European Union expresses unity while Donald Trump weighs big decision on Hong Kong

EU Parliament.

The spokeswoman for Parliament of the European Union (EU) On Saturday has expressed strong concern on the situation of Hong Kong, saying its member states are in solidarity supporting Hong Konger’s right for freedom and democracy.

The spokesperson had the following remarks:

“Developments in Hong Kong, especially over the last hours, are extremely worrying.”

“We expect the authorities in Hong Kong to respect the freedom of assembly expression and association as well as the right of people to demonstrate peacefully.”

“We will continue to follow that very closely as European Union, but also in coordination with member states.”

“The situation in Hong Kong also, when it comes to the impact on EU citizens and from EU’s economic interests in Hong Kong, and again this is something on which the member states have shown remarkable unity in the last weeks.”

“And we will continue to pass messages publicly and privately and continue to work for the situation, at least not to continue the wrong direction but the opposite to reverse to a more positive trend.”

As Hong Kongers are bracing another wave of demonstrations on Saturday amid brutal crackdown by armored police many believe to be PLA troops in disguise from the mainland.

Activist organizations have urged that President Trump now must send a very clear message to the Chinese government.

Before departing for Camp David, President Trump said to reporters that he is considering decisions while looking at the developments in Hong Kong.

The president said, “I think if it weren’t for the trade talks, Hong Kong would be in much bigger trouble.  I think it would’ve been much more violent. ”

“But we’re going to be seeing a lot, and I think we’re going to be learning a lot over the next – actually, I think we’re going – on Hong Kong, I think we’re going to be learning a lot over the next two or three days. ”

“It’s a bad situation they’ve put themselves in. And I just saw – it came over the wires – that 13 percent of certain companies are going to be leaving China in the not-too-distant future. That’s a big thing. Thirteen percent of companies will be leaving China in the fairly near future. ”

President Trump said he is considering decisions in Camp David. “I’m going to Camp David. We have a lot of experts with us. And we have a lot of the FEMA people that are coming up, but we’re really, very importantly, coming back. And, on Sunday, at 12:30, we have a meeting at FEMA headquarters. And that will be about the time that we’ll know where everything is going.  A lot of decisions will be made. ”

Everything is just beginning.

By Winnie Troppie


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