European Parliament votes to freeze controversial EU-China Investment Deal


On May 20th, The European Parliament overwhelmingly voted to freeze the ratification of the “EU-China investment deal,” due to the sanctions that Beijing has imposed on five members of the hemicycle.  There were 599 votes consenting, 30 votes against, and 58 abstentions, according to a report by RFI.

The “Eu-China Investment deal,“ which took almost seven years to form and more than 30 rounds of negotiations, was completed at the end of last year. However, it must be approved by the European Parliament and member states before it can take effect.

In a strongly worded resolution passed on Thursday afternoon, the Parliament also deplores what it calls “the crimes against humanity” that is taking place against the Uyghur Muslim minority in the Xinjiang region and the crackdown of the democratic opposition in Hong Kong. The agreement will be frozen until the retaliatory sanctions imposed by Beijing on European officials are lifted.

This shows that the differences caused by different values have made European democracies intolerable. German MEP Reinhard Butikofer said, “The Chinese Communist Party wants the EU-China investment agreement very much, but they have misjudged and continue to underestimate the determination of the European Parliament to defend European benefits and values.”

In the resolution, the EU also urges EU countries to end extradition treaties with the CCP. This means that the EU is pushing for decoupling from the CCP at the diplomatic level.

The freezing of the “Eu-China Investment deal,” means that the CCP has completely lost the possibility of cooperation with the EU. For the CCP and Xi Jinping, the nightmare is coming!

Author: MOS Fitness Group — Ivy001


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