his mother, though he was unable to explain why the names on the packages did not match.

Wilson later admitted in an interview with the Postal Service Office of Inspector General that he had been taking mail from his delivery route and putting it in his car.

Source: New York Post

State election agency says failure to update software caused Antrim County election glitch

A failure to update software was the reason for a computer glitch that caused massive errors in unofficial election results reported from Antrim county, the Michigan Department of State said late Friday.

“The erroneous reporting of unofficial results from Antrim county was a result of an accidental error on the part of the Antrim County clerk,” the state agency that oversees elections said in a news release.

There was no problem with the voting machines or vote totals, which were preserved on tapes printed from the tabulators, the state said. The problem occurred when the totals by precinct were combined into candidate county-wide totals for transfer to the state, using election management system software, the state agency said in a news release.

“All ballots were properly tabulated. However, the clerk accidentally did not update the software used to collect voting machine data and report unofficial results.”

State officials did not immediately respond to questions about whether they track when and how local officials update their election-related software or whether local officials are required to report needed updates to the state, once they are completed.

But they said any such errors in any county would be caught during the canvassing process before results are declared official when boards composed of two Democrats and two Republicans compare the numbers on the tapes printed from the tabulators to the unofficial results that were reported to the state.

Source: FreeP

Michigan GOP chairwoman says software glitch tallied thousands of Republican votes as Democrat

President Trump’s supporters are pointing to a small Michigan county as evidence that vote-counting software used in the state may undercut Trump’s number of votes — as the Trump campaign fends off the appearance of inevitable defeat.

Republicans point out that in northern Antrim County, thousands of votes were counted in error for Biden, and for Democratic Sen. Gary Peters instead of GOP candidate John James.

Biden is ahead by 146,123 votes in Michigan with 98 percent of ballots counted, and the Associated Press and major news networks declared him the winner.

Michigan GOP Chairwoman Laura Cox said at a Friday press conference that “in Antrim County, ballots were counted for Democrats that were meant for Republicans, causing a 6,000 vote swing against our candidates. The county clerk came forward and said, ‘tabulating software glitched and caused a miscalculation of the votes.’”

Cox said that “since then, we have now discovered that 47 counties used this same software in the same capacity,” or more than half of Michigan’s 83 counties. She urged those counties to “closely examine their results for similar discrepancies.” Trump’s campaign circulated her remarks on Twitter.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Antrim County uses Dominion Voting Systems equipment. Results are stored on computer cards at precincts, then uploaded to another computer by county election officials.

Antrim County Clerk Sheryl Guy, a Republican, told the Free Press that it’s unclear if human error or a glitch caused the error, which was discovered because a Democratic wins were incongruous with the county’s conservative leanings. A manual review confirmed the error.

Source: Fox News

Who are the election system vendors behind your vote?

Cybersecurity experts have told us that the gold standard for fair and secure elections are hand-marked paper ballots and robust post-election audits. However, the current trend is to vote on computers. The question is, how safe are the voting systems that you rely on today to secure your vote?

Here is what an expert, formerly with election systems vendor Hart InterCivic, tells us: “It’s very simple. No matter how secure that device is, there’s no way to know whether the choice that’s recorded matches what the voter intended. It’s rightly called a black box,” Edward Perez, a former Hart InterCivic executive who is now global director of technology development at OSET Institute, a nonprofit election technology organization, said in an interview.

Government agencies tell us that Russian hackers probed election systems across the country in 2016 and penetrated systems in our own state of Illinois as well as in Florida.

So why are states, including Illinois, paying exorbitant taxpayer funds to purchase the new wave of machinery, called Ballot Marking Devices (BMDs)? BMDs are an increasingly popular piece of equipment that combines paper and touch-screen voting estimated to cost anywhere from $3,000 – $5,000? They are systems that are known to be unstable AND tend to cause long lines at polling places as reported by cybersecurity experts such as Drs. Richard DeMillo of GIT and Phillip Stark of Berkeley. Illinois purchased BMDs for $31 million in September of 2018 for Suburban Cook County. We understand that the Chicago Board of Elections has signed up for BMDs as well. Currently, there are more than 350,000 voting machines in use across the nation. This makes no sense given that most experts agree that hand-marked paper ballots are more reliable and cost-effective. Assistive devices should only be available for people with disabilities.

As my group, Election Security Strategic Team (ESST), has demonstrated through an election security public awareness campaign, more than 90% of United States voting machines are made and controlled by just three vendors: These vendors are Elections Systems & Software (ES&S), LLC, Dominion Voting and Hart InterCivic. ES&S and Dominion account for 80% of the market. Illinois Suburban Cook County has purchased BMDs in the Dominion family of products. The control of our voting processes by these vendors opens the door to vulnerabilities.

Background on the vendors:

• As cited by the articles referenced and reviewed here, these vendors supply three main types of equipment that voters use at the polls: 1) optical or digital scanners for counting hand-marked paper ballots, 2) direct record electronic called DREs (usually touchscreen) voting machines, and 3) BMDs that generate computer-marked paper ballots or “summary cards” to be counted on scanners often with much-disputed barcodes used to assess your vote
• Despite three years of congressional attention to election security since Russia’s hacking efforts in 2016, little has been done to oversee the voting machine vendors who run our elections. Mitch McConnell has put the kibosh on a plethora of legislation introduced in Congress and designed to protect our elections, which has actually been bipartisan in some cases
• Is lobbying by the vendors why we have these machines? Philadelphia City Controller Rebecca Rhynhart said she found “serious flaws” with the way her city had awarded a $29 million contract to ES&S, following more than $425,000 in lobbying efforts and campaign contributions by the company as part of a six-year sales campaign. The company has defended its efforts, and argued its spending was properly documented. ES&S’s CEO, Tom Burt, told the panel that the company deployed lobbyists “to educate any of those involved about who we are as a company, the values we hold, and how we conduct our business.”
• Software from the vendors is considered proprietary. Therefore, if election officials want to investigate problems with software, they are legally unable to do so. This is not acceptable
• Privately held, private equity firms own each of the top three vendors. They have been unwilling to identify specific ownership which should cause major concern. We must demand answers
• This is a low-margin market, vendors are known to make contributions to political parties which put decision making about these systems in question.  ES&S has donated more than $30,000 to the Republican State Leadership Council since 2013
• There is also a revolving door between election systems vendors and some election officials.

Source: Indivisibleillinois

Supreme Court Justice Alito Orders Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballots That Arrived After Election Day Be Kept Separate

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has ordered county elections officials in Pennsylvania to keep separate mail-in ballots that arrived after Election Day. The state’s top elections official already had ordered those ballots be kept apart.

The order came Friday night in response to a plea from the state Republican Party as Democrat Joe Biden inched ahead of President Donald Trump in Pennsylvania in the presidential race.

Alito, acting on his own, said he was motivated in part by the Republicans’ assertion that they can’t be sure elections officials are complying with guidance issued by Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar, a Democrat.

The justice handles emergency appeals from Pennsylvania. He ordered a response from the state by Saturday afternoon and said he has referred the matter to the full court for further action.

The order is related to an ongoing Republican appeal to the Supreme Court to try to keep ballots received in the mail after Election Day from being counted. The state’s top court granted a three-day extension, and the Supreme Court refused to block it.

As votes are counted inside of the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, both Trump and Biden supporters gathered outside again Friday.

The celebration for some continued on Friday, with a DJ spinning beats for most of the day, sprinkled with guest speakers and prayer throughout.

The Associated Press has not declared a winner in the state.

Source: cbslocal.com

Department of Justice allows armed federal officers at polling locations, side-steps policy

The Justice Department issued a directive to federal prosecutors across the country early Wednesday that allowed for deploying armed federal officers to polling locations as ballots were being counted despite long-standing policy that generally prohibits such displays of force, a Justice official said Thursday.

The memo was sent after the polls closed, in anticipation of possible unrest, said the official who was not authorized to comment, adding that no deployments have been made.

“DOJ wanted to make sure that it was clear federal law enforcement is available to help state and locals,” the official said.

Throughout the country, law enforcement officials have been bracing for possible unrest following a still-unresolved election in which President Donald Trump is now challenging voting in several states.

Nonetheless, the Justice action appeared to sidestep policy that limits federal law enforcement’s presence at polling places as a guard against possible intimidation or voter suppression. Except in extraordinary circumstances, the law prohibits federal officials from sending armed agents to the “vicinity of open polling places.”

The Justice official emphasized that the directive was circulated after polling sites had closed.

Source: USA Today


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